G020 - 16 Days N.Macedonia-Albania-Kosovo-Montenegro-Croatia-Bosnia & Herzegovina

Tour details
Destinations: Macedonia (FYROM), Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Guide language: German, English, French, Italian
Group size: min 2 — max 40
Duration: 116 days
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  • Day 1: Arrival to Skopje Apt – Skopje /North Macedonia (20km – 30min)Day 2: Skopje – Bitola – Ohrid/North Macedonia (255 km – 4hrs)
  • Day 3: Ohrid – St.Naum – Ohrid / North Macedonia (70 km – 2hrs)
  • Day 4: Ohrid – Berat/ North Macedonia – Albania (195km – 4hrs)
  • Day 5: Berat – Vlora – Albanian riviera – Porto Palermo – Saranda/ Albania (235km – 5h30min)
  • Day 6: Saranda – Butrint – Saranda / Albania (40km – 1h30min)
  • Day 7: Saranda – Gjirokastra – Tirana/ Albania (290km – 5h30min)
  • Day 8: Tirana / Albania
  • Day 9: Tirana – Kruja – Prizren/ Albania – kosovo (205km – 4.5hrs)
  • Day 10: Prizren – Decan – Pej – Prizren /kosovo (210km – 4hrs)
  • Day 11: Prizren – Shkodra – Budva/ Kosovo – Albania – Montenegro (290km – 5h30min)
  • Day 12:  Budva – Cetinje – Kotor – Budva / Montenegro (110km – 3hrs)
  • Day 13: Budva – Dubrovnik – Mostar (Montenegro – Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovina) (235 km – 4.5hrs)
  • Day 14: Mostar – Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) (130km – 2.5hrs)
  • Day 15: Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Day 16: Sarajevo – Airport (Bosnia & Herzegovina) (6km - 20min)

Included / Not Included

• Accommodation in 4* hotels
• Breakfast
• Guide English or other language requested speaking
• Private transport

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival to Skopje Airport – Skopje (North Macedonia) (20km – 30min)

Meet the local host at the Airport and transfer to Skopje: (20 km - 40min, considering traffic)

Upon arrival, accommodation and relax at the hotel & time for lunch

The capital of North Macedonia, a city with the beautiful quay of the Macedonian river “Vardar”, the narrow streets in the Old Bazaar which is the biggest bazaar preserved in the Balkans today. Our panoramic tour will explore the old town and its bazaar, Mustafa Pasha Mosque; Daut Pasha Hammam; the Old Caravan Saraje; monuments of the Islamic architecture; the Stone Bridge; the Memorial House of Mother Theresa and the old Railway station


Overnight in Skopje: Hotel Sultan Modern 4* - or similar


Day 2: Skopje – Bitola – Ohrid (North Macedonia) (228 km – 4.5hrs)

Breakfast at hotel. This morning we’ll travel towards south of North Macedonia. Our first stop will be in Heraklea Lyncentis, famous for its dazzling mosaics, ancient theater and Roman

Proceed our drive to Bitola (10min) city center for lunch and a nice walk through Sirok Sokak

Bitola historically known as Monastir or is one of the oldest cities on the territory in the Republic of Macedonia. It was founded as Heraclea Lyncestis in the middle of the 4th century BC by Philip II of Macedon. During the Ottoman rule the city together with Salonica were the two reigning cities of Ottoman Rumelia.

The drive will continue for 1h30min to Ohrid


Overnight in Ohrid: Hotel SU 4* - or similar


Day 3: Ohrid – St. Naum – Ohrid (North Macedonia) (70 km – 2hrs)

Breakfast in the hotel, and start the tour of Ohrid Old Town, which is situated at the lake side resort of Ohrid, classified as a UNESCO`s World Cultural Heritage site. Nicknamed the ‘Jerusalem of the Balkans’, Ohrid is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, and was once considered to be the epicenter of religion and Slavic culture.

