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A languid discovery of Madagascar’s indigenous wildlife… a menagerie of wonderful creatures including the ‘wailing’ Indri lemur, elephant bird and the biggest (and smallest) chameleons on the planet!

Wild Luxury Fly-in Madagascar

A languid discovery of Madagascar’s indigenous wildlife… a menagerie of wonderful creatures including the ‘wailing’ Indri lemur, elephant bird and the biggest (and smallest) chameleons on the planet!

  • Madagascar
  • 9 days/8 nights

Highlights of our “languid” safari beach trip

it’s easy… we fly in and out,  stay at authentic bushcamps and discover 5 forest ecosystems through guided walks and 4×4 drives. There isn’t a better way to explore this remote tropical island.

We spend the first 4 nights 3 km from Ifotaka on the banks of the Mandrare River. Camping under tamarind trees on the site of an old colonial sisal plantation.  Discover the endemic wildlife of Madagascar with early morning and late afternoon guided walks (avoiding the heat of the midday sun!). Night walks are good for spotting reptiles and nocturnal lemur. Visit local markets and learn about the Antandroy with a tour to discover their ceremonies and traditions. Food is excellent with lobster, fish, steaks and croissants!

Moving on to Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge for 4 nights living beside the rain forest and the Indian Ocean. An amazing spot, perfect for birding trips into the mangroves, canoeing, snorkeling and picnic lunches. Explore nearby islands by boat and climbs the 15ft whale observation tower.

Best time to go

  • October and November – the weather is pleasant but not too hot, the jacarandas are flowering, and the lemurs have babies… always fun to see.


Day 1 - Arrive at Madagascar's Antananarivo International Airport Your're met by your pilot for short flight to Mandrare River Camp. the camps is close to the spiny forest with its unique wildlife and the nomadic Antandroy tribe.
Day 2 - Madagascar - Mandrare River Camp Your base for 7 nights, all inc. Discover the forest by day and night, by4x4 and on foot with our experienced guide. Abundance of wildlife is awesome!
Day 3 - Mandrare River Camp Learn of the unique fauna and flora of the Siney and Gallery forests with your guide. Look out for colourful frogs, Sportive, Ring Tailed and Mouse Lemurs, Verreaux's Sifaka,
Day 4 - Mandrare River Camp Discover the colourful local markets, the traditions, ceremonies and cults of the Antandroy tribe. Traditional music and dancing. Sacred forests, tombs,
Day 5 - Leave Mandrare for Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge Transfer to the airstrip for a short flight to South East Coast of Madagascar to your luxury camp on a beach in a sheltered, forest fringed Bay. A fabulous spot with great staff.
Day 6 - Manafiafy Beach Manafiafy Beach is your base for 4 nights all inclusive. Explore the rain forests and sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.
Day 7 - Manafiafy Beach Activities include: Canoeing, snorkelling, boat trips into mangroves, forest walks to spot lemurs and chameleons, whale watching look out tower, coastal trip with picnic, visit local markets & schools
Day 8 - Manafiafy Beach Relax on the overlooking the the Indian Ocean. Dine on fresh lobster,locally caught fish, prawns, steak and foie gras.
Day 9 - Leave Madagascar You'll transfer to the airstrip for a private charter back to Antananarivo. Please ask your Zambezi consultant if you would like to extend your trip.
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Zambezi
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Rating in Madagascar
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