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Baikal Buggy Winter Adventure

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Rating in Russia
Tour details
Destinations: Irkutsk, Olkhon Island
Type of adventure: icon-09.png Multi
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 1194
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Tour Overview

Do you want an adventure with new feelings ? Specially for you BaikalNature made an exclusive tour where every day you will wander75 km to offer you a total change of scenery each kilometer.

Buggy is a comfortable and practical vehicle with a very high off-road performance often used on rally rides will get over Baikal ice ridges and through cracks. Your trip will be very safe because of spike tires, low seat, stable chassis and firm body. These are the main charactiristics that differ buggy from quad bikes and snowmobiles. This little "bug" is very easy to drive : as for man and woman as even for 14 years old teenager having or not experience to drive a car. All you need is to press accelerator pedal or the brake. 

Enjoying driving and winter beauties of Baikal your will start the itinerary from MRS, then you will discover icy grottoes with splashes - sokuyi along the Olkhon island, Khoboy cape, spend the night on the weather station in the little village of Uzury from where you will start crossing of Baikal to the Eastern part in the direction of Buryatia, go till the Goryachinsk village and will cross the lake again to MRS. 

During the whole itinerary you will stay in heated wooden houses, you will eat picnic with hot tea and have warm dinner. Upon your return you will take Russian traditional banya (sauna) on the shore of Baikal! 

DayFirst meeting with BaikalIrkutsk — MRS
DayDeparture to Olkhon islandMRS — Olkhon island
DayThe largest part of the lake BaikalOlkhon island — Goryachinsk
DayCrossing of BaikalGoryachinsk — MRS
DayReturn to IrkutskMRS — Irkutsk
DayEnd of the programIrkutsk
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of BAIKALNATURE
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