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$ 3125

Cruise Yakutsk -Tiksi - Yakutsk

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min $ 3125
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Destinations: Yakutsk
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 3125
Duration: 14 days
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Tour Overview

Dive deep into one of the northernmost regions of Siberia: Yakutia. You will gain an insight into this remote region as you sail down the greatest river in Russia: the Lena River.

As you travel aboard the Mikhail Svetlov cruise ship, the regions will unveil its hidden treasures.

Your tour will first take you to Yakutsk, the region’s capital. Then as the ship sails away you will get to see one of the most stunning phenomenons on the Lena River: the Lena Pillars. In the course of the cruise and the stops the River’s banks will constantly dazzle you. You will also get acquainted with Yakutia’s history and culture.

Aboard the ship you will cross the mythical Arctic Circle. You will keep sailing down the Lena River (and further north) all the way to its delta, where you will visit the village of Tiksi located on the shores of the Laptev Sea (a part of the Arctic Ocean).

The cruise is held on board of the ship "Mikhail Svetlov" (or "Demyan Bedniy" - the sister ship.

Technical description: year built - 1986 (1985), length - 90,3 m, width - 15 m, maximum speed - 21 km/h, cabins - 66, accommodation - 210 berths expedition.Welcome on board!



Day Discovery of Yakutsk Yakutsk
Day Great rocks - Lena Pillars Yakutsk — Lena river
Day Buotama river Lena river
Day Continuation of the cruise Lena river
Day Acquaintance with culture of Yakutia Lena river
Day Everyday life of the village Lena river
Day The northernmost village of Yakutia Lena river
Day Free day Lena river
Day Fishermen village Lena river
Day Polar circle Lena river
Day Day on board Lena river
Day Farewell dinner near the fire Lena river
Day Open-air museum "Druzhba" Lena river
Day Farewall, Yakutia Lena river — Yakutsk


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