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Relax at Madagascar on point South

min $ 3015
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Tour details
Destinations: Madagascar, Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Miandrivazo, Bekopaka, Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park, Toliara
Guide language: English, French, Italian
Price: min $ 3015
Group size: min 4 — max 12
Duration: 24 days
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This 24 days tour around half of the Island, going from Antananarivo to Fort-Dauphin through Morondava and Tulear, allows you to discover the different and most interesting sites of Madagascar, to meet different ethnic groups with different cultures and customs, to appreciate the various exceptional and magnificent landscapes of the big island. This tour offers you an escapade from the modern world to an original and authentic rustic world. Relaxation at the edge of sumptuous beaches are at the apointement without forgetting the visits of parks and reserves full of exceptional fauna and flora.

Highlights of this tour

v  The landscapes of the high plateaus

v  The descent of the river of Tsiribihina by pirogue

v  Evenings camping on the sandbanks

v  Discovery and adventure at the Tsingy of Bemaraha through trekking

v  The sunset at the baobabs Avenue

v  The most beautiful beaches in the southwest coast of the country: Morondava, Belo sur mer, Andavadaoka, Salary, Ifaty, Anakao, Libanona

v  Visit of several national parks and special reserves: Tsingy of Bemaraha,Renala, Tsimanampetsontsa, Cap Sainte-Marie, Berenty, Nahampoina.

v  Diversification of local transport (4x4, rickshaw, dugout canoe in different shapes, cart, tuc-tuc...)

v  Tour of the Capital and Historic Sites


DAY 1: Country of embarkation - Antananarivo

DAY 2 : Antananarivo - Antsirabe

DAY3 :Antsirabe - Miandrivazo

DAY 4 - DAY 5 : Descent Tsiribihina

DAY 6:Tsiribihina - Antsiraraka - Belo/Tsiribihina

DAY 7: Belo/Tsiribihina - Bekopaka

DAY 8 : Bekopaka

DAY 9 : Bekopaka - Alley of the Morondava Baobabs

DAY 10 : Morondava - Belo sur mer

DAY 11 : Belo sur Mer - Manja - Morombe

DAY 12 :Morombe - Andavadoaka

DAY 13 :Andavadoaka - Salary

DAY 14: Salary

DAY 15 : Salary - Ifaty - Tulear

DAY 16: Tulear - Anakao

DAY 17 : Anakao - Ambola

DAY 18 : Ambola - Itampolo

DAY 19 : Itampolo - Lavanono

DAY 20 :Lavanono

DAY 21 :Lavanono - Berenty

DAY 22 :Berenty - Fort Dauphin

DAY 23 : Fort Dauphin - Antananarivo

DAY 24 : Antananarivo - Country of origin

Specific information for the tour

·         Possible tour duration of 24 days / 23 nights

·         Departure from 4 persons

·         Accommodation in comfort hotels and gîte

·         4×4 car with a professional driver and an English, French, Italian or Spanish speaking guide according to your choice.

·         Accessible all year round except during intense cyclone season

·         Hiking in dugout canoe or boat, possibility of meeting and exchanging with fishermen.

·         Variation in transportation: Car, plane, canoe, boat, rickshaw, tuc-tuc

Tour Category



-          City tour

-          Canoe or boat trip

-          Walking tour

-          Meeting with the villagers

-          Descent on the Tsiribihina River

-          Water sports: diving, snorkeling, deer kit, kayaking, etc...

-          Discovery of fauna and flora in national and private parks and reserves

-          Enjoy beautiful beaches

-          Discovery of culture and tradition

Group Size

Unlimited number but at least 4 people for a guaranteed departure, if solo, you just have to pay the extra indicated in the program.


Highlands, West and South

Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

Welcome by our team at Ivato International Airport and transfer to the hotel. Night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 30 min

·         Distance: 15 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: ROVA HOTEL or similar

Day 2: Crossing the RN7 via the high plateaus to reach the "water city".

After breakfast, briefing with our team for the presentation of the program of your trip. The journey begins by crossing the national road n°7 (RN7) through the high plateaus to reach the city of Antsirabe, "the city of water". On the way, a stop in Ambatolampy is necessary to visit a traditional workshop for making aluminum pots. Once in Antsirabe, installation at the hotel before visiting the city and some workshops, including the work of zebu horn. Night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 hours

·         Distance: 170 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: GREEN PARK HOTEL or similar

Day 3: Direction to Miandrivazo

After breakfast, we will head towards the Middle-West by the RN34, to reach the town of Miandrivazo, a stop to discover the ancient city of Vakinankaratra: Betafo and its surroundings. There will be a stop for free lunch at the restaurant in Mandoto. Continue the road to Miandrivazo where we take time to contemplate the beauty of the desert landscape. It is the hottest city in Madagascar. After 4 hours of driving, arrival at destination, we take place at the hotel before presenting ourselves to the competent authorities for some formalities. Then, you will have free time to discover the city. Night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 hours + visit

