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Arctic Highlights and Polar Bears

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Destinations: Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, Scoresby Sund, Reykjavík
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Sep 02 - Sep 16, 2018 (15 days)View Pricing Chart
Sep 01 - Sep 15, 2019 (15 days)View Pricing Chart


Day 1 — Longyearbyen

Embark on the expedition ship in the afternoon and depart Longyearbyen in the evening.

Days 2 to 5 — Spitsbergen/Greenland Sea

Taking advantage of local ice and weather conditions, explore Svalbard, one of those rare places on Earth blessed with both awe-inspiring landscape and compelling history. On day five, begin exploring the coastline.

Over four full days, explore a small portion of the western coast of Spitsbergen. Entering the fall the days are getting shorter so try to take advantage of all of the sunlight possible to search for wildlife.

Spend these two days in search of the elusive polar bears as they hunt seals. Look out for Svalbard's unique subspecies of reindeer. Although much smaller than their southern relatives, they still carry impressive antlers. Keep a sharp look out for Arctic foxes.

By not having a set itinerary, we take on an expedition spirit and are free to take advantage of the best that Svalbard has to offer.

Days 6 & 7 — Greenland Sea/Scoresby Sund

Keep an eye out for majestic whales, which are known to feed here in the summer months. Spot orca, humpback and minke whales, as well as dolphins. Enjoy lectures by expedition staff.

Frigid waters drain from the Arctic Ocean in a southwest current along the coast of Northeast Greenland. Often drifting pack ice is pushed along the coast. We will attempt to approach and follow the pack ice edge to explore the polar seascape. Keep a look out for sea mammals like seals and whales and also sea birds such as kittiwakes and fulmars.

Arctic Lectures and Educational Programs
Attend lectures hosted throughout the day on anything from local wildlife to the history and exploration of the Arctic.

Days 8 to 12 — Scoresby Sund/Denmark Strait

Spend a few days exploring the massive fjord system of Northeast Greenland National Park, which includes portions of Scorsbysund. Visit the tiny settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit for a look at how these most northerly people live.

Sail through and land in some of the most spectacular fjord country in the world along the coast of Greenland, while exploring rarely visited glaciers, bays and inlets.

This is the largest National Park in the world, nearly impossible to reach except on expedition ships. Spectacular geology combined with glacial features create steep mountains raising directly from the sea. Look out for picturesque scenery, wildlife and other interesting landing sites in this unspoiled wilderness.

Depending on ice, spend these days exploring the massive fjord system of Northeast Greenland National Park, which includes portions of Scorsbysund. These intricate fjord systems are everything from wide and unimaginable to narrow and steeply spectacular with some of the best mountain scenery in the world. Walking over lush stands of colorful autumn tundra may lead to opportunities to see muskox grazing nearby.

Ittoqqortoormiit Community Visit
Visit the tiny settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit for a look at how these most northerly people live. This isolated town in Greenland is far from any other inhabited settlements and is only accessible by expedition ships three months of the year. The town’s population of 450 rely on hunting and fishing as they only have one grocery store. Locals enjoy the warmer spring weather and sunshine by taking dog sled or snowmobile trips as well as camping.

Days 13 & 14 — Denmark Strait/Reykjavík

Enjoy the lecture series while watching the seas for whales. Head towards Iceland and the steaming hot springs of Reykjavík. The view is often complemented by soaring fulmars, kittiwakes, gannets, guillemots, and razorbills.

Day 15 — Reykjavik

Disembark in the morning. Free to depart on flights from the afternoon onwards.

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* Itinerary may be subject to change

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Polar Cruises
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