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Omo Valley Safari

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Destinations: Addis Ababa, Langano Lake, Arba Minch, Jinka, Mago National Park, Turmi
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An 11 day Omo Valley safari exploring Ethiopia’s southern tribal lands. From Addis Ababa we head south – a journey of iconic landmarks and tribal people.

The Omo Valley Safari

An 11 day Omo Valley safari exploring Ethiopia’s southern tribal lands. From Addis Ababa we head south – a journey of iconic landmarks and tribal people.

Visit markets and explore villages of the Arbore, Karo, Hamar, Daasanach, Tsemay, Mursi, Konso, the Suri, Dorse, Bena and Ari people. A fascinating trip of discovery with some of Africa’s most ancient tribes.

  • Addis Ababa
  • Langano
  • Arba Minch
  • Jinka, Turmi
  • Oromia
  • Hawassa
  • 11 days/10 nights

Highlights of the Omo Valley Safari

Driving south from Addis Ababa along the Rift Valley to Lake Lagano.  Stopping to visit churches and the pre-historic archaeological site of Melka Kunture and the Stelae field of Tiya, World Heritage Site which typifies the country’s rich historical heritage.

Continuing south to the Omo Valley – home to the full diversity of the tribal groups in a further two World Heritage Sites: the Lower Valley of the Omo and the Konso Cultural Landscape.

We’ll visit the small but important market towns of Dimeka and Turmi where the Hamar, Benna and other tribal groups meet every week. Further exploration to tribal villages of the Mursi beyond Mago National Park, the Daasanach near Omorate, the Karo people, the Erbore nomads, the Borena and others.

This is a long road journey. A good exploration of the Omo Valley with enough time to reflect on some extraordinary experiences between stops.

Best time to explore the Omo Valley

Travel in South Omo is very dependent on the seasonal rains. Traditionally we have the short rain in October and then the long rain in April and May.

Traveling south of main Jinka-Konso road or through the Mago National Park is essentially impossible if there’s been a lot of rain about. If the rains are early or late it could mean that March to June is off-limits

  • November through to March are the driest and hottest months
  • July, August and September are the cooler months

 We recommend this safari to seasoned travellers only

(Images by Trish Berry and Andy Richter courtesy Salem Alemayehu of Dinknesh, Addis Ababa.)


Day 1 - Addis Ababa arrival You'll be met on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International airport for transfer to the 4* Jupiter International Hotel in two superb locations in Addis Ababa’s Cazanchise area, within walking distance.
Day - Langano Drive south along the Rift Valley of Langoro to Sabana Beach Resort at Oromia for one night stay
Day 3 - Arba Minch Drive from Langano to the Paradise Lodge at Arba Minch for a two night stay
Day 4 - Dorze Village Drive to Chencha to the Dorze Village, lunch back at Arba Minch followed by a trip on Lake Chamo, one of the rift valley lakes
Day 5 - Jinka Drive 275 kms south to Jinka, stay at the Eco-Omo Safari Lodge. The drive should take between 6-7 hours including visits, photo stops and lunch
Day 6 - Mago National Park Head into the Mago National Park to visit the Mursi tribe then back to Jinka to the cultural museum and your second night at the Eco-Omo Safari Lodge.
Day 7 - Turmi Drive to Turmi to the village of the Hamar people. Stay at Buska Lodge at Turmi for 2 nights.
Day 8 - Turmi Excursion to the Dasenech people - the country's most southern people
Day 9 - Yabello Drive to Yabello visiting the Erbore nomadic people. Stay at the Yabello Lodge.
Day10 - Hawassa Drive north to visit the Sidama and Borena people. Stay at the Tadesse Enjori or another similar hotel
Day 11 - back to Addis Ababa Visit Lake Awassa's Fish Market, right on the shore. Drive back towards Addis Ababa stopping off at the Rift Valley Lakes of Abiyatta, Shalla, Ziway and Langano. Farewell dinner party.
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Zambezi
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