Visit Old Town, St. Bogorodica Perivlepta Church, St Sophia Cathedral and the stunning St. John Kaneo Church (outside only).

Enjoy a boat ride on this extraordinary lake


Afternoon visit to a monastic complex, known for its rich history of orthodox religion, some of the painting achievements and wood carving, displayed within the church of St. Naum, a priest and scholar with a famous legacy.


Overnight in Ohrid: Hotel SU 4* - or similar


Day 4: Ohrid – Berat (North Macedonia – Albania) (195km – 4hrs)

Breakfast at the hotel, check out and depart towards Berat/Albania, with stop en route for refreshments (Please note border procedures).

Upon our arrival, we’ll have time for optional lunch or Tour & Wine testing in Cobo winery


Wine testing at COBO Winery (Optional)

The Çobo Winery currently consist of several cultivated vineyards, a spacious kulla (a form of traditional Albanian architecture), and the winery itself, and a wine presentation room, elegantly constructed and furnished in the Berat style. A tour of the facilities includes an extensive viewing of the wine making process and detailed explanations, punctuated by alternating poignant and comic vignettes that paint a glowing picture of the family's history and the origins of their wines.


Our visit to Berat medieval town, listed under UNESCO Heritage, will start from the Fortress. Berat is known as the “City of thousand windows” or “City of windows one above the other”. The town is composed of 3 parts; Gorica, situated on the far side of the river; Mangalem, situated on the fortress side of the river and the Residential quarter within the fortress known as Kalaja. The old part of the city has some religious buildings like mosque and Byzantine churches. Visit The Fortres and Onufri Museum situated inside Orthodox Cathedral of the Dormition of St. Mary 


Overnight in Berat: Hotel Grand White City 4* - or similar


Day 5: Berat – Vlora – Albanian riviera – Porto Palermo – Saranda (Albania) (235km – 5h30min)

Breakfast, check out of your hotel. Departure to Saranda, with several stops en route for pictures and refreshments. Enjoy the scenic mountain ride, descending the rocky shore and pristine beaches of Ioanian Sea, offering photo opportunities of the natural landscape, unique village settings, and fortresses

Visit the Castel of Ali Pasha Tepelena in Porto Palermo. Continue driving to Saranda (50 km)


Overnight in Saranda: Hotel Brilant 4* - or similar


Day 6: Saranda – Butrint – Saranda/ Albania (40km – 1h30min)

Breakfast at the hotel and drive for 40 min to Butrinti Archaeological Park

This impressive walking tour will stir your imagination about the ancient word during the peak of the Roman power and the classical Greek mythology. Under the Byzantine Empire, Butrint became the center of a bishopric in Epirus Vetus. Start the visit with the Asclepius temple, theatre, Roman portico and baths, early Christian baptistery, byzantine basilica, defensive walls and their impressive gates.

Time for lunch and free afternoon in the beach


Overnight in Saranda: Hotel Brilant 4* - or similar


Day 7: Saranda – Gjirokastra – Tirana (Albania) (290km – 5h30min)

Breakfast at hotel. We’ll drive (1 hr 15 mins) to the medieval town of Gjirokastra. Stop en route to visit Blue Eye Park, which is a karst spring located on the western slopes of Mount Mali Gjerë in Albania. The water in the inner source is a very dark blue, like the pupil of an eye, and a lighter color of blue as an outer ring - the iris, which gives the impression of a blue eye     

Continue driving to Gjirokastra (40 min)


Start with the walking tour of Gjirokastra. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town is famous for being a well-preserved Ottoman style town, with its fortress overlooking the entire city and the old houses that lean against the slopes of the hills with their beautiful old wooden facades. Visit the Castle and explore the old town and the bazaar, with its characteristic shops and great opportunity to interact with local folks.

