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Rhodes Self Guided

Self-guided trekking+walking
Self-guided trekking+walking
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Destinations: Halki
Price: min $ 901
Duration: 6 days
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Day 1 – Arrival  in Rhodes

Arrival at Diagoras International Airport of Rhodes and transfer (optional) to the first village/hiking starting point of the trip (approx 30 minutes). Meeting with local manager for welcoming and briefing of the trip’s details. Overnight Embonas village.

Day 2 – Hike Mt.Profitis Ilias @ 798m

The first hike of this trip is located at the central area of Rhodes Island and is an ideal combination of mountainous landscape, great views and easy start!  Salakos, the starting point of the hike, is a beautiful agricultural village, located on the foothills of the mountain Profitis Ilias. The third biggest mountain of the island awaits you to discover it! The trail ascents its slopes gradually, it is well maintained and suitable also for beginner hikers due to its quality. Most of the hike is under the shade of ilex trees, pine trees and some olive trees.  During the uphill, the views are magnificent towards the Aegean Sea, the coastline of Turkey and some nearby islands. When arrived at the meadow, you can admire the famous “Elafos and Elafina” (male and female deer in Greek), former Italian buildings built by Italian Colonists on 1929 and 1932 following an Alpine Style of architecture. You can also visit the “Villa de Vecci”, house of the former Italian Governor of Rhodes and the Byzantine church of Profitis Elias. After some well-deserved stop or a coffee at the hotels , you can start the descent back to Salakos. Overnight Embonas village.

  • Total hiking distance : 6.81km
  • Difference of altitude covered: 510m
  • Route description: Two ways route (Starting and finishing at the same point). Mountain alpine trail, soft terrain but sometimes also rocky. Easy.
  • Estimated hiking time: 3 hours

Day 3 – Hike Mt.Attaviros @1216m

Attaviros, the highest mountain of the Dodecanese complex of islands, is your goal for today. After spending yesterday’s night on its foothills admiring his majesty from the village of Embonas, known for its precious vineyards, it’s time to begin the alpine hike up to the summit. Although there is a hike that climbs up the mountain from the side of Embonas, it is very strenuous and not safe. So, today’s hike starts from Agios Isidoros, a beautiful village on the east side of the mountain, once full of life, nowadays inhabited only by a few elder locals. The hike will gradually climb till the plateau of Attaviros and then the final climb to the peak will follow. The uphill can last up to 3,5-4  hours depending on the hiker’s physical ability. The views from the top are incredible, since you can admire the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, the east and west coast of Rhodes and even some nearby islands. On the top there are also some remains of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Attavirios Zeus. After some recommended picnic close to the top, the descent will follow till Agios Isidoros. The tavernas  - local restaurants – have some of the most delicious food you can find on Rhodes – purely homemade. Overnight Embonas village.

  • Total hiking distance : 17.8 km
  • Difference of altitude covered: 806m
  • Route description: Two ways route (Starting and finishing at the same point). Mountain alpine trail, rocky terrain and dirt road. Difficult.
  • Estimated hiking time: 6 hours

Day 4 – Hike Mt.Akramitis @823m, a natura 2000 protected area

This day is the most surprising of the trip due to the environment of the area of Akramitis. The trail starts from Monolithos, a beautiful rural village at the not spoiled by mass tourism west side of the island. The top of Akramitis mountain, the second highest of the island of Rhodes, is your goal for today! The hike ascents gradually on green slopes of cypress trees that overlook the bay of Apollakia giving multiple chances for amazing photos. After the demanding first part, you will now hike through beautiful meadows, full of aromatic colorful herbs and you will soon reach the chapel of St John. Time for a well-deserved stop, before starting again to concur the summit. Once arrived, the views are more than worthy. You can admire the nearby islands of Halki, Alimia, Tilos and even Karpathos, the inland of Rhodes Island, the lake of Gadouras and Apollakia and feel like a real explorer. To go down to Siana – another agricultural village next to Monolithos – you can (optionally) follow a different trail, that even few locals know, between high pine trees. This hike offers you the chance to explore a totally undiscovered area of the island, and can surely convince you that Rhodes is more than classic. Overnight Vlycha (Lindos area)

  • Total hiking distance : 6.35km
  • Difference of altitude covered: 823m
  • Route description: One way route (Starting from Monolithos, finishing close to Siana 4 km away of Monolithos). Mountain alpine trail, soft terrain but sometimes also rocky. Moderate.
  • Estimated hiking time: 3.5 hours

Day 5 – Hike around Lindos, a different way to see the gem of the Island

The 4th hiking day of the trip is dedicated to the East coastal side of the island – which is totally different from what you have already experienced. The trail starts from Vlicha, a sea side village located next to Lindos. At the start of the trail, following mainly dirt roads, you will immediately leave behind you the buzz of the busy road, and move towards the west. Soon enough you will walk underneath mature pine trees, whose existence is clearly surprising on this dry rocky land around Lindos. You will follow then a trail that passes on the foothill of vertical limestone slopes, surely amazing, visiting afterwards, an impressive cave and admiring the remains of an agricultural life – somehow forgotten there nowadays. Finally the hike reaches its highest point, and is time for some worthy pictures of “Navarone Bay” with its azure colored water, or even some meditation on how beautiful this endless sea is. After some walking downwards, you get the first glimpse of the hill where the Acropolis of Lindos proudly stands. No words are enough to describe its beauty, so you are advised to go closer, roaming in the narrow streets of the whitewashed village of Lindos. After some probable resting and sightseeing time it is time to go on the trail, form the coastal side this time back to Vlycha. Overnight Vlycha (Lindos area)

  • Total hiking distance: 12.3km
  • Route description: Two ways route (Starting from Vlicha finishing at Vlycha). Easy trail, soft terrain but sometimes also rocky. Easy to Moderate.
  • Estimated hiking time: 3.5 hours

Day 6 – Guided Sea Kayaking around Lindos, a paddling day !

The last day of the trip you will have the chance to experience something totally different, in order to explore the coastline from a different perspective. The sea kayaking activity starts at Vlicha Beach – located on the east side of the island, close to the town of Lindos. Our expert BCU certified guide will be waiting for you, for all the necessary instructions and kayak fitting. After paddling across the coastline, passing by beautiful rock formations and hidden caves you will reach Lindos, with its small cubic whitewashed houses. You will enjoy a tasty nutritious lunch at a sea side tavern on the beach consisted by natural, homemade Greek dishes and then you will start hiking uphill wandering through the city’s small and picturesque alleys. Learn about and visit Athena’s Temple and then paddle till the bay of St Paul’s, known for its unique beauty and protected environment. The activity ends by paddling back to the starting point and driving you back to your hotel (to pick up luggage or stay over if extended period of accommodation is chosen).

  • Distance covered: 9 nautical miles
  • Duration: 09.00 – 17.00
  • Level: Moderate
  • Swimming knowledge, basic physical ability and basic previous experience on sea kayaking needed.
  • All sea kayaks are tandem (for 2 pp)
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Trekking Hellas
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