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Walks and Wonders of the Peloponnese Peninsula

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 1550
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Destinations: Mystras
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 1550
Duration: 8 days
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On this walking holiday we will discover the Southern Peloponnese and Greece’s delightful Mani Peninsula. This pretty area boasts turquoise bays, dramatic coastal views, fishing villages bursting with Greek charm, fresh and tasty cuisine, magical hill-top Byzantine ruins, fairy-tale like a mediaeval stone towers, olive groves, and hidden trails all nestled within the timeless landscape that provided the back drop to many of the famous legends of Greek Mythology. We begin by visiting the stunningly preserved castle-town of Mystras, the last outpost of the Byzantine Empire, and the nearby ruins of ancient Sparta, where we will spend two days exploring the ruins and wandering the foothills of Mount Taygetos. Next we head to the pretty coastal village of Kardamyli, known for its mix of traditional Greek and Venetian design. Here we’ll explore the Vyros Gorge on a trail dotted with secret chapels boasting colourful frescoes, and stop to enjoy a picnic of local produce in a shady olive grove and we’ll also enjoy a spectacular stroll along the coast of the Messinian Gulf, with plenty of time for stops in calm hidden coves where we can relax and take a dip Mediterranean.
Spend 4 nights in the charming coastal town of Kardamyli
Discover the Byzantine castle-town of Mystras and walk in the foothills of Mt Taygetos
Hike the Vyros Gorge and swim from the pristine beaches of the Western Mani
Visit Diros Cave, Cape Tenaro and the fishing villages and tower-houses of the ‘Deep Mani’
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8 days

Rating in Greece
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