After typical lunch, proceed driving to Tirana


Overnight in Tirana: Hotel Colosseo 4* - or similar


Day 8: Tirana (Albania)

Today, after our breakfast at the hotel, we’ll start the walking tour of Tirana - the main Italian influenced boulevard, the National Historic Museum, the Bunker1, Pazari i Ri (New bazar - where you can see a green market, fishops and also taste artisanal ice creams)   

Transfer to Dajti Mountain, which will start with the ‘boarding’ in the cable car.


Amazing tour of Dajti Mountain National Park. Just 25km east of Tirana is Mt Dajti National Park (1611m). A sky-high, Austrian-made cable car, Dajti Express, takes 15 minutes to rise to (almost) the top. It's a scenic trip over bunkers, forest, farms and hilltops. Experience the breathtaking cable car ride up to the “Dajti balcony,” a natural plane formation at an elevation of 1200m, offering spectacular views over Tirana to the Adriatic Sea.


Free time in Tirana


Overnight in Tirana: Hotel Colosseo 4* - or similar


Day 9: Tirana – Kruja – Prizren (Albania – Kosovo) (205km – 4.5hrs)

Breakfast at the hotel and check out. Departure to Prizren/Kosovo, with stop en route after one hour to Kruja hill town

Upon arrival, we’ll start the walking tour of Kruja, through the Ottoman bazaar, wooden shops and displays various gifts and antique items for the home. Visit the castle walls, and an old house converted into an ethnographic museum, invites you to a special cultural aspect of life in northern Albania

Free time in the old bazar and also time for lunch at a local restaurant


Continue our journey to Prizren/Kosovo, passing by spectacular views of high mountains; amasing rivers and arfificial lake of Fierza, surrounded by hills and mountains, gives off a fine mist that rises upwards, contrasting with the green trees that frame it like a border.

After crossing border we continue for approximately 20 min to Prizren


Overnight in Prizren: Accommodation: Hotel Kacinari 4*, or Hotel Centrum 3* or similar


Day 10: Prizren – Decan – Pej – Prizren (Kosovo) (210km – 4hrs)

Breakfast at the hotel. We start with the visit of Prizren, known as the cultural capital of Kosovo. Over the years it seems to have been ruled and influenced by Illyrians, Dardanians, Romans, Serbs, Ottomans, Italians, Germans, and Yugoslavian communists. Today it is home to several mosques, a large castle, a few churches, and beautiful old Ottoman buildings, a bazaar area, an old town full of cobbled streets, and a stone ottoman bridge over the river that runs through the center.


Board the coach and drive for 1hour and a half to Decan for an important visit, part of Serbian orthodox culture Decani Monastery, a stunning white building with a small cupola, built by the Serbian King - St. Stefan of Dečani in 1335. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dečani possesses a unique church constructed in a mixture of Romanic, Gothic and Byzantine styles


Procced our drive to Peja for lunch and free time in the old bazar

On our drive back to Prizren, we may stop en route to Stone Castle Winery for an optional Wine Tour and Testing 1h30min

Come with us to taste and to reveal the secret of the highest quality grape and producing approachable, premium wines, while combining the latest technological advances with traditional winemaking methods.

Our drive will continue for 45 min to Prizren for dinner and accommodation


Overnight in Prizren: Accommodation: Hotel Kacinari 4*, or Hotel Centrum 3* or similar


Day 11: Prizren – Shkodra – Budva (Kosovo – Albania – Montenegro) (290km – 5h30min)

Breakfast and check out of the hotel. Today we’ll drive back to Northern part of Albania, but the surprises are not finished yet. So keep driving and spend some time in a countryside farm at the hills of Fishta village in south of Shkoder - an amazing agritourist farm: Is not just a meal, is a pure show of the Albanian cuisine, brought in table directly form the land in the finest way.


Proceed driving to Shkodra for half an hour and upon arrival, start the visit of the city, which was known as an old artisan center, as well road and river junction with a considerable transit trade, also known to be the center of Albanian Catholicism, Culture and Harmony between different religions. The main cultural attraction is Rozafa Fortress, rising majestically upon a rocky hill west of the city, the outcroppings and battlements paint a blazing picture against the setting sun.