·         Distance: 219 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: PRINCESSE TSIRIBIHINA hotel or similar

Day 4 - Day 5: Descent on the Tsiribihina River

After breakfast, transfer to Masiakampy, where the 1st day begins the descent of the famous Tsiribihina river by local pirogue with the crossing of a magnificent landscape. We will see various varieties of birds and chameleons as well as Fulvus lemurs that come to drink by the river. Lunch takes place on the bank under the mango trees. Then we continue to the Anosin'ampela waterfall. After lunch, you can swim at the bottom of the natural waterfall. After a day full of discoveries, a good night's rest is in order. It's in a tent that we gain sleep. After breakfast, we start the 2nd day of the descent. The passage through the Bemaraha gorges allows us to contemplate beautiful landscapes with visits of villages where we can see the daily life of the villagers. Night in camping.

·         Duration: 2 days

·         Meals included: Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

·         Accommodation: In bivouac 

Day 6: On board a zebu cart passing through the village of Antsiraraka

After breakfast, we resume the descent of the Tsiribihina, it will be our last day in the canoe. Arrival at the village of Antanambao where we leave the dugout canoe and we board a zebu cart towards the village of Antsiraraka, to take the 4x4 car to reach Belo/Tsiribihina for  Lunch. Visit and discovery of the small town for the afternoon. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: Half day + 30 min + more than one hour.

·         Distance: Downhill + 7 km by cart + 30 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: KARIBO HOTEL or similar

Day 7: Journey to the little Tsingy

Departure for Bekopaka after breakfast, for a journey of about 4 hours, with the crossing of the Manambolo river on board a ferry. Lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon, visit of the small Tsingy for 1 hour 30mn. Return to the hotel. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 hrs drive + 1 hr 30 min visit.

·         Distance: more than 100 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: TANANKOAY hotel or similar

Day 8: Visit of the impressive Great Tsingy

After breakfast, we will leave to visit the impressive Great Tsingy, a unique place in the world, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. Its sharp peaks that form the limestone massif reach up to 30 meters. From the limestone rocks formed by a deposit of fossils and shells that died under the sea two hundred million years ago, the Tsingy of Bemaraha offer one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Big Island. The Tsingy of Bemaraha are part of the network of National Parks of Madagascar. The proposed tours are different according to the physical condition of the visitors: that of Andamozavaky and that of Ranotsara, of rather difficult level (four to six hours of walk) are the tours of the great spaces, dizziness and strong sensations. The hike starts 17 km north of the village of Bekopaka to reach gigantic limestone cathedrals, dense networks of faults, deep crevices, limestone blocks carved into blades or sharp needles that make the Great Tsingy. After the visit, return and overnight at the same hotel.

·         Duration: All day

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: TANANKOAY hotel or similar

Day 9: Discovery of the legendary sacred baobab and baobab in love

Early in the morning after breakfast, we take the road to Morondava. We will make a stop in Belo/Tsiribihina for lunch. Then we start the track to Morondava, where we discover the legendary sacred baobab tree and the baobab in love. We witness the famous sunset on the “Allée des baobabs”. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 3 hrs drive + 3 hrs visit

·         Distance: 145 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: SELECT HOTEL or similar

Day 10: Adventure on the track southwards and visit of the famous local salt works.

The track adventure continues with a 4x4 car, departing in the morning after breakfast towards the south of Morondava. The first stage is 80 km to the beautiful little fishing village of Belo sur mer, famous for making dhows. A passage in the Kabatomena river (easily accessible during the dry season) before entering the baobab forest. We pass through several villages and before arriving in Belo sur mer, we cross the famous local salt works. Lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon, visit and discovery of the small town, walk on the beach to see the life of the local population. Belo sur mer is a small fisher man village isolated on the lagoon. A paradise for lovers of sun and scuba diving. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 3 hours

·         Distance: 105 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: ECOLODGE DU MENABE or similar

Day 11: The villages of Manja and Bevoay

After breakfast, we take the track  to the agricultural village of Manja, the savannah with the precious baobabs decorate the view, sometimes we crossing the country side villages with the people looks like an original life. Night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 hours

·         Distance: 215 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: KANTO hotel or similar

Day 12: The charming town of Morombe and the wonderful site of Andavadoaka

After breakfast, we continuing the adventure on the bumpy road, the nature is beautiful, it gives the impressive taking photos to the travelers, after 2 hours driving we get on the Mangoky river that’s the moment acrossing by ferry boat so we drop to Morombe for lunch at the restaurant on the beach. After, direction to Andavadoaka, stop for looking the huge baobab, the nice hotel on the beach is surprising you at the end of the journey.    

