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Julien Cadous

min $ 40
Per person
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Destinations: Nha Trang
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 40 — max $ 110
Group size: min 2 — max 6
Duration: 10 days
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Morning time we will visit traditional Vietnamese morning market (that on the outskirts of the city), would feel the real Vietnamese life "as it is".

In this market we will visit traditional foodcourts, where one person cooks only one dish according to his unique recipe.

Also we will try the real Vietnamese coffee (more better quality than in Nha Trang, it is checked!).

After that, we'll go to the wild jungle, on the way we will visit fishermen (what they had catch this morning - the variety is amazing).

Next is the village that is engaged in growing sea pearls and visit the lost Buddhist temples located in the mountains.

Arriving at the Ba Ho waterfall, you will feel the atmosphere of pure and untouched beauty.

Take a part in the hike through the jungle, to one of the picturesque pools formed by the cascades of the waterfalls.

Some brave of you may jump from a 10-meter cliff into a mountain lake. - This jump will refresh your mind!

After resting, hammocking, after a lunch, we will go to the north.

We'll visit the temple, with a magical view of the Vietnamese settlements on the water (looks like Venice).

We will see mountains of salt. And salt fields.

Fruit & rice plantations.

After, we will go to the most quiet and clean Beach, where we will feel freedom and unity with nature (mountains, palm trees, beach and clear sea water).

After that, we will go through the mountain (more beautiful than the road to Dalat), from which opens an ammasing views of the South China Sea and uninhabited islands.

We will keep our way closer to the lost village that is located directly near the azure laguna, where there are never waves , purest water, and serenity and harmony are floating in the air.

•Tour Duration: 10 hours

•Accredited driver

•Entrance tickets are included in the price

•National dishes and drinks are included in the price


• Sunscreen clothes and sport shoes

• Swimsuit and towel

• Sun screen (cream spf 50+)

• Comfortable bag or backpack


All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Visa Vietnam & tours
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