Rating in Romania
$ 1930

Rural Romania and Backroads of Bulgaria

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 1930
Per person
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Destinations: Romania, Sofia
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 1930
Duration: 14 days
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Beautiful scenery, fascinating culture, wonderful folklore, delicious cuisine, mythical legends, jaw-dropping scenery and that rare feeling you’ve stepped back in time, welcome to Romania and Bulgaria. With their relaxed pace of life, simple lifestyle and warm welcome, Romania and Bulgaria are perfect for a cross-border walking and cultural holiday. In Bulgaria we explore the wonderful capital of Sofia with its wonderful old town and impressive gold-domed cathedral. After the bustle of Sofia we escape to the country for walks through timeless landscapes in Bulgaria’s undiscovered national parks. In the Vratchanski Nature Park, the Northern Djendem Reserve and National Park of the Central Balkans we’ll hike up to mountain huts, walk through lush forests and keep our eyes open for the country's colourful flora and fauna. After the back roads we immerse ourselves in Veliko Tarnovo, the fascinating Bulgarian City of the Tsars complete with Ottoman streets and dramatic fortress. Next we sail across the Danube and enter Romania, where we head to the elegant capital of Bucharest.
Explore the colourful gems of Sofia, Bucharest, Brasov and Veliki Tarnovo
Hike through the heart of Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains
Walk in Bulgaria’s undiscovered national parks and stay in alpine hamlets
Sample delicious local dishes and meet Romania's mountain shepherds
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Rating in Romania
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