Duration: Seven hours.

·         Distance: 185 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: MANGA LODGE or similar

Day 13: Salary, a village by the sea with a lightning charm.

After breakfast, following the tracks of the zebu carts, we go to the coastal track on board of 4X4. This excursion allows us to cross immense thorny forests dotted with baobabs. We then arrive in Salary, a village by the sea with a lightning charm. Lunch at the restaurant. Indeed, we inevitably bend to the white sandy beaches. Lunch and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 1 h 30 min

·         Distance: 60 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: CHEZ FRANCESCO (SIRENA DEL MARE) or similar

Day 14: Free stay in Salary

Free stay in Salary. The hotel will propose you many various activities, either nautical or terrestrial. Lunch and Dinner , Night at the hotel.

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: CHEZ FRANCESCO (SIRENA DEL MARE) or similar

Day 15: Visit of the Renala Reserve

After breakfast, we will continue on the coastal track before reaching the seaside resort of Ifaty. Visit of the Renala reserve then free lunch. After the rest, we leave for Tuléar, the capital of the South-West. Discovery of the city. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 3 hours

·         Distance: 120 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: LE PALETUVIER hotel or similar

Day 16: Boarding a boat to reach the village of Anakao. 

After breakfast, to reach the village of Anakao, we will board a boat. We will watch a colourful spectacle of hundreds of multicoloured pirogues returning from fishing. You will meet the Vezo ethnic group (fishermen) and the Mahafaly ethnic group (farmers). Free lunch at the restaurant or picnic. On this immense and magnificent lagoon, the hour is undoubtedly dedicated to swimming and trips in swinging dugout canoes. Free dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: LONGO VEZO hotel or similar

Day 17: Discovery of Tsimanampetsotse National Park

After breakfast early in the morning, we will drive along the great Malagasy South and its coastal track where we discover the Tsimanampetsotse National Park. We will enjoy the tours in the park with its exceptional attractions. The colour of the lake turns from a turquoise blue to an indescribable milky green. These strange pastel shades combined with the gathering of pink flamingos offer a grandiose spectacle. Species of plants and animals unique in the world: baobabs, pachypodium, turtles, lemurs, aquatic and terrestrial birds. The caves and their avens that shelter the famous "blind" fish, which are found nowhere else, as well as the legend of the spirits "Antambahoaka. Picnic lunch. After the visit, we take the hotel on the spot. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Ambola.

·         Duration: All day

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: VAHOMBE hotel or similar

Day 18: Beach day in Itampolo

In the morning, after breakfast, we take the track to Itampolo, an ideal stop for a day at the beach. In the evening we can admire a beautiful sunset. Lunch and Dinner . Night at the hotel in Itampolo.

·         Duration: 2 hours

·         Distance: 82 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: RELAIS SUD or similar

Day 19: Meeting with the Antandroy Ethnic Group

After breakfast, we continue the journey to Lavanono. This stage in 4×4 of the great South is certainly the longest of the stay but undoubtedly the most beautiful. It makes us cross rivers, huge sandbanks surrounded by cactus forests and meet the Antandroy ethnic group on their zebu cart. Lavanono is a charming little fishing village. Lunch and Dinner . Night at the hotel in Lavanono.

·         Duration: 5 hours

·         Distance: 264 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: CHEZ GIGI (LAVANONO LODGE) or similar

Day 20: Lavanono: discovery of Cape Sainte-Marie

After breakfast, 2 hours of track for a visit of Cape Sainte-Marie, also called TanjonaVohimena which is the southernmost tip of Madagascar. This place breathes perfection and attracts the most courageous travelers by the impression of the end of the world that it offers. Cape Sainte-Marie is 62 km from Tsihombe and 250 km from Fort-Dauphin. It is here that the two oceans meet: the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel. Covering an area of 1750ha, Cape Sainte-Marie is best known for its beautiful beach of fine sand with magnificent dunes, its lagoon of rare calm separated from the Indian Ocean by a long barrier of black reefs and a superb working lighthouse from where one can admire the sea as far as the South Pole and Antarctica. This also attracts adventurers and nature lovers to this site, are its cliff landscapes, real spots for the observation of the fairy show of the migration of humpback whales from June to October. Cape Sainte-Marie is also nature in all its splendour. This site shelters a natural reserve managed by Madagascar National Parks to preserve the radiata turtles which are there in their natural environment. There are no less than 3000 radiata turtles per square kilometer in Cape Sainte-Marie. Finally, it is in this site that we found the traces of the famous and mythical elephant bird "Aepyornis maximum", called VOROMBE in Malagasy. Whole eggs and pieces of shells are still visible in the sand dunes of Cape Sainte-Marie. To the great delight of scientists from all over the world who have been interested in them for years. This rare specimen, with a height of 3m and a weight of half a ton, lived exclusively in Madagascar. It would have lived at Cape Sainte-Marie for about 60 million years, before becoming extinct in the 17th century... Return to Lavanono. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 2 hours

