Rating in Greece
$ 947

Zagoria Exploration

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 947
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Koukouli, Greece, Vitsa, Greece, Dilofo, Ioannina, Greece, Kipoi, Greece, Kapesovo, Vradeto, Greece, Vikos, Papigko, Greece
Guide language: Greek, English
Price: min $ 947 — max $ 1048
Group size: min 4 — max 12
Duration: 8 days
Guide: A professional trekking/tour guide
Accommodation: 6 nights at a traditional stone guesthouse and 1 night at a mountain refuge
Food: 6 breakfasts and 3 local produced dinners are included
Transport: Transport within the itinerary is provided. There is also a chance for arrival/departure transfer. Get in touch for more details.
Other Info: This holiday is priced on a 2-person-sharing basis and guaranteed to run with the minimum of four guests. Depending on availability, you can ask and book a Single Supplement at the extra price of £790. Get in touch for more details
Trekking days: 6
Trek Grade: Moderate in fine weather conditions
Not Included: Flights, transfers to/from starting point, travel insurance, all lunches, 4 dinners and the breakfast at the mountain refuge
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  • Zagoria Exploration
  • What you will need to bring with you

Zagoria Exploration

Day 1 - Arrival Day 

Join the tour at Koukouli village and the Guesthouse. The village is located high up in the mountains and we will have the chance to enjoy the tranquillity that nature can offer us. Today, we will check-in, settle down in our new surroundings and enjoy dinner all together.

Day 2 - We explore the heart of Central Zagoria

We cross the valleys along the rivers, pass the stone bridges and walk the old footpaths which have connected the stone villages for many centuries. This is where we grasp the real essence of what Zagoria is made of.

Day 3 - Traditional villages on higher ground

Today we start climbing higher on the slopes. A mini-bus will transfer us at the start of the route. Entering the Selato gorge and steadily gaining height, we reach the village of Kapesovo which hides on a small plateau above hanging cliffs. We then climb the famous Vradeto Stairway, a 300-year-old paved mule path; a vertical climb up the sides of the Mezaria gorge. At the end of the day, we reach the Beloe view point where we gain our first view over Vikos gorge.
A mini bus will transfer us back to the Guesthouse.

Day 4 - Crossing the Vikos gorge

This is the day, we cross Vikos gorge, which is one of the most esteemed hikes in Greece. It is an unspoiled place with a great diversity of flora and fauna. In the heart of the gorge is the source of the Voidomatis which is the cleanest river in Europe. This is a long day’s hike on the floor of the gorge, crossing dry river beds engulfed by the dense foliage.
A mini bus will transfer us back to the Guesthouse.

Day 5 - Mountain Tymfi and alpine lake

A mini-bus transfer will bring us higher up at Mikro Papigko village. Today we enter the mountainous zone. We will cross sub-alpine grasslands, valleys and plateaus by exploring Tymfi Mountain, eventually reaching the highest point of the day at the alpine lake; Drakolimni at 2050m. 
At the end of the day, we will make our home at the mountain hut of Astraka, which is located at 1930m altitude.

Day 6 - Crossing mountain Tymfi's alpine landscape

Today we have some trekking options that varies from moderate to challenging. We could cross the main body of Tymfi mountain, walking through the alpine landscape, next to impressive vertical cliffs or going up to Astraka peak at 2436m before we come down to the villages.
A mini bus will transfer us back to the Guesthouse.

Day 7 - River walk and options

A mini-bus transfer us to the beginning of the walk. Our target is to reach Voidomatis River and follow the path that goes along its banks, through the plane forest that spreads in the area and creating a magical atmosphere. The land which we cross today has had human presence for the past 20,000 years. Evidence of human presence can be found in several caves from before the last ice age and can also be found in abandoned churches of the mid 17th century and stone bridges of the 19th century. A very relaxing and enjoyable walk that can be extended if we choose to start from Vikos village. 

Day 8 - Departure day

Our adventure is ending after breakfast. Sad times. But you'll look back on the epic adventure, having explored some of natures finest mountains and lakes and feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

What you will need to bring with you

Clothing: Weather is changeable in the mountains or at the coast and it can become cool, especially at night, so bring a warmer jacket/fleece. A water and windproof coat is essential at all times in case of the odd shower or quickly changing mountain weather. Also take a warm hat. Whilst walking you may prefer to wear shorts, but carry lightweight long trousers for narrow footpaths where thorny vegetation may scratch bare legs. Also, carry a long sleeved

shirt for protection against the sun, and a sunhat. Don't forget your swimming

Equipment: Take a towel for swimming, a water bottle, sunglasses, torch and sun cream. You may find trekking poles useful for certain sections of the trek. Take binoculars if you have an interest in bird watching. You will need a sleeping liner or a lightweight sleeping bag for the one night at the mountain hut and your own towel for washing/showering.

Footwear: Well broken-in walking boots are essential for the tour but additionally bring comfortable shoes for relaxing in and for the evenings.

Luggage: On tour bring one main piece of luggage and a daypack. 

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Panas Adventures
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