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$ 800

Kerala Boat & Bike Tour (KC - 03)

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Destinations: Kerala
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 800
Duration: 5 days
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Tour Overview

Bike and boat tours are tours of choice for families and friends looking for an exclusive and relaxing holiday all over the world. Kalypso Adventures brings you this amazing Kerala Boat and Bike tour, a unique opportunity to experience the natural wonders of Kerala in a manner chosen by you –a combination of our trusted cycles and Kerala’s famed rice boats. Cycle during the day and relax aboard the houseboat by noon and cruise to your next day’s cycling point. We will take you on this experiential tour through the meandering backwaters of Kerala and the coconut palm-fringed country roads of the kuttanad region that surround the backwaters to discover a lifestyle and culture that prides itself on its simplicity and dignity. This is indeed a chance to catch up on genuine Keralan cuisine, watch people go about their daily chores often joining them in their festivals, culturally immersing yourselves all the way! This is also a cycling tour for those who like a highly relaxed cycling or even skipping it if they simply want to stay on board enjoy a cruise from the boat. You also have the boat entirely to yourself to avoid the hassle of any fixed timings or being pressed for time. This is an exclusive offering from Kerala - no one else offers this tour! Extensions to the nearby places for wildlife or walking the mountains at Munnar are also available.

Kerala Boat & Bike Tour

Show More Show Less Day 1: Alleppey The day starts early as we cycle through the old quarter of Fort Kochi to the erstwhile Southern port town of Alleppey. Most of the ride is through the back roads that meander between the backwaters and the Arabian Sea. We pass through numerous fishing villages and coconut groves before we stop on the beach front at Andhkaranazhika beach. After refreshments, set course once again towards the beaches of Marari. Here we get to see natural fibre ‘coir’ being made from coconut husks, small village schools and fishermen go on their daily trips. Turning off into roads to Alleppey we should arrive at the waterfront to board our houseboat by noon time for a sumptuous sea food lunch cooked on board with local spices. The cruise will end by sunset at Pallathuruthy and we will settle into a glorious sunset set against the swaying coconut palms and chorus of bird songs. Day 2: Backwaters - Manapra The day’s cycling begins typically, after breakfast on the houseboat. The cycling routes are the backroads cutting through the heart of rural backwater region. The backwaters,such an intrinsic part of life here, is also the scene of constant and varied activities – be it washing clothes or bathing or fishing. As you cycle along roads that are abutted by lush green paddy fields, don’t forget to lend a keen ear to the shrill chatter of birds. On arrival you will be welcomed into a homestay located on the banks of the river. Here you will see the various activiteis like todday tapping and other farmoing activities before a delcious lunch at the homestay. You board the houseboat at noon for another leisurely cruise to Thakazhy for the rest of the day and come alongside to watch the magnificent sunset & enjoy dinner with freshly made local fare.  Day 3: Backwaters - Viapuram Thakazhy has a place in the literary world of Kerala made famous by the writer Sivasankar Pillai, a doyen of the local language novels in Malayalam. Today you will be riding through some of the most beautiful country roads that are as safe as they are scenic. But watch out for that brace of ducks as they waddle across the road to an unknown rhythm or the cattle that roam the fields. Men and women hard at work in paddy fields is another fascinating sight. Dotting the roadsides are the local teashops where tea is often served laced with some spicy gossip or the latest political trends. Equally ubiquitous are the local toddy shops that serve freshly tapped toddy along with spicy Keralan food. You are now in the Kuttanad region that is synonymous with below-sea-level paddy cultivation. We think you will find the famous Kuttanad Duck Roast as unique as its place of origin. By noon you will be aboard the houseboat which will take you through the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey to your next cycling point at Karuvatta – a quiet sleepy little village.  Day 4: Backwaters - Thottapilly The final day of cycling will be an exhilarating ride through the rural roads. The unique scenery on display all along the roadside is both breath-taking and real. The still backwaters timeless in their beauty, bordered by thick coconut groves and the daily humdrum of human life eking out the minutes – whether an occasional canoe passing by with a couple of school children or office-goers on board, or a busy housewife washing clothes, ducks gliding by self-importantly in a line or fisherwomen in coracles, even men and women hard at work in their backyards creating coir- they all blend seamlessly into the landscape. You will be visiting the Mannarasala Temple, an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Nagaraja or the serpent god. Snake worship is unique to Kerala and is as innate to its culture as the land itself. Passing by endlessly picturesque coastal roads and quiet fisherman villages, you will finally arrive at a spillway onto the backwaters where the cycling ends. The houseboat waiting there to transport you back to the start point will also offer the magic of a sunset cruise. You could reflect on the vivid pictures of the day imprinted on your mind over a hot cup of tea or coffee and some crisp banana fritters.   Day 5: Alleppey Cruise back to Alleppey. Disembark boat. Tour ends. 


  • Stay on a luxuriously rice boat for 4 nights
  • All meals
  • Cycles & helmets
  • Cycling guide

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