·         Distance: 40 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: CHEZ GIGI (LAVANONO LODGE) or similar

Day 21: The Berenty Reserve and the Arembelo Museum

We leave early in the morning, to join the Berenty reserve, a private park which is rich in local fauna and flora (an exceptional reserve which makes it easy to observe and approach lemurs). In the afternoon, visit of the park. Since its foundation in 1936 by the de Heaulme family, the Berenty reserve has had the ambition to protect the lemurs and their natural environment: the dense gallery forest dominated by tamarind trees and the thorny dry forest. Since its opening to the public in 1981, it isinternationally renowned. Many public figures have visited it, such as Prince Philippe of Edinburgh or the son of the Emperor of Japan. A reference site for scientists, it is today visited by many travellers, curious to discover the diversity of animals and plants that populate these more than 1000 hectares of protected areas. A true sanctuary for the 2,000 lemurs that live there in complete freedom, the Berenty reserve allows you to discover 102 species of birds and more than a hundred other species: reptiles, turtles, bats... The natural and floristic varieties, such as forests, red sands, bush, also offer a spectacle of an unequalled endemic richness. In the heart of Berenty, the magic works... Lunch at the restaurant. Take advantage of your stay to visit one of the most exhaustive museums of Madagascar. The Arembelo museum presents around a unique collection of traditional objects, the habits and customs of the Antandroy culture, the people of the land of thorns. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Berenty.

·         Duration: 4 h

·         Distance: 192 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation:  BERENTY LODGE or similar

Day 22: Visit of the Nahampoina reserve.

After breakfast early in the morning, we leave for Fort-Dauphin, a city rich in reserves to be discovered. The visits are optional: Before lunch, discovery of the city, then visit of the Nahampoana reserve, located 7 km from Fort-Dauphin. It is an ideal place to rest. You will relax at the edge of a waterfall or a natural swimming pool. The reserve is a concentrate of endemic plants cohabiting with a magnificent bamboo forest. Five species of lemurs including the bamboo Happalemur, crocodiles and turtles evolve in the middle of the lush vegetation. Or the Manantantely Waterfall. Standing on the edge of a nursery teeming with endemic specimens, the Cascade de Manantantely is accessible only 9 km west of Fort-Dauphin. The natural swimming pool that unfolds at its feet is a delight for swimming enthusiasts. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: 3 hours drive

·         Distance: 85 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: LE NEPENTHES HOTEL or similar

Day 23: Flight back to Antananarivo

Half day free before transfer to the airport then flight to Antananarivo. Lunch at the restaurant in Antananarivo or at Fort-Dauphin according to the flight schedule, possibility to discover the city center and the craft market. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes of flight

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: SAHAMALAZA or similar

Day 24: Transfer to the airport for the international flight.

After breakfast, take the RN3 road for cultural and historical discovery by visiting the King's Palace in AmbohimangaRova. On the way, a stop to visit a center that takes care of autistic children and young people. This is the Padre Pio Charity House, supported by our Tour Operator in its charitable activities. According to the flight schedule, discovery of Malagasy handicrafts at the dam market. Day use at the hotel then transfer to the airport, flight back to your home country.

·         Duration: All day

·         Distance: 20 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: SAHAMALAZA or similar

*********************** End of our services************************

Included / Not Included

The price includes:

·         A good driver and a professional French, English, Italian or Spanish speaking guide according to your request throughout the trip.

·         One vehicle (4x4) with fuel throughout the trip

·         Accommodation with breakfast indicated in the program

·         Picnic Lunches on Days 8 and 17 and Dinner on Day 24

·         Canoe trip down to Tsiribihina on Day 4 and Day 5 with full board

·         Entrances to the parks and sites indicated

·         Local guides and porters in the parks

·         Transfers (by car, by boat)

·         Tourist taxes and vignettes

·         One bottle of water per person per day

The price does not include:

·          International flights

·         Domestic flight Fort dauphin- Antananarivo

·         Meals that are not indicated in the program.

·         Activities with the mention "free" and other optional activities.

·         Tips and drinks, extras and personal expenses

·         Your personal insurances

·         The price of the visa: +/- 35 €.


This displayed price is based on 4 people

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Green Island Discovery Madagascar
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