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Chinese Culture Through the Ages

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Destinations: Beijing, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Huangshan, Nanjing, Shanghai
Guide language: English, Chinese
Price: min $ 3161 — max $ 4045
Group size: min 2 — max 10
Duration: 15 days
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Discover China from Dynasties to the Digital Age

It is impossible to see all of the stunning attractions that China has to offer in one trip, but a well-designed tour will afford you the opportunity to discover many of its most celebrated landmarks and follow the fascinating historical timeline that has led to China as we know it today.

The culture of the Han ethnic majority originated from Central China and currently plays a dominate role in Chinese communities throughout the world. Yet it is towards the north that we will turn our attention, to the home of Beijing and Xi’an, which are considered the two most important capital cities in Chinese history. Some of the most successful dynasties made these cities their base, and they subsequently flourished as hubs of Chinese culture. Ancient history carries forward to the modern-day, as Beijing remains China’s capital and centre of culture.

Similarly Nanjing was not only one of China’s ancient capitals, but also served as the capital of the Republic of China, as evidenced by the Presidential Palace. However capital cities aren’t the only thing on the agenda, as we’ll also visit two areas that were integral to the development and success of China’s culture and economy; Shanxi and Huizhou. After all, you can’t have a capital without capital! Bringing our tour right up to the modern day, we’ll also be visiting Shanghai, a city in China synonymous with technology, fashion, and keeping ahead of the curve. So join us on our tour, where we’ll discover how Chinese culture adapted from imperial times right through to the modern day. And we’ll tackle a couple of the country’s most scenic mountains while we’re at it!

Duration: 15 days and 14 nights.

Dates: 25th of March – 8th of April and 15th of October – 29th of October.

Cost pp: £2500/7-10 people in one group, £2700/4-6 people in one group, £3200/2-3 people in one group.

What's Included: 14 nights of accommodation; all entrance fees to the attractions mentioned in the itinerary; 6 dinners; all breakfasts; all transportation fees during designated tour times (including 2 domestic flights); an English speaking guide; and a pdf file with useful information about Chinese history.

Our Itinerary

Day 1: Meet in Beijing

We can either meet you at Beijing International Airport or you can come directly to the hotel yourself, depending on your preferences.

Once everyone has checked in to the hotel and had time to settle, we will enjoy a relaxing welcome dinner made up of traditional Beijing-style dishes.

Day 2: Delve into the History of Beijing

We will spend the morning exploring the colossal Forbidden City. Then we will scale the highest hill in Jingshan Park so that we can enjoy a panoramic view of the Forbidden City and Beijing.

In the afternoon, we will take you to the heart of Old Beijing, the Hutong district, where we can admire the old dwellings and imagine what life was like in ancient China.

Day 3: Hike along the Mutianyu Section of the Great Wall

We will be taken to Mutianyu by private car. It is time to see whether you are up to the challenge! Are you strong enough to finish climbing this entire portion of the Great Wall?

If you fancy a more leisurely ascent, you can always buy a ticket for the cable car. After all, you are on holiday!

Day 4: Travel to the Ancient Town of Pingyao

We will take the high speed train to Taiyuan, the provincial capital of Shanxi province, first thing in the morning, and then we will transfer trains to Pingyao after lunch. We should arrive in Pingyao at around about 1.30pm, which gives us the whole afternoon to explore this scenic ancient town.

Day 5: Visit the Wang Family Compound and Shuanglin Temple

We will be driven by private mini coach to visit the incredible Wang Family Compound and Shuanglin Temple. Once we have returned to Pingyao, you can climb a part of the City Wall and enjoy the panoramic view of the whole town and the alien landscape of the Loess Plateau. If there is not enough time to properly enjoy the view, we will move this activity to the next day.

Day 6: Explore the Ancient Town of Pingyao

We’ve dedicated the whole day to exploring the ancient town of Pingyao and visiting all of the attractions it has to offer on a guided tour. Once the tour has ended, you’re free to wander around the town and discover parts of it yourself, or simply revisit the places you liked best!

Day 7: Journey to the Historic City of Xi'an

We will take the high-speed train to Taiyuan in the morning, and then board our flight to Xi’an. We should arrive in Xi’an sometime in the early afternoon.

After we’ve settled and checked in at our hotel, we will visit the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and then wander at our leisure through the Muslim district, which is also the centre of the old town.

Day 8: Marvel at the Terracotta Army

In the morning, we will take a bus to visit the world-renowned Terracotta Army and will spend most of the day there, leaving only in the late afternoon. Once we’ve returned to Xi’an, we’ll climb the ancient city walls and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Day 9: Scale the Heights of Mount Hua

In the morning, we will travel to Mount Hua via train. Unfortunately you may not have enough time to explore the entirety of the mountain range, unless you have limitless energy that is! After all, it is one of the largest mountain ranges in China and some of the hiking paths that lead to the peaks are quite difficult. Alternatively you can choose to ride the cable car, which cuts out some of the fun of climbing but will save you a lot of time and energy.

Day 10: Discover the History of Huizhou

We’ll spend the morning bidding farewell to the beautiful old city of Xi’an, and then board our flight to Huangshan just after lunch. We should arrive in Huangshan at around about 3.30pm. Then we will head to Tunxi Old Town, which boasts a multitude of ancient buildings that follow the Hui-style of architecture.

Day 11: Visit the Famous Yin-Yang Village of Chengkan

We will spend the whole day learning about and enjoying traditional Huizhou culture in Chengkan, surrounded by fragrant tea fields and verdant mountains. After dinner, we will check in to a hotel at the base of Mount Huang in preparation for our hike up one of the most beautiful mountains in China.

Day 12: Hike the Breathtakingly Beautiful Mount Huang

After a day spent slowly hiking up the magnificent Mount Huang, we’ll be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view from its peak.

Day 13: Uncover the Fascinating History of Nanjing

In the morning, we will take the train from Huangshan to Nanjing. In the afternoon, we will visit Fuzimiao District and Qinhuai River District, which is where we’ll find the centre of Nanjing and several historical remnants of the city’s prosperous past.

Day 14: Visit the Presidential Palace in Nanjing, Followed by an Afternoon Tour of Shanghai

The Presidential Palace serves as a powerful reminder that, had the Chinese Nationalist Party won the civil war instead of the Chinese Communist Party, Nanjing would have surely become the modern-day capital of China. Since the CNP were deeply influenced by Western cultures, you’ll notice that the architecture of the palace has a certain Western flair.

In the afternoon, we will take the high-speed train to Shanghai. To follow the history of the city chronologically, we’ll visit the City God Temple District first, followed by the Bund. This forest of modern skyscrapers is a far-cry from the ancient buildings we’ve admired so far on our journey.

Day 15: Your Onward Journey

On your final day with us, you can either choose to embark on your return journey home or continue your travels. If you decide to continue traveling, we’ll be on hand to help you book any travel tickets or hotels should you need us to. If you need any recommendations on where to travel, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Please Note: You can choose to stick to this tour entirely, or you can just incorporate it as part of your wider plans to travel across China. We can provide you with information and help you with any other travel plans you may have if you need us to. We also provide a hotel booking service and a flight or train booking service for all of our members’ traveling in China outside of the 15 designated days of the tour. We will also provide a consultancy service for you, which will help you to plan your journey across China and give you useful tips on traveling in China.

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of TanSuo Cultural Travel
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