Our journey will continue towards Montenegro. Please note border procedures


Overnight in Budva: Hotel Moskva 4* - or similar


Day 12:  Budva – Cetinje – Kotor – Budva (Montenegro) (110km – 3hrs)

This morning after our breakfast, we’ll drive to Cetinje, the former royal capital of Montenegro, which is sitting at the foot of the Lovcen mountains. Visit of King Nicola’s Museum, the residence of the last Montenegrin ruler Nikola I Petrović Njegoš, in continuation of the tradition of collecting and carefully preserving the materials on the Montenegrin past.


Free time for refreshments and then continue our journey to Kotor. Enjoy wonderful view of Budva Rivera on Adriatic Sea

Upon arrival, time for lunch in Kotor and then start the visit Kotor Old Town. Walk and enjoy the Old Town of Kotor, a well preserved urbanization typical town of the middle Ages, built between the 12th and 14th century. Medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have made Kotor a UNESCO listed “World Natural and Historical Heritage Site”. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon (Sveti Tripun), a monument of Roman culture and one of the most recognizable symbols of the city.


Drive back to Budva in 40 minutes and enjoy a nice evening walk in the old town of Budva

Budva’s Old Town lies on a small peninsula and represents a treasure chest of culture heritage.


Overnight in Budva: Hotel Moskva 4* - or similar


Day 13: Budva – Dubrovnik – Mostar (Montenegro – Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovina)) (235 km – 4.5hrs)

Breakfast at hotel. Check out, and depart to Mostar, via Dubrovnik. (Please note: border procedures Mnt/Cr; Cr/BiH)

If you enjoyed Montenegro, today on the way to Mostar, we'll stop for a visit to Dubrovnik, but believe it or not, the road to get there and the view over Dubrovnik is indeed magnificent


Upon arrival, will start the panoramic visit of Dubrovnik Old town (UNESCO World Heritage). Medieval and Baroque splendor on the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities, overlooking the calm blue water.

Visit Pila Gate; Orlando Fountain; Rector’s Palace; Franciscan Monastery & Old Pharmacy; Domenican Monastery. Enjoy free time by your own for shopping or lunch 

Proceed driving to Mostar for approximately three hours, via Metkovic border


Overnight in Mostar: Hotel Bristol 4* - or similar


Day 14: Mostar – Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) (130km – 2.5hrs)

We’ll visit today Mostar, this little charming old town, listed under UNESCO Heritage sites, enriched with lots of colours of traditional handycrafts productions has played an important role in the history of Bosnia and today, will be target of our visit.. Start the walking tour of Mostar, which was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. Wander in cobble stone streets and feel Mostar as a local. Don’t forget to taste the traditional Bosnian Coffee and spend some free time in the bazar.

Time for lunch in a local restaurant

Afternoon transfer to Sarajevo, very scenic drive along Neretva River and admiring lots of minarets and different cultural monuments

Check in at the hotel and relax until time for dinner


Overnight in Sarajevo: Hotel Novotel Bristol 4* - or similar


Day 15: Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina))

Breakfast at the hotel and start the walking tour of Sarajevo Old Town. Sarajevo is one of the most oriental and culturally diverse cities in Europe, and had spent over 300 years under Turkish rule until the Austro-Hungarians arrived in the late nineteenth century.

Visit Tunnel of Hope and learn about this tristful history of siege of Sarajevo. From July 1993 until the end of the Siege in late February 1996, the Sarajevo War Tunnel was the only connection besieged Sarajevo had with the outside world.


Explore the old town and the bazaar, with its characteristic shops and great opportunity to interact with local folks. 

Lunch at a local restaurant


Free afternoon 


Overnight in Sarajevo: Hotel Novotel Bristol 4* - or similar


Day 16: Sarajevo – Airport (6km - 20min)

Breakfast at the hotel, check out and transfer to the airport 

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