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Baffin Island Walrus & Bowheads 2019

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Iconic wildlife in unforgettable wilderness. Travel to the land of midnight sun with local guides in search of the ultimate in photography and wilderness travel.

Far north lies the domain of two truly awesome mammals—the walrus and the bowhead whale. Our search for these remarkable Arctic residents takes us to Igloolik and the shores of the Foxe Basin in Nunavut, Canada.

The Foxe Basin and adjacent Baffin Island are areas rich in wildlife, where Inuit have lived for centuries. At this time of year, bowhead whales feed along the edge of the sea ice, and groups of walrus can be found basking in the sun.

We travel with Inuit guides in search of these massive creatures and more. We will also find a variety of northern birds, including red phalarope, common eider, Sabine’s gulls, and Arctic tern. Photography should be superb with twenty-four-hour warm Arctic light, calm waters, and a backdrop of gleaming ice.


day 1
Arrival in Igloolik
day 2–6
Foxe Basin
day 7

Our Baffin Island Walrus & Bowhead Whales tour begins today in Igloolik, Nunavut. Participants will arrive on flights from Ottawa (via Iqaluit) or directly from Pond Inlet if they are connecting this tour to our Baffin Island Floe Edge: Narwhals & Polar Bears tour. We meet for an evening meal and to discuss the upcoming adventure. We should have a chance to meet our local guides and walk around the community of Igloolik after dinner as we have twenty-four hours of daylight! The night will be spent at our hotel in Igloolik.

We plan our five full days of the tour around weather and ocean conditions.

The community of Igloolik sits on an island at the western edge of the Foxe Basin. At this time of year there is open water very close to the island. We set off from the edge of the ice by boat in search of walrus and bowhead whales. Walrus are typically found resting on small pans of sea ice over relatively shallow water where they forage for clams on the ocean floor. We will use the knowledge of our local guides to travel to the areas where we are most likely to find walrus. Weighing up to 900 kilograms, these are enormous animals and seeing them packed together on a piece of ice is impressive!

At the edge of the open water we find the ‘floe edge’, which is the border between the solid ‘fast’ sea ice and the water. We travel along the floe edge in search of bowhead whales. There is a whole ecosystem of phytoplankton and zooplankton underneath the ice and it is there that the whales feed. We may even see them surfacing in small holes in the ice with just the ‘bow’ of their blowhole visible.

Bowhead whales are enormous! These Arctic specialists can grow to 90,000 kilograms and are typically fifteen metres long, which means they are not one of the long slender whales—they have some girth to them. Being present when they surface close by is a truly magical experience!

Beyond our two large target mammals, there is plenty of other wildlife to enjoy. Ringed and bearded seals are relatively common and there is an abundance of birds migrating and nesting in the area. Over the water we are likely to see king and common eiders, black guillemots, long-tailed ducks, and snow geese. Polar bears are very uncommon in this area, but there is a small chance we could find one.

On small islands in Foxe Basin there are nesting Brants, snow geese, red phalaropes, Arctic terns, Sabine’s gulls, and more. These are sites where local Inuit hunt geese and eiders and collect their eggs.

We anticipate being on the water looking for walrus, bowhead whales and other Arctic wildlife for four of these days. If weather prevents us getting out on the water, we will spend some time exploring the community of Igloolik and the island. Igloolik is one of the cultural centers of Nunavut and is home to the film production company that created the films Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner and The Journals of Knud Rasmussen (among others). In fact, our travels on the water may take us near the islands where Atanarjuat was exiled in the legend. On the island, there are numerous ponds and some sod house archaeological sites worth exploring.

Our tour ends today. We catch our flight south from Igloolik to Iqaluit in the morning and connect to a flight to Ottawa, arriving in the early evening. We part ways here with memories from an incredible Arctic experience.

Dates & Prices

June 21, 2019 - June 27, 2019

All prices are per person, in Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless specified otherwise.

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    $6250.00   Based on double occupancy

    Please add Round-trip flight Ottawa/Igloolik - Approximate - Price to be confirmed Jan/19 fee of $0.00 to above prices

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What's Included

  • 6 nights in hotel accommodation
  • Ground transportation
  • Boat travel
  • All meals from dinner ay 1 through breakfast day 7
  • Eagle-Eye Tours guide plus local Inuit guide

    What's Not Included

  • Round-trip airfare from Ottawa to Igloolik (approximately $2,330 CAD + tax)
  • Mandatory emergency medical and trip interruption insurance
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Expense incurred due to itinerary changes beyond our control
  • Optional gratuities
  • Highlights

    • Travel with experienced and friendly naturalist guide
    • View enormous bowhead whales moving along and under the sea ice
    • Experience the Arctic under the midnight sun
    • Travel with Inuit through a beautiful environment of water and ice
    • Watch walrus basking
    All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Adventure Canada
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