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Rafting on the Katun river

Rafting / kayaking / sailing
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Rating in Russia
Tour details
Destinations: Barnaul, Katun River
Type of adventure: icon-04.png Rafting / kayaking / sailing
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 416
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Tour Overview

The Katun River, 688 km long, is the main river of Gorno-Altai. It is born in the southern ice slopes of Mt. Belukha (4,506 m) near the Gebler glacier and forms the Ob River after joining by the Biya River.

The tour "Rafting on the Katun River" is ideal for the amateurs of active trips, full of adrenalin. This rafting experience begins in the village Tungur to finish in Chemal, situated on the banks of the river Katun. During these seven days rich in emotions you will discover the Altai and enjoy physical activities, by discovering the white-water of Katun which reserves for you peaceful passages, advantageous for contemplation, and also other tumultuous as the Akkem Breach, one of the biggest and longest rapids in the itinerary, and the Shabash rapids, the most impressive on the river.

Supervised by nice and attentive monitors paying attention to your security at any time, you will go throw everything safely!

DayThe biggest river of AltaiBarnaul city — village Tungur
DayStarting the Katun river raftingvillage Tungur — Argut village
DayBeauties of the Central AltaiArgut village — Yaloman village
DayDeparture to the "lost world"Yaloman village
DayRapid ShabashKatun river
DayFree dayKatun river
DayOne more rapid and end of teh navigationBarangol village — Barnaul city
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