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Ski and Sail in a Powder Paradise - 7 days
This experience is incomparable to what any other powder-rich ski destinations in the world can offer. Starting in Tromsø, the Arctic Capital, you enter the surrounding mountain- and fjord areas for a week. Alpine mountains shoot straight up from the sea, peaking at more than 1800 meters above sea level.
You might find similar ski experiences in the remote north of British Columbia in Canada, and some places in Alaska. Like in Lyngen you would be surprised to see a car, but you would not be close to a lively city! The Lyngen alps offer all from easy half day trips, to 12 hours expedition style trips.
Become part of the art The combination of fjords, majestic alpine ridges, snowy mountain islands, untouched beaches and wide ocean creates a perfect landscape. Imagine this landscape re-painted by the hour with an arctic color palette producing new photo opportunities every time you blink your eye.
Choose your lines In Lyngen you can literally ski from the top of a mountain down to the sea. The Olympic champion, Aksel Lund Svindal, has skied the steepest line he's ever skied, overlooking the ocean here in Lyngen. The powder sticks well to the mountain sides. You can of course choose mellow and easy lines. The area offers everything to everyone.
A dream in a dream Pristine Powder Pilgrim Destinations lay divided by water – deep water. Sailing in these fjord landscapes is like a dream, but while you are in that dream you enter a new dream – from a boat, suddenly wearing skis. Many of the best skiing paradises here could not be entered without a boat. And what a boat!
On this sailing expedition you will be onboard the world’s best sailboat for arctic adventures, the Garcia Exploration 45, which is an experience in itself. This Ultimate Global Cruiser is Jimmy Cornell’s Ideal Boat, the winner of Best Boat 2015 in Sail Magazine and Boat of the Year 2015 by Cruising World.

Quality Our mission is to offer the kind of trips we have been dreaming about, with the right equipment, the right guides, the right destinations, and only in small groups. We offer discriminatingly quality-minded trips.
The Boat After the Ski & Sail season, the boat leaves for our expedition trips amid icebergs in Svalbard. Built in 2014 for arctic sailing, this particular boat is already an icon, bought from Jimmy Cornell personally. It is the Aventura IV. You will sail the first born baby of Cornell’s relationship with the custom boat builder Garcia. The boat's price tag is relevant to mention. With the present equipment it comes at around EUR 1,000,000, perhaps more than four times the average tourist sailboats in the arctic.

Advantages of this adventure configuration

ALL INCLUSIVE We include most of what you need on this ski & sail trip, except ski gear. You can save a lot of money not buying expensive equipment that you perhaps don't even need back home.
NUMBER OF GUESTS We require 6 guests booked before the trip is finally confirmed. Up to 9 guests pr group.
ITINERARY It is impossible to have a fixed itinerary in our area. The weather, the snowfall, the avalanche risk, and the rainshadow areas are unpredictable, and we just have to adapt to this on a day-to-day basis.
MORE THAN SKIING Any day of the trip you may also choose to take easy hikes on land to embrace the surroundings: local villages, meeting locals and see how they live, birds, wild animals, and more. Before and after the trip we also recommend spending some time in the Arctic city of Tromsø!
ECOTOURISM We offer ecologically sustainable and responsible tours. Travelling in small groups is an essential part of the ecotourism concept, as small groups have lesser impact on nature and will not disturb the wildlife unnecessarily.
APPROVED BY... Our trips are approved by the official travel company to Norway, Visit Norway.
DESTINATION: Troms County, Norway.

WHEN April, and May. Find available dates here. For other dates, contact us and we will see what we can do.
HOW MANY DAYS The trip last for 7 days, and 6 nights. We leave early Saturday, and come back Friday evening the week after. This gives up to 7 potential skiing days.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Medium to hard. Depends how fit you are.
PRICE: NOK 29,000 (around EUR 3,045) per person
PAYMENT 25% deposit, then residual payment 4 months before trip. We recommend travel insurance in case you must cancel.
LIFE LASTING DEPOSIT If you cancel your trip, you may reschedule adventures in the future with the old deposit. Read more about it here.
PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF In Tromsø. There are several daily flights from Oslo to Tromsø, and even direct flights from some other European cities. Flight booking is easy with Norwegian and SAS. We can of course help, if needed.
SIZE OF GROUP Normally up to 6 guests, plus skipper and guide. You can be 7 persons, if you do not need a guide.
INCLUDED - Warm flotation suit of professional quality - Wool socks (do not wear cotton socks!) - Boat, skipper, and guide. - Food - Water and other to drink - And much more
BRING WITH YOU - Ski and safety equipment - Camera - Minimum two sets of warm underwear. It has to be wool. (Cotton is not allowed) - At least one pair of thick, windproof mittens with wool inside. Gloves can be too cold some days. - A thick sweater, or similar. (An important mid-layer) - A scarf or similar - Personal items like toothbrush, books, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.
GUIDE AND SKIPPER All guides and skippers have years of experience, expensive certificates, and extensive safety training. They are professionals with knowledge, education, passion, and personality.
FOOD We provide quality food for the whole trip.
SAFETY ABOVE ALL Our boat is one of the most solid sailboats ever built. We also bring a lot of safety equipment. The most important security measure is always to play on team with the ocean, the mountains and the weather.
FLEXIBILITY Other shorter or longer boat trips trips available. We can discuss routes, photography trips, birdwatching trips, etc. We can arrange almost anything.
MORE DETAILS WILL FOLLOW This is just a brief overview. More info on request, or after booking.
PRIVATE TRIP The boat is available for private rental, with or without skipper and/or guide. Discounts may apply. Mail us your inquiry.
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Arctic Explorers
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