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Top of the World. Cruise to the North Pole

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Destinations: Murmansk, Franz Josef Land
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 39995
Duration: 13 days
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Who hasn't dreamed of going to the North Pole in his childhood? One wanted to go to the "Top of the World", another - to meet polar bears, and the other - to swim in the coldest Arctic Ocean. Today those dreams can come true.Cruise to the North Pole is an exciting expedition to one of the most amazing places on Planet. It has a right to be called one of the best expeditions.  North Pole is such a place where you can stand literally on the "top of the world".  The only sides surrounding you will be the Southern ones. There it is also possible to participate in the shortest tour around the Globe and eat the northernmost barbecue. Besides, a “small” fact should be mentioned that your cruise will take place on board of the most powerful nuclear icebreaker – “50 Years of Victory”.When we reach the North Pole you will have the opportunity to swim in the cold ocean.On the way back we will take a look at the nearest land to the North Pole in the Eastern Hemisphere – “Franz Josef Land” archipelago. There we will find stones of most accurate round shape in nature. In addition, the “Franz Josef Land” is a home for huge number of arctic birds, walruses, seals and polar bears.

The cruise is held on board of nuclear icebreaker – “50 Years of Victory”.

Technical description:length - 160 m, width - 30 m, maximum speed - 21,4 knotsn, crew - 140 persons, accommodation - 50 berths expedition.

DayThe biggest city behind the polar circleMurmansk
DayDeparture from MurmanskMurmansk
DayDay at seaBarents Sea
DayOn the icebreaker boardBarents Sea
DayIce-breaker from a bird's eye viewBarents Sea
DayContinuation of the navigationBarents Sea
DayNorth PoleBarents Sea — North Pole
DayDeparture to the southNorth Pole — Franz Josef Land archipelago
DayFranz Josef LandFranz Josef Land
DayDay at seaBarents Sea
DayTihaya bay anf the Arctic faunaBarents Sea
DayFarewell dinnerBarents Sea — Murmansk
DayArrival to MurmanskMurmansk
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