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Belugas, Bears, & Blooms Various Dates 2019

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Destinations: Winnipeg, Churchill River
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Summer is the perfect time to visit Churchill! During the summer months of July
and August, the Churchill River is teeming with beluga whales that migrate into the
warm shallow waters to give birth and feed on small fish. Known as "Canaries of the
Sea", these friendly and inquisitive creatures will capture your heart as you enjoy their whale song by tour boat and Zodiac.

While on land, take in the magnificent view as the surrounding landscape erupts into colourful blooms. Exploring the Churchill Wildlife Management by Tundra Buggy®, you will have the chance to see a multitude of northern wildlife. You might even have the opportunity to see the first of the summer polar bears as they migrate into the area.

This unique interpretive-guided summer experience will leave you in awe of the beauty of Canada's northern summer.


day 1
Winnipeg City Tour
day 2
Churchill Area Tour
day 3
First Day on the Churchill River
day 4
Beluga Zodiac Tour
day 5
Churchill Wildlife Management Area
day 6

Our adventure begins in Winnipeg, the gateway to Churchill adventures. After checking into our hotel, we’ll meet with the rest of the tour group and our interpretive guide. Our first order of business is a journey of discovery through the beautiful city of Winnipeg. We will tour Manitoba’s largest city by bus, with stops at the infamous Manitoba Legislative Building, the historical Exchange District, a visit to St. Boniface—a charming French-speaking community in the heart of the city—and a stop at the Forks, Winnipeg’s most celebrated public space and the spot where the Assiniboine River and Red River meet.

In the evening, our guide will host a welcome dinner for our tour group so that we can get to know our fellow travellers better and learn more about our upcoming adventure into the north.

Our second day starts off with an early morning flight to Churchill. The two-hour flight takes us from the prairies of central Manitoba over boreal forest and taiga, and finally, to the colourful tundra of Churchill.

Upon landing, we’ll set out on a Churchill Tour and tour to explore the area surrounding the town of Churchill; our guide will teach us all about the historical significance of the places we’ll visit: Cape Merry; the site of a crashed airplane affectionately known by locals as Miss Piggy; and Manitoba Conservation’s Polar Bear Holding Facility (aka Polar Bear Jail). We’ll even have time to stop to enjoy a walk along the coast of the Hudson Bay—bring your bug spray! After lunch, our group also spend some time visiting the Parks Canada Interpretive Centre and Churchill’s Eskimo Museum, which houses one of the most extensive Inuit Art collections in the world. After a full first day in Churchill, our group will enjoy dinner at a wonderful little family-run restaurant.

Today is our first encounter with Churchill’s beautiful beluga whales! We’ll start with a three-hour boat tour on the Churchill River, zipping up and down the river beside pods of curious whales. The boat tour also includes a stop for a walking excursion at the historical Prince of Wales Fort, where we’ll learn about the famous explorers who lived at the fort in the eighteenth century—and how they managed to survive in Churchill’s harsh climate.

Next, we'll join a local dog musher for an exciting dog-carting excursion through the boreal forest. Our host will introduce us to his team of sled dogs and explain the importance of dog sledding in northern culture and history.

Today starts on the river with a Zodiac excursion, giving us a chance to get even closer to the extraordinarily friendly beluga whales.

In the afternoon, our group has some free time to explore Churchill’s gift shops and local tourist sights. We, of course, have to take our picture in front of the Inukshuk on the coast of Hudson’s Bay!

Day four brings us on an adventure into the vast and colourful Churchill Wildlife Management Area.In the morning we’ll hop on a world-famous Tundra Buggy® and head out onto the tundra in search of summer polar bears, Arctic foxes, hares, and more types of plants and flowers than you can imagine growing in the north! Our full-day tour allows us to learn from our guide and Tundra Buggy driver about the many different types of plant life and animal life that are native to the Churchill area. We’ll even stop to have a picnic-style lunch on the Buggy itself while enjoying the scenery! Then it’s back to the airport for our return flight to Winnipeg, where the group checks back into our hotel for a good night’s rest—a perfect time to go over thousands of pictures!

Our Churchill adventure concludes today and we all head home.

Please note: this is our intended itinerary. Wildlife sightings and some activities depend on favourable conditions. As with all of our adventures, weather, sea, and road conditions are a determining factor and, in some cases, may dictate our itinerary.

Dates & Prices

July 19, 2019 - Aug. 27, 2019

All prices are per person, in Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless specified otherwise.

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    $4849.00   Shared room, comfortable hotel. Price is in Canadian Dollars. 9% tax is additional. Single Supplement Cost: $875 CAD + 9% tax


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What's Included

  • Return flight from Winnipeg to Churchill
  • Two nights at Winnipeg hotel
  • Three nights in Churchill hotel
  • Tours as outlined
  • Meals, from breakfast day 2 to dinner on day 5
  • Interpretive guide

    What's Not Included

  • Independent flights to and from Winnipeg
  • Personal items
  • Mandatory emergency medical and evacuation insurance
  • Discretionary trip cancellation and interruption insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Discretionary gratuities
  • Highlights

    • Take in a magnificent river estuary by tour boat or Zodiac
    • Witness beluga whales by the thousands
    • See colourful blooms in their peak as they erupt over the tundra
    • Try your hand at a dogcart excursion
    All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Adventure Canada
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