Rating in Faroe Islands
$ 2695

Far out in the Faroe Islands

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 2695
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Mykines, Vágar
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 2695
Duration: 8 days
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This summer walking holiday in the remote Faroe Islands is really something special. A little over 400 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, these islands have long been admired for their unspoiled natural beauty. Recently named by the National Geographic as the 'number 1 best trip to take this year', the Faroe Islands certainly live up to their reputation. The miles of rugged coastline, colourful fishing villages, amazing bird-life and vivid wild flowers combine to provide a distinctive and unforgettable 'great outdoors' experience. The location of the islands make them a stopping off point for many species of migratory birds and a breeding ground for others. Standing out amongst these is everybody's favourite, the puffin. During the summer, the days are long and our 1-week walking holiday gives us ample opportunity to explore several key locations on no fewer than 6 of the Faroe Islands. We enjoy 6 days of easy walking and exploration amongst some of Europe's most amazing landscapes. After a first night at our hotel on the island of Vagar, we start out with a boat trip to the small island of Mykines, home to thousands of puffins. Travelling by boat is a way of life for the Faroese and our short inter-island hop (to Mykines) gives us an insight into the history and culture of this far-flung archipelago. As a part of our exploration, we spend time in several coastal settlements where some of the brightly painted houses retain their traditional Faroese turf-clad roofs. After a second hike on Vagar, to the picturesque village of Gasadalur, we drive to the small port of Runavik on the island of Eysturoy. Here, we have a short and scenic walk, coast to coast across a narrow neck of the island, before travelling westwards to Klaksvik on the island of Bordoy. We spend 2 nights here and enjoy 2 further exhilarating hikes, one of them on the adjacent island of Vidoy. Returning to the Faroese capital of Torshavn, we have time for a final walk and for some souvenir shopping, before saying goodbye to these magical islands.
Prolific bird life, including the puffins of Mykines Island
Coastal walk to the remote village and waterfall at Gasadalur
Fantastic Faroe Islands views from Klakkur Peak
Dramatic scenery and colourful coastal settlements such as Runavik
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of KE Adventure Travel
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