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$ 1204

Kingdom Of Ice

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min $ 1204
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Destinations: Irkutsk Oblast, Lake Baikal
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 1204
Group size: min 6 — max 14
Duration: 8 days
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Tour Overview

You are in a good shape and you want to go for an adventure usually reserved for seasoned travelers only? You love being outdoors and you’re ready to go further into the discovery regardless of your own comfort?

Then this journey was made for you.

Visit ice caves and their icy overhang, and if you’re lucky enough, catch a glimpse of the Baikal seals by the end of March.

Cross the Lake Baikal where it is the widest and explore the Baikal most mysterious winter places while always observing the security rules so that you can enjoy your trip safely. Travel on foot, by hovercraft and 4WD to see Baikal ices in all their forms: frozen capes and rocks, clear ice patches blocked in vertical columns, giant ice shards, endless windblown ice covers and snow-coated fields.

Spend a night at your camp right in the middle of the lake on a 5000 feet deep water (1500 m). Welcome to Baikal Ice Camp! Play hockey on the clearest ice, ice skate on the deepest lake in the world, enjoy the Ice Bar menu especially designed on site and experience the purest Baikal water in the bania.

Journey on ice and meet with the local anglers, taste fresh omul to perceive all of the Baikal delicacy through its flavour.

At this end of your trip, visit the Republic of Buryatia and its capital city Ulan-Ude and ride on the Trans-Siberian railway across the taiga and along Lake Baikal.

As adventure-filled as this journey may be, it still contains much of cultural discovery as well. Visit the Taltsy Ethnographic Museum and enter a datsan in Ulan-Ude to taste nomadic cooking.


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Day First meeting with the lake Baikal Irkutsk — Listvyanka
Day On Baikal ice by hovercraft Listvyanka — MRS
Day The biggest island of the Baikal lake MRS — Olkhon island
Day BaikalNature Ice Camp Olkhon island — Baikal lake
Day Baikal crossing Baikal lake — Ust-Barguzin
Day Gulf Chivyrkuysky Ust-Barguzin
Day Discovery of Ulan-Ude Ust-Barguzin — Ulan-Ude
Day Return to Irkutsk Ulan-Ude — Irkutsk
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