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Jeep tour around Almaty

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Destinations: Kazakhstan, Almaty Region, Almaty
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Duration: 6 days
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Jeep tour around Almaty


The History of Generations

Almaty has retained its status of the cultural center of Kazakhstan, even though the title of capital was given to Astana. The mild climate attracts thousands of tourists all year round, and active trading life with dozens of shops, casinos, and restaurants is able to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding travelers. The ridges of the Trans-Ili Alatau solicitously frame the city and create delightful panoramas for evening contemplations and calm heart-to-heart conversations.


We will walk through the Park of 28 heroes-panfilovtsy, soldiers, who gave their lives fighting for the country's independence. The uphill battle of the Soviet soldiers with the fascists on November 16, 1941, near Volokolamsk halted the arrival of the enemy to Moscow and changed the tide of the war. Today, the Park keeps the memory and gratitude of the descendants, and the trees of the alleys represent life and peace.

The Ascension Cathedral, located in the Park, is the oldest building in the city. The cathedral was built of wood without a single nail but withstood several earthquakes, one of which had a force of 10 points.


We will honor the memory of the soldiers with a minute of silence near the Eternal Flame and head to the Independence Square of Kazakhstan. Our tour will finish in the town market, still preserving the authenticity and originality of the East.

 DAY 2

The icy breath of Medeo

During a dizzy climb to the Shymbulak glacier, a modern ski resort, you can feel the free spirit of Kazakhstan, the scope of its territories and the beauty of these lands. Snowy peaks, centuries-old forests, mountain lakesAll this, combined with modern ski lifts, thermal pools, and comfortable cottages leaves no doubt that Kazakhstan is developing by leaps and bounds, remaining true to the traditions of the steppe peoples.


While looking at the city from the viewing platform, you easily understand the nomad Medeo. Once he decided to halt here and made a cape, which eventually became a whole aul. The air in the gorge is so pure, that one might feel dizzy, and the smell of the forest is mixed with a subtle taste of the icy wind from the peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau.

The most unusual ice rink was built here in 1972: it is located at an altitude of 1691.2 meters above sea level, and it is as big as three Vatican Cities! Later, "Medeo" got a nicknamed "the factory of records", because in 33 years 126 world records were set here, on the ice of a high-mountainous rink.


The Martian Chronicles

Altyn-Emel (translated as "a Golden Saddle") is a national park in the center of Almaty region, the quintessence of the nature of Zhetysu (Semirechye). It is located in a secluded valley, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and by impassable reed bed of the Ili River. At first glance, one cannot understand if they came to Kazakhstan, to Africa, or to Mars.


Right here you can see the famous Martian landscapes: the 1.5 km long and 130 m high dune "Singing barkhan"; Aktau, clay mountains, rugged by canyons, as if it was cut with a sharp knife; Katutau, mountains, created with the help of fiery volcanoes. In the west of the park, there is a long chain of 45 stone fences, on which you can see the drawings of animals.

The Singing Barkhan got this name because the western wind, dispersing the sands, creates the vibrations that resemble the sounds of the pipe organ. It is the best place to develop your imagination and create some surrealistic pictures in your mind


The Stone Fairytale

The mountain ranges of the Aktau and Kаtutau mountains beckon travelers and make riddles. Thanks to valuable finds, the scientists have made more than one discovery, but the multi-colored ranges of the Kazakh mountains still have questions without answers.

The Aktau Mountains are decorated, like a bride on a festive day, with red, green, pink, blue flowers and shades. This mosaic was scattered by the sea, covering the rocks with stony deposits. In the place of the majestic mountains, a salt sea was once splashing. Here, until now, bones of ancient animals, for example, dinosaurs, are found.

The Kаtutau Mountain appears in front of the travelers in the form of erupting lava, frozen in its rapid flow. Curves, hollows, cracks, holes at one moment take the form of an imperial bowl, and at another seem to be a cradle for a baby. Your own fantasy and hundreds of legends told by our tour guide, will help you find the right key to the riddles of Katutau.


The majesty and force of nature

Charyn Canyon, carved by the Charyn River, flowing from the slopes of the Tien Shan, is one of the most magnificent canyons in the world: its length is 150 km, and the height of the walls reaches 200 meters. By the way, the Statue of Liberty is only 93 meters height. Charyn Canyon is a visual aid for geography: here, as in the time machine, one can observe all the processes of formation of rocks and reliefs. The age of the canyon is 12 million years. The awareness of it is truly fascinating and as breathtaking as the contemplation of stone giants propping up the bright blue sky.


Charyn Canyon a paradise for fans of hiking and lovers of wild nature. Here you can find a unique ash-tree grove that survived the Ice Age and now is officially acknowledged as a natural monument.

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Charyn National Park is the Valley of Castles. The huge rocks of the Canyon of different shapes and sizes, extending to several kilometers, resemble fantastic towers built by magicians or sultans many centuries ago. The gold of the setting sun strengthens the already mysterious shade of rocks, as if they stepped into the reality from children's fairy tales and fantastic films. It’s getting darker, and now one cannot tell, whether there is a hare in a hurry, or someone's shadow sliding behind the rocks and hiding from human eyes.


The way home

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