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Destinations: Sakhalin, Kuril Islands
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Reach one of the most remote corners of Russia to find its truly fascinating landscapes. You will see volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, and bays on the islands lost in the Pacific.

Experiences you'll have

Tour to Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands

You will spend a fortnight in the Far East among scenic bays and lagoons, steep rocks, and lush greens. In Sakhalin, you will visit a mountain resort, climb Cape Eustace, and touch Rock Lyagushka (Russian for Frog), a butte that fulfills your wishes.


You will fly aboard a plane to Iturup, one of the most beautiful of the Kuril Islands. You will see a wall of waterfalls in Salmon Bay, the White Rocks on the shores of the sea of Okhotsk, and frozen lava streams on Yankito Plateau. Then you will take a boat to the foot of Chirip Volcano and look at the fumarole fields at Baransky Volcano. You will relax in the waters of mineral springs and go for a night crab hunt.




The journey starts in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where you must travel to on your own. Note that to be in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by the start of the program, you have to depart from Moscow the day before. Contact our manager for details.


We can help you with the purchase of tickets. If necessary, leave a comment on the application.

Day 1 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk tour

You will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel. After lunch with fresh seafood in a Japanese restaurant NIHON MITAI, you will have a guided tour of the city. You will visit "Gorny Vozdukh" ski resort. There is a grand view of the city and Susnayskaya valley from here.


After returning to the hotel, you will have dinner on your own.

Day 2 Tikhaya bay and Zametny island

After breakfast, you will go to the East Coast of the Sea of Okhotsk (135 km for one way route). Along the way you will see the Japanese Tori Gates that were erected in front of Shinto temples. There is a chance to find amber on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. Maybe you will be lucky to get one.


You can buy fresh-boiled crabs during the stop in the village of Vzmorye. Upon arrival, you will start a walk along the coastline (approximately two km one way). You will see lagoons, grottoes, ravines and will meet Japanese cranes and seals on your way. Water here is so clean that you can enjoy the sight of underwater flora (latissima, sea grapes, etc.) and fauna (crabs, crimps, soldier crabs, etc.).


Climb the terraces to witness the amazing herbs and edelweiss, plumb rocks that flank the island, black stones, and rolling waves. You will try eastern delicacies. In the evening, you will go back to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and have dinner on your own.

Day 3 Cape Giant and Bird Cape

After breakfast, you will have a trip to the coast of the sea of Okhotsk (100 km, 3 hours). Along the way you will have stops on viewing points.


You will have a walk along the coast (approximately two km for one way route) and explore Cape Giant and Ptichyi Cape (Russian for Bird Cape). Bays, grottoes, stone arches and colonies of birds will take your breath away.


For lunch, you will have lunchboxes with caviar, Far Eastern salads and tea Sakhalin herbs. After coming back to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, you will have dinner on your own.

Day 4 Cape Eustace

Your journey will begin after having breakfast at the hotel and will take approximately 3.5 hours (150 km for one way route).


On the way you will see Russia's first LNG plant, an oil-loading terminal, and Russia's first port of Prigorodnoye in the Aniva Bay. Not far away from the plant there is Mount Yunona with a 9-meter Orthodox cross on it.


When you arrive at your destination, you will climb to Cape Eustace. It is connected with the continent by a narrow neck of land forming two bays. On the top of the cape you have a feeling that you have reached the edge of the world.


After coming back to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, you will have dinner on your own.

Day 5 Arrival in Iturup

This day, you will depart to Kurilsk. You will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel.


Having arrived there, you will have a short training and go to “Vannochki” (Russian for Bathtubs) therapy and health complex (two kilometers away from Kurilsk). You will also enjoy hot mineral springs with a view of Kurilsk Bay.


You will have dinner in a restaurant of the hotel.

Day 6 White Rocks and Prostor Bay

After breakfast, you will go to the trip with cars (35 km) and reach the weirdly-shaped White Rocks. These landscapes are constantly being reshaped, as the rocks are soft and susceptible to weathering and erosion. The rocks stretch for 10 kilometers along the coastline of Prostor Bay. A wild beach with black and white send is waiting for you here.


On the way back you will stop in Lososevaya Bay (Russian for Salmon Bay). Here, you will see a wall of waterfalls. Dinner will take place in a café of the hotel.

Day 7 Volcano Baransky

Today you will go to the trip with jeeps (20 km). You will see fumarole field, “mud volcanoes” and small boiling lakes “Golubye Glazki” (Russian for Blue Eyes), from which a scenic sulfuric acid creek flows.


The baths of Baransky Volcano are an amazingly beautiful place. It has therapeutic volcanic baths with temperatures varying from 42°С to 70°С and a hot waterfall. You will enjoy bathing and in the evening you will go back to the hotel.

Day 8 Kasatka Bay

Today a 60-kilometer southward jeep ride to the Pacific coastline is waiting for you. In the bay, you will examine Rock Chyortova (Russian for Devil's Rock) with remnants of Japanese fortifications and an underground hospital.


The Japanese cut tunnels through the rock for military purposes. It was from here, Kasatka Bay, that a Japanese aircraft squadron took off in November 1941 to attack the American naval base in Pearl Harbor.


After lunch, you will go to fields that still contain abandoned military vehicles and fortifications. In the evening, you will have rest in the hotel.

Day 9 Lava stream on Yankito plateau

A trip to Yankito Plateau is waiting for you today (8 km for one way route). Here, you will see frozen volcano lava that looks like cliffs on a seaside. Landscapes from another planet will get everybody excited.


After lunch you will visit “Vannochki” — thermal mineral springs with a view of Kurilsk Bay. Dinner will be in a café of the hotel.

Day 10 Coming back to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

After breakfast in the hotel, you will be brought to the airport. From here, you will have a flight to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. There from the airport you will be transferred to the hotel.

Day 11 Lava streams on Yankito Plateau

You will go to the village of Vestochka (12 km), from where you will have a walk. It is believed that the district of Vestochka is the power center of Sakhalin. Rock Lyagushka is a 70 million-year-old butte. They say that if you make a wish here, it will become true.


Walking the eco-path to the root of the mountain takes around 20 minutes. Then, you will climb a low, but steep slope to the Lyagushka butte, which will take 20 to 30 minutes. It is a truly breathtaking and magnificent view you will enjoy once you reach the top. In fine weather, one can see the Bay of Aniva, Lake Tunaicha and Lake Izmenchivoye.


Upon return to the hotel, you will have free time. Feel free to go to the fish market or souvenir shops. Today you will have lunch and dinner on your own.

Day 12 The end of the trip

After breakfast, you will be brought to the airport from where you will go home.


Most popular Sakhalin and Kuril islands Air journey from Sakhalin to Iturup Difficulty Difficulty levels Easy. Passive relaxation and sightseeing — cruises for example. No physical activities. Good for older people. Normal. Active tours. You don’t have to be a sportsman, but you need to be strong enough to ride a snowmobile or go hiking in the mountains. Advanced. Get ready for a challenge — long trekking with a heavy backpack on the shoulders, rafting along mountain rivers. Hard. Professional training and perfect physical fitness are required. The level involves climbing to the tops of the mountains (above 3000 meters), freeriding and North Pole diving. Duration 12 days

Accommodation during the trip

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Accommodation during the trip

You will stay in Sakhalin for half of your journey, and on Iturup for the rest of it. The tour price includes a double-room stay at Lotos hotel 3* in Sakhalin and at Ostrov hotel 4* on Iturup.

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