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Madagascar South in the 4 corners

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min $ 2916
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Tour details
Destinations: Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park, Antsirabe, Ranomafana National Park, Isalo, Antananarivo, Isalo National Park, Bekopaka, Fianarantsoa
Guide language: English, French, Italian
Price: min $ 2916
Group size: min 2 — max 12
Duration: 17 days
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Itinerary details

A 17 days tour during which you will discover 4 different landscapes and contrasts of Madagascar, including the highland part with its mud houses, its vegetation dominated by eucalyptus, pine and rice terraces. The West is famous for its famous baobabs and typical Menabe villages, but especially the incredible Tsingy. Then, the East represented by its humid climate and green vegetation where you will navigate on the Pangalanes canal and discover fishermen's villages. Finally, the southern part, a dry and even semi-desert part of the country, where you will visit the Isalo National Park famous for its natural pools, with a unique landscape formed by a ruiniform continental sandstone massif rich in endemic rupicultural fauna. Afterwards, you will reach and relax on the South Beach, a quiet beach with crystal clear waters and lined with coral reef. This trip promises you a pleasant and instructive discovery and adventure.


Highlights of this tour:

v  Exploration of the capital and historical sites on your return.

v  The Baobabs Avenue at sunset

v  Discovery of the Baobab lovers and the sacred Baobab.

v  Discovery of the fauna and flora during the hike in the Tsingy of Bemaraha (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

v  Wilderness adventure in a wild land not much frequented by humans

v  Discovery of the multiple aspects and facets of Madagascar (Highlands, West, East and South)

v  Travel by train

v  Canoe adventure on the Pangalanes Canal

v  Visit of Ranomafana National Park

v  Visit of the Isalo National Park

v  Relaxation on one of the beautiful beaches of Madagascar


DAY 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

DAY 2: Antananarivo - Morondava

DAY 3: Morondava - Bekopaka

DAY 4: Bekopaka

DAY 5: Bekopaka - Morondava

DAY 6: Morondava - Antsirabe

DAY 7: Antsirabe - Ambositra - Fianarantsoa

DAY 8: Fianarantsoa - Manakara

DAY 9:Manakara: Excursion on the Pangalanes Canal

DAY10: Manakara - Ranomafana

DAY 11: Ranomafana - Ambalavao-Ranohira

DAY 12: Ranohira

DAY 13: Ranohira - Tulear - Ifaty

DAY 14 -15: Ifaty

DAY 16: Ifaty - Tulear - Antananarivo

DAY 17: Antananarivo - Country of origin

Specific information for the tour

·         17 days /16 nights tour

·         From 2 persons

·         Accommodation in comfort and standard hotels

·         Vehicle 4WD with driver and professional English, French, Italian or Spanish speaking guide according to your request.

·         Accessible between April and November.

Tour category



-          Hiking by train, car and dugout canoe

-          Discovery of fauna and flora in national and private parks and reserves

-          Various water sports activities

Group Size

Unlimited number, but at least 4 people for a guaranteed departure.


Highlands, West, East and South

Important information

Train journeys are set according to the following frequencies:

·         Fianarantsoa - Manakara: Tuesday and Saturday

·         Manakara - Fianarantsoa: Wednesday and Sunday




Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo, the city of  thousand

Arrival in Antananarivo, the political capital of the island. Your great adventure in Madagascar begins as soon as you disembark from your flight. Your guide and your driver will be waiting for you at the welcome gate of Ivato International Airport with a smile and they will welcome you warmly. Then they will drive you to your hotel where you will spend your first night in the country.

·         Duration: 30 min

·         Distance: 15 km

·         Accommodation: ROVA HOTEL or similar

Day 2: Head west to reachthe Baobab Avenue.

Morondava is the capital city of the Menabe region, located just across the Mozambique Channel. The journey will be long, but you will witness a spectacle of landscape change from the highlands to the dry zone of the West. You will pass through a landscape marked by the rice terraces, the villages and those who live there, the cultivation of different vegetables and fruits. A stop for lunch at a restaurant along the way. Then you will cross the hottest city in Madagascar which is called Miandrivazo. You will discover during this itinerary the first baobabs of this tour or even of your life. Dinner at the restaurant then Installation and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 11 hours

·         Distance: 647 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation : Hotel TRECICOGNE or similar

Day 3: Direction to Tsingy ofBemaraha

Breakfast at the hotel then drive to the village of Bekopaka. It is quickly after the exit of the city that we cross the famous Baobab Avenue. We will take the time to linger there and take some nice pictures. Continuation for the Tsingy of Bemaraha. The track is sometimes very uncomfortable, but it is the only road that leads to this site classified World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We cross by ferries the rivers Tsiribihina and Manambolo. Arrival at the end of the day in the village of Bekopaka.

