Rating in South Africa
$ 3650

Vic Falls, Chobe and Okavango Delta

min $ 3650
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Cape Town, Khwai River, Chobe National Park, Okavango Delta
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 3650
Duration: 9 days
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Day 1 and 2
Upon arrival at Victoria Falls International Airport, you will be met by a representative of Ilala Lodge who will take you the short distance to the hotel and help you check into your deluxe room. This charming hotel is very close to the Falls themselves and its an easy 10-15 minute walk down to the entrance. If you like we can arrange a guide to show you the falls but quite honestly path along the Victoria Falls is easy to explore and very spectacular. Just remember to take something waterproof as the spray from the Falls can make it seem like you are in a rainstorm at times.
Victoria Falls Town is a lovely place to explore with its curio shops and local street artisans to barter with. The famous Victoria Falls Hotel is a wonderful place to pop into for afternoon tea and is a throwback to the Victorian era.
Should you wish to see the Falls from the air then we can arrange a helicopter flight for you (ideally in advance so as to avoid disappointment) and our operator of choice will collect you from the hotel at a time of your choosing for a flight. We normally recommend taking the longer 25-minute flight to make the most of this once in a lifetime experience.
Days 3 – 5
On the third day we will collect you from the hotel to bring you across to Botswana and The Chobe National Park. The Pangolin Chobe Lodge is situated on the hillside overlooking the Chobe River and the floodplains of the Caprivi. The total travel time is around 2 hours and you will arrive at The Lodge in time to check in, unpack and join us for a high tea before heading out into the park on one of our custom photo boats.
Every day at the lodge will include a morning and afternoon cruise on the river or drive in the park and we will happily supply you with a state of the art DSLR camera and lens should you require to use during these times. You will be hosted by one of our resident photo guides who will be on hand to help you make the best of every photo opportunity that presents itself. We will supply you with all of the memory cards that you need and in between sessions you can view the images taken on our computers by the reception desk.
The photo boats and vehicles take a maximum of eight people and we will try as much as we can to match clients together with similar photographic goals and experience. Refreshments are served during the activities.
During the day and in the evenings you are welcome to relax by the swimming pool or on your private balcony. The upstairs bar offers spectacular views and is a lovely place to relax with a good book. Your accommodation is fully inclusive so if you would like any refreshments throughout the day you need only ask a member of staff and they will be more than happy to help you.
Dinner each evening is a set menu with a couple of choices for the main course. This is served in the dining room and if weather permitting out on the pool deck. A selection of wines will be served.
Day 6 – 8
Your last destination on this safari is The Pangolin Khwai Camp which is situated on the Khwai Private Reserve. Getting there is very simple and after your morning activity and brunch we will take you to Kasane airport which is situated nearby for your charter flight to The Delta. the flight time is just over an hour and you will land at the reserves private airstrip. When you arrive you will be issued with another camera and lens (if required) so that you can continue your photography on the way to the camp which is just under an hour away.
The Pangolin Khwai Camp is in the south-eastern corner of the reserve close to the Khwai River and sleeps only twelve people in seven Meru style permanent ensuite tents. There is a large communal area comprising a bar, dining area, editing table and a sunken lounge which leads out to the fire pit – always a popular spot before and after dinner.
At the camp, we have three Toyota Landcruiser game viewers which take a maximum of four clients on each of the morning and afternoon. Having multiple vehicles allows us again to team up clients with similar photo goals and experience.
The camp is hosted by a resident Pangolin Photo Host who is on hand to help you with your photography, the host rotates between the vehicles during game drives and is also available to offer advice on post-production and editing techniques during the day.
After the morning drive a brunch is served in the dining area and then the rest of the day is yours to relax in the lounge or on the balcony of your room. Just remember to have your camera handy. We are in a wonderful wilderness area and you never know what might walk by.
During certain seasons (normally April to October) we are able to offer a Mokoro (dugout canoe) safari to our guests. This is dependent on water levels and the condition of the waterways on the reserve. This quintessential Delta is highly recommended and a great way to get a low down view of the animals along the banks as you glide silently by propelled by your “poler”.
To get a real feel for the beauty and magnitude of the Delta we can arrange for a helicopter flight over the area – with the doors off for extra exhilaration and unincumbered photo opportunities. Please chat to your safari planner about options and pricing.
The Khwai Private Reserve is absolutely huge and it’s unlikely that you will get to see it all in your time with us. We tend to focus our game drives in the southern section which in itself is around 60,000 hectares and very productive with the Khwai River as its natural southern boundary. On the reserve, we can spend as much time as we like on a sighting and we are permitted to off-road for special encounters to help you get the best shots. We also offer night drives which are the best times to encounter those rare species like Aardvarks, Bush pigs, Servals and who knows…perhaps even a pangolin.
Day 9
On the final day, there will be time for a shorter game drive in the morning followed by a brunch and then the drive back to the airstrip to connect with your charter flight. We are more than happy to organise onward journeys to other regional safari destinations like Madikwe,  The Central Kalahari, Tuli Block (Mashatu) or maybe into the salt pans of the Mgadigkadi. By far the most popular destination however, is onwards to Cape Town as there are daily flights from Maun and within a few hours you can be enjoying a view of the ocean and Table Mountain. Our sister company Cape Town Photo Tours will be happy to escort you around the Mother City and we use a hand-picked selection of trusted hotels where you could base yourself.

Location : Botswana and Zimbabwe
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Pangolin
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