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Watching the Baby Seals

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In the ice-covered White Sea harp seals give birth to their pups in early March. These fluffy cuties are snow-white, but for no longer than just a fortnight. During this expedition you'll see them amidst drift ice.

Experiences you'll have

Watching the Baby Seals

Seals come together for reproducing on the White Sea' floes before they leave for Spitsbergen. During the tour you'll watch these lovely creatures in their natural habitat, and you'll even be able to take the big-eyed, toy-like pups in your hands!


A helicopter will take you to the watch spot. The snowy taiga, the ancient villages, and the sea under a thick blanket of ice—no one can resist the awesomeness of the Russian North seen through the helicopter window. Playful beluga whales jump out of the black waters from time to time. You'll disembark on a solid ice floe thickly covered with snow. Oh, how many seals there are!

In the third week of life baby seals start molting, revealing their silvery skin. That is why you have to go there in early March to see the snow-white pups.

From the ice floe you will go back to the Solovetsky Monastery, the wooden arches of which will impress you with their silence. The final destination of the trip is Maliye Korely, a museum of ancient Russian architecture. Here you'll marvel at old houses and chapels from all over the Russian North.


If the ice field destination is more than a two-hour flight from Arkhangelsk, the participants of the expedition will have to pay additionally for the on-site helicopter deployment. The schedule can be adjusted to account for worsened weather conditions.




Our tour guide will meet you at Sheremetyevo Airport (Terminal D) at an hour and a half before the departure, so that you fly to Arkhangelsk as an organized group. The meeting will take place in the departure hall, after check-in and pre-flight inspection.


Together you will fly from Moscow to Arkhangelsk (the flight SU-1330 by Aeroflot Airlines), departing at 2:45 p.m. You are arriving to Arkhangelsk at 4:45 p.m.


We recommend you to buy tickets to Arkhangelsk with the refundable rate. We are ready to help with the purchase of tickets, if necessary, leave a comment in the application.

Day 1 Flight to Arkhangelsk

Upon your arrival in Arkhangelsk, you'll be taken to the Pur-Navolok hotel on the banks of the Northern Dvina River. You will check-in and have a rest.

Day 2 Baby Seals

After the breakfast and a briefing, a MI-8 helicopter will take you to the icy realms of the Russian North. You'll set up a small camp after landing on the ice. Watch the seals and their newborn pups and have a snack right here, on the floe. In the evening, you'll come back to the Pur-Navolok hotel in Arkhangelsk.

Day 3 Tour to Solovki

After the breakfast you'll be taken to the airport. You'll fly to the Solovetsky Islands. There you'll have an excursion program and dinner in the Solovetsky Monastery. In the evening, you'll come back to the Pur-Navolok hotel in Arkhangelsk.

Day 4 Homecoming

You'll fly back to Moscow. Your flight is SU-1331, you will arrive to Moscow at 7:35 p.m.


New Arkhangelsk region Watching the Baby Seals Difficulty Difficulty levels Easy. Passive relaxation and sightseeing — cruises for example. No physical activities. Good for older people. Normal. Active tours. You don’t have to be a sportsman, but you need to be strong enough to ride a snowmobile or go hiking in the mountains. Advanced. Get ready for a challenge — long trekking with a heavy backpack on the shoulders, rafting along mountain rivers. Hard. Professional training and perfect physical fitness are required. The level involves climbing to the tops of the mountains (above 3000 meters), freeriding and North Pole diving. Age 4 y.o. Duration 4 days

Accommodation during the trip

3 nights Start date 7 March 2019
  • 7 March 2019
End date: 10 March 2019 174 350 RUB Book now

Accommodation during the trip

Tour participants stay at the Pur-Navolok hotel, located on the banks of the Northern Dvina River in the historical part of the city, not far away from the historical and cultural monuments of the 17th to the 19th centuries.


There are multiple accommodation options:

  • Standard rooms – 13 sq.m. rooms overlooking the local Government's office. All such rooms have 110*210 single beds.
  • Comfort rooms – 17 sq.m. rooms with the promenade view from the windows. Most such rooms have 160*210 double beds.
  • Double rooms – 17 sq.m. rooms with the view of the local Government's offices. Each room has two 110*210 single beds.
  • Double Junior Suites – 32.6 sq.m. rooms with the view of the local Government's offices, consisting of a bedroom and a living room. A King size double bed in each bedroom.
  • Double Suites – spacious 40 sq.m suites overlooking the promenade. A King size double bed in each bedroom. Some have balconies. Each of these suites consists of two rooms: a bedroom and a living room, each with a plasma TV.
  • VIP Suites – superior double-room suites overlooking the Northern Dvina River. Each has an area of 45 sq.m. with a king size double bed in the bedroom.
  • VIP Suites – three-room suites with the view of the Northern Dvina River. There are a bedroom, a living room, and an office room. The total area of the suite is 70 sq.m. with a king size double bed in the bedroom.


The Pur-Navolok hotel has a same-name restaurant, a lobby bar, and the Nebo bar located on the top floor, with panoramic views of the Northern Dvina River and the promenade.


Hotel accommodation is not included in the cost of the expedition. You can book it independently or we can help you with it, if it's necessary. 

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