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Mongolia In the Footsteps of the Nomad with Tim Cope

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 5756
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Destinations: Mongolia, Kazakhstan
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 5756
Duration: 18 days
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Join Australian adventurer and writer Tim Cope for a unique moderate-challenging trek among remote Khoton and Kazakh nomads in the Kharkhiraa and Tsaast Uul mountains of western Mongolia. The focus of this trip is spending less time crossing the vast landscape of Mongolia by jeep, and more time trekking off the beaten track immersed in the landscape and culture of the legendary horsemen and women of the steppes. Tim, who rode a horse for three and a half years from Mongolia to Hungary across the steppes of Eurasia is passionate about the nomadic way of life and the history of the Mongolian people whose ancestors were among the first in history to tame the horse. The itinerary takes us from Ulaanbaatar by plane to Ulaangom in the west where we begin the trek in the Kharkhiraa mountain- part of the greater Altai range. In this region lives a small and intriguing ethnic group of Mongolians called the ‘Khoton.’ Unlike many nomads of Mongolia who have adopted the motorbike and truck as part of their nomadic existence, the Khotons still make the trek up into the high passes of the Kharkhiraa with just camels, yaks, and horses. Our trek follows the migratory routes of these Khoton families along the Kharkhiraa river gorge and eventually up to the spectacular high pass at 3000m between Kharkhiraa and Turgen peaks. Along the way we will pass evidence of ancient nomadic people in the form of Turkic gravestone markers, and hear from Tim about the many legends and stories that tell much about the Mongolian connection to their animals and the land. Travelling with us will be a small caravan of local horsemen and their horses and camels that will be taking our luggage and equipment. There will be an opportunity to encounter the nomadic people most days, and from the high pass, weather permitting, there will be an optional return walk up to a high ridge at about 3600 metres. The second half of the Kharkhiraa trek takes us on a descent towards the Khovd river where we will be met by vehicle support. The landscape of the Kharkhiraa is dominated by open slopes dotted with nomad tents, deep river gorges, alpine lakes, and the inspiring, glacier capped peaks of Kharkhiraa and Turgen. Although it is very rare and unlikely to spot one, it is worth noting that these mountains are renowned as one of the refuges for the endangered snow leopard. Trekking days involve 6-8 hours of walking, and although there is no technical parts to the trek, a medium to high level of fitness is required. The second, less demanding part of the journey takes us to Olgiy, capital of the Kazakh province of Western Mongolia, and the spectacular mountain of ‘Tsaast Uul.’ Here we will experience Kazakh people who are renowned as eagle hunters and trainers. Two more days of trekking will give us a rich insight into the diversity of the people who living on the vast and fenceless land of Mongolia. After an afternoon reflecting on the shores of Tolboo Nuur lake, we return to Olgiy and fly to Ulaanbaatar. Integral to this tour, is also supporting a local Mongolian charity, Autism Mongolia. $100 of your tour price will be donated to this charity in Ulaanbaatar at a special presentation when we arrive. There will be the opportunity to meet with representatives from the charity and make additional donations if desired.
Travel with Tim Cope for a culturally enriching experience of western Mongolia
Trek through the Kharkhiraa and Tsaast Uul mountains
Explore the Mongolian capital of Ulaan Baatar
Follow the migratory routes of the Khotont nomadic families
Camp in the Mongolian steppe
Spend time with Kazakh people who are renowned as eagle hunters and trainers
Day 1
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
Day 2
Fly to Western Mongolia
Day 3
Rest / Contingency day
Day 4
Trekking up the Kharkhiraa Valley
Day 5
Up the Kharkirra Valley
Day 6
Trek to the base of the climb to the 3000 metre Kharkhiraa pass.
Day 7
Full day trek with optional climb
Day 8
Full day trek via alpine lake on the Kharkhiraa mountain
Day 9
Full day descent from pass
Day 10
Full day trek down to the river gorge
Day 11
Full day trek to Khovd Brigad via waterfall (5.5 hrs)
Day 12
Drive to Olgiy, sightseeing in afternoon
Day 13
Drive to Tsaast Uul, stay Kazakh nomads and see trained eagles
Day 14
Full day trek in Tsaast Uul. Stay with Uriankhai minority (4 hrs)
Day 15
Trek in Tsaast Uul, to Tolboo Nuur (lake) camp with Kazakh nomads (4 hrs)
Day 16
Drive to Olgiy with free time to visit Olgiy market
Day 17
Fly to Ulaanbaatar
Day 18
Trip concludes in Ulaanbaatar
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