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$ 639

Your Perfect Escape: 7 Cycling Days in Kupres

4 / 10
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min $ 639
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Kupres, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Guide language: English, Croatian
Price: min $ 639
Group size: min 1 — max 12
Duration: 7 days
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A Unique Place For Your Perfect Vacation

This tour gives you the opportunity to spend an amazing week in nature exploring the unforgettable beauty of Kupres, and its people. Cycle through valleys and forests, discover the natural phenomena Japage - big natural holes full of trees and rocks, an old village destroyed by Romans, 500 years old tombs, swim into our natural lake, climb our highest mountains, explore wild tour, visit ghost village, get to know and take part in the Kupres traditional games such as bow and arrow, tug of war, suck race, cutting grass with traditional hand mower and many more, enjoy freshly prepared lunch in the nature, try horse riding, visit the bee farm where you can see the production and try the natural honey and propolis... And fill your soul with so much beauty to last you until your next holiday!

The week is guided in English or Croatian by a local guide, called Vilim. Accommodation is provided in a hotel or apartment. Every day has its own trail, but all start in Kupres. Breakfast, lunch in nature and dinner are included just like an additional activity in the evenings. Tours start at about 10:00 AM in the morning and end around 03:00 PM. If additional baggage along the tour is needed, a car can follow the group. The week is about 7 days and 6 nights but can be changed in every case. The holiday is offered for families, individuals, and small groups up to 12 persons. You don't need to be in good shape, the tour is for everyone. The program starts in Kupres, it means that transport to Kupres is not included. There is an offer of airport transfer from Split Airport and Sarajevo Airport. Both take about two hours by car. This concerns an additional price (up to 80[EUR] ).

Day 1: Arrival
- Dinner or lunch included, this depends on the time of arrival.

Day 2: Karst Phenomena of the Japagas (50 km)
- After breakfast we start the tour, heading to the Kupres gate. Then we continue through the forest and a small village Rasticevo, there we will visit the St. Ante's church. Then we go to the picknick place for lunch at the Karst Phenomena of the Japagas. These are big natural holes full of trees and rocks. After lunch, we pass the Zlosela village and go back to Kupres. In the evening is the possibility to ride horses.

Day 3: Black Peak (40 km)
- On the third day, we will climb the black peak. It is a tour through old villages and the forest. In the forest is lunch served. The tour passes the Kukavica Lake where there also is a break for swimming, so be sure to take your swimming wear! After the tour, there is the possibility to go paintballing.

Day 4: Malovan Tour (50 km)
- This is the longest tour of the week. We will make a nice around through the fields of Kupres. We will pass the ruins of a village completely destroyed by the Romans. Old tombs are still visible. Lunch can be enjoyed in the presence of a wonderful view of the area. In the evening, a spectacle on the sky – golden hour.

Day 5: Wild Tour (40 km)
- On this tour, no other people will be seen. It is just you and wonderful Bosnian nature. The biggest Mountain in Kupres will be discovered. Thankfully we don't have to climb a lot, because we will go around it. Lunch is along the route. For the tough guys is a possibility to go and climb a mountain. In the evening is the possibility to have a short hike.

Day 6: Climbing tour (25 km)
- Despite the number of kilometers, this route might be the hardest of all. Central is climbing the Stozer mountain, located next to Kupres. When you finally arrived at the top at 1758 m you get your lunch watching over Kupres. In the evening is the possibility to go and watch wild horses in a valley

Day 7: Ghost village (30 km)
- During the war, many villages around Kupres are abandoned and destroyed, now known as ghost villages. This is a short around, lunch will be served in Kupres and in the afternoon we go to the airport.

Week (7 days, 6 nights)................. [EUR] 560,00
Every additional day....................... [EUR] 70,00

Return transfer price for each person.......[EUR] 20.00

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