Rating in South Africa
$ 3150

Chobe and Okavango Delta Safari

min $ 3150
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 3150
Duration: 7 days
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Your home for the first three nights will be at The Pangolin Chobe Lodge which sits on the hill overlooking the Chobe floodplains. Each morning and afternoon you will be taken into the National Park, which is less than a kilometre away from the lodge, by one of our resident photo guides, who will be on hand to help you make the most of each of the photo opportunities that present itself.
Included in this package is the use of a state of the art DSLR camera and telephoto lens, should you not have your own, at both the Chobe Lodge and the camp in The Okavango Delta. If you have your own camera gear we will then issue you with a base plate to attach to your lens collar for use on the custom built chairs on the photo boats.
In the afternoons you can make use of the editing area in the upstairs lounge or just relax by the pool with a good book. After the evening game activity, we will meet for dinner and tales around the fire. On some evenings the photo guides will do a presentation of their images in the upstairs bar in the hope that their compositions will inspire you to try different angles and techniques the next day.
On the fourth day after the morning activity and a wholesome brunch, you will be transferred to nearby Kasane Airport for your charter flight to the Khwai Private Reserve in The Okavango Delta. If you are borrowing one of our cameras you need only take the memory card with you as there will be another camera waiting for you when you land.
The Khwai Private Reserve is 200,000ha in size and bordered by the Khwai River to the South. Khwai has a reputation as one of the best areas in the Delta ecosystem for wildlife photography in the region.
Upon landing you will travel through the reserve to the Pangolin Khwai Camp to get settled in and enjoy high tea before heading out into the open grasslands that surround the camp.
The reserve has excellent populations of the big cats (especially Lion, Leopard and Cheetah) and also several packs of Wild Dog and these will be the main subjects we will go in search of while on the reserve. Being a private reserve we cannot only off-road at important sightings but spend as much time as we need at each one. In the Southern section of the reserve, which is approximately 75km2 in size there are never more than about ten vehicles at a time, three of which are from the Pangolin camp. This limited of vehicles means that there a limited numbers at a sighting but enough in the general area to help locate them.
At the camp, we have three game viewers and with only 12 guests at any one time, this means we limit the number of photographers to 4 per vehicle.
During your time at the reserve, there will also be an opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon gliding through the Delta in a traditional dug out canoe called a Mokoro (seasonal). This gives you a unique vantage point as your poler pushes you past herds of plains game as they graze next to the rivers and channels.
During the day there is a dedicated editing area in the communal areas of the camp and in the evenings there will be a roaring fire to enjoy with your fellow travellers along with a well-stocked bar and delicious home cooked meals.
On the final day, you will head to the airstrip again to fly to Maun which has excellent daily connections throughout the region. You could head across the South African border to Madikwe – home of Guts’ other hide The Terrapin at Jaci’s Tree Lodge or even further south to Cape Town for a beach and Bush combination and home of our sister company Cape Town Photo Tours.
Whatever you would like to add onto either before or after this package one of our travel planners will be happy to talk you through the options.

Location : Chobe and Okavango Delta
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Pangolin
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