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Expedition to the Shantar Islands

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Rating in Russia
Tour details
Destinations: Khabarovsk
Type of adventure: icon-01.png Jeeping
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 3126
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Tour Overview

The Shantar islands are the unique place that might be considered as one of the wonders of Russia. Relatively few people have heard about this destination and even less visited it. This archipelago is destined for those who seek adventure and dare to test the forces in the ruthless waters of Okhotsk Sea.

We propose to you the real expedition to the islands that are distant form the civilization. There are only 4 men on the islands, they work at the weather station. However, the flora and fauna are really varied. You have possibility to see: thousands of birds, including the « landlord » of this territory – Steller's sea eagle, killer whale, whale, seal, bear, zibeline and others.

The nature and landscapes are really diverse: gentle banks, rocks, taiga, mountains, rivers and lakes – we will see everything that the nature allows to us.

The marine navigation is organized on the inflatable motor boats (with the length of 5.2 m and capacity of 10 person – 6 persons for boat maximum).

Meet the nature. The pure nature that was waiting for you for millions of years…

DayAquaintance with KhabarovskKhabarovsk
DayDay on the roadKhabarovsk — Nikolay bay
DayNikolay bayNikolay bay
DayCommencement of the Okhotsk sea passageNikolay bay — Wrangel cape
DayBay and cape OngochanNikolay bay — Ongochan bay
DayShantar islandsBay Ongochan — Shantar islands
DayFishing and visit of the islandGrand Shantar island
DayNorth strait crossingGrand Shantar island — Feklistov island
DayFeklistov islandFeklistov island
DayBird island and Rainbow islandFeklistov island — Grand Shantar island
DayNavigation to the Ongochan islandGrand Shantar island — Ongochan bay
DayReturn to the Nikolay bayOngochan island — Nikolay bay
DayReturn to KhabarovskNikolay Bay — Khabarovsk
DayEnd of the programmeKhabarovsk
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of BAIKALNATURE
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