·         Duration: about 6 hours

·         Distance: 175 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: Hotel TANANKOAY or similar

Day 4: Discovery of the spectacular Tsingy of Bemaraha

After breakfast, departure by car to reach the Bemaraha National Park by visiting the big Tsingy (About 17 km from the village of Bekopaka).

This site is one of the most extraordinary in the world! The Tsingy are true cathedrals of limestone. This dense network of faults, cracks and blocks of limestone carved into blades is one of the most spectacular landscapes of Madagascar. The formation of this Middle Jurassic massif began 200 million years ago, the time when the sea still covered this region of Bemaraha. Then this immense plate of corals and shells rose up. Exposed to the open air for 5 million years, the rain with its work of erosion has sculpted the rest. Among these wonders there are 6 species of lemurs, reptiles, and 53 varieties of birds. It is also the habitat of one of the smallest species of chameleon, the Brookesia perarmata. In the company of guides, the whole day is dedicated to the discovery of these wonders of nature. A picnic lunch stop during the visit. Return to the hotel then dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: All day

·         Distances: 4 to 5 hours of visit

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: Hotel TANANKOAY or similar

Day 5: Return to Morondava

After breakfast, you will return to Morondava by taking the road and then the ferries.  Stop in Belo/Tsiribihina for a lunch at the restaurant. Then, continuation of the road, you will see the sunset at the Baobab Avenue. Baobabs are specific to the region and Madagascar has six species out of the eight existing in the world. After enjoying the beautiful sunset, you will continue to Morondava. Dinner at the restaurant and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: about 6 hours

·         Distance: 175 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: Hotel TRECICOGNE or similar

Day 6: Departure to Morondava to reach the Cityof Water.

An early departure and road to Antsirabe. A stop along the way passing through towns for a lunch at the restaurant. Arrival in the water city, small tour of the city in a rickshaw to discover the historic thermal hotel, its avenues, and some workshops, including zebu horn work, embroidery and miniature crafts if you have enough time. Dinner at the restaurant and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: about 8 hours

·         Distance: 482 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: GREEN PARK HOTEL or similar

Day 7: Departure to Antsirabe to reach the city of Malagasy handicrafts and the city of Fianarantsoa.

Departure from Antsirabe after breakfast. Arrival in Ambositra, the "city of Malagasy crafts", after 2 hours drive. Visit of the Malagasy arts and crafts workshops, especially marquetry, and shops. We continue after lunch and arrival in Fianarantsoa after 4 hours drive. Installation at the hotel. Dinner at the restaurant and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: about 7 hours

·         Distance: 443 km

·         Meals: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: TSARA GUEST HOUSE or similar

Day 8: To Manakara by train

Breakfast very early, as the train leaves at 7:00. The car drops us off at the train station and departure for a really lush journey in the landscape to Manakara. The landscape is fabulous and at each stop, the villagers sell their specialties, take a snack anyway. Picnic lunch on the train. Arrival in Manakara after 7 to 8 hours. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: about 8 to 10 hours

·         Distance: 168 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: LA RESIDENCE MANAKARAor similar

Day 9: Excursion on the Pangalanes Canal

A day trip by pirogue on the Pangalanes canal to the fishermen's village. Visit of a vanilla plantation and a distillery of essential oils. The pirogue guide will prepare lunch for us on the spot (Picnic lunch). Possibility to swim in the Indian Ocean, but with the greatest caution, because the ocean in this part is a bit rough. Return to Manakara in the afternoon. Dinner and night at the same hotel.

·         Duration: All day

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: LA RESIDENCE MANAKARAor similar

Day 10: Visit of the Ranomafana thermal swimming pool.

Departure for Ranomafana after breakfast. We cross a green landscape, dotted with traveller's trees (ravinala). After our arrival, installation at the hotel and lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon, visit of the village on foot: the thermal baths and its hot water swimming pool, possibility to swim there. Wewill plan to make a night visit of the park. Dinner at the restaurant and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: about 4 hours

·         Distance: 163 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: CHEZ GASPARD or similar

Day 11: Visit of Ranomafana National Park and drive to Isalo.

After an early breakfast, departure for the morning visit of Ranomafana National Park. This Malagasy park, created in 1991, is located 65 kilometers northeast of the Fianarantsoa city  and covers nearly 41,601 hectares. More precisely, the Ranomafana Park lurks happily in the heart of the Namorona Valley. It is surrounded by mountainous massifs. The immense evergreen forest that surrounds it will only increase its charm. The Bamboo lemur, the fulvus, the Rubriventer lemur populate the place. Numerous medicinal plants mark out the path, our guide will introduce them to us. We leave from the entrance of the park and will go down through this jungle with the village of Ranomafana at the end. After the visit, we leave for Ambalavao, "the city of wine". Lunch at the restaurant, visit of the Antaimoro paper factory (the speciality of the city). We continue our road and stop in the village reserve of Anja, for a 1 hour visit. Then, we take the road again through the beautiful landscapes of the south. Arrival in Ranohira (Isalo) at the end of the afternoon. Installation at the hotel. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: about 6 hours

·         Distance: 293 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: CHEZ ALICE or similar

Day 12: Visit the Isalo National Park

Departure after breakfast for the visit of the Isalo National Park. This walk requires good walking shoes. We take the track of the Namaza tour: where we can see many lemurs. We will then go to the blue and black swimming pool and the nymph waterfall. To relax from this tiring day, we can take a bath in the natural swimming pool which is optional. Then, we return to the hotel for a rest. After that,we go to the Isalo’s Widow to enjoy the sunset. Dinner and night at the same hotel.

·         Duration: 5 to 6 hours of visit

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: CHEZ ALICE or similar

Day 13: Departure from Ranohira to join the seaside resort of Ifaty.

After breakfast, we leave Ranohira to reach Ifaty. We make a stop at the Antsokay Arboretum for one hour visit. Botanical garden with more than 900 species of plants endemic to the south of the island. Lunch at the restaurant in Tuléar, then we continue the road to Ifaty. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Ifaty.

·         Duration: about 5 hours

·         Distance: 264 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: Hotel BAMBOO CLUB or similar

Day 14 - 15: Dream day in the beautiful beach of Ifaty

Two free days with relaxation on a calm and crystal clear sea bordered by a coral reef. Several optional activities will be proposed to you: Snorkeling or scuba diving, excursion in the baobab forest... Dinner and night at the same hotel.

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: Hotel BAMBOO CLUB or similar

Day 16: Departure to Ifaty to join Tulear and transfer back to the capital.

After breakfast, departure from Ifaty to transfer to Tuléar airport according to the flight schedule, then by plane to Antananarivo. Our team will pick you up at Ivato airport. Lunch at the restaurant. You will have half a day free with a car at your disposal in the capital. Purchase of souvenirs in the craft market if necessary, a small tour of the city, if you want, to discover the palace of the Queen or "Rova Manjakamiadana". Sunset with a beautiful view of the city of thousand then installation at the hotel. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: about 1 hour flight

·         Distance: 635 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: ROVA HOTEL or similar

Day 17: Discovery of the capital and flight back to the country of origin.

This day marks the end of your beautiful and great adventure in the island of Madagascar.

After breakfast, we will take the national road RN3 for a cultural and historical discovery by visiting the Royal Palace in Ambohimanga Rova. On the way, a stop to visit a center that takes care of autistic children and young people. This is the Padre Pio Charity House, supported by our Tour Operator in its charitable activities. Lunch at the restaurant. Depending on your flight schedule, possibility to discover Malagasy handicrafts at the Digue market. Dinner offer and meeting with our team. Day use at the hotel then transfer to the airport. Fly back to your home country.

·         Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner.

·         Accommodation: ROVA HOTEL or similar

Included / Not Included

The price includes:

·         Good driver and professional guide in French, English, Italian or Spanish according to your request throughout the trip except in Ifaty.

·         One vehicle (4WD) with fuel throughout the trip except in Ifaty

·         Accommodation with breakfast throughout the trip as indicated in the program, based on a double room (or similar).

·         Picnic lunches as indicated on Day 4, Day 8 and Day 9.

·         Entrances to the parks and sites indicated

·         Local guides and porters in the parks

·         Transfers (by car, train, ferry, pirogue)

·         The day in pirogue on the Pangalanes canal with picnic.

·         Taxes and tourist stickers

·         One bottle of water per person per day


The price does not include:

·         International flights and the national flight from Tulear to Antananarivo

·         Meals that are indicated in the program: not specified in the benefits included.

·         Activities with the mention "free" and other optional activities.

·         Tips and drinks, extras and personal expenses

·         Your personal insurances

·         The price of the visa: +/- 35 €.

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Green Island Discovery Madagascar
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