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One Day Trek To Tikona Fort

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
Tour details
Destinations: Mumbai, Lonavala
Guide language: English
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Type: Hill Fort
Height: 3500 ft. Feet above MSL (Approx.)
Grade: Easy
Region: Lonavala.
Base: Tikona peth

About Tikona fort:
Tikona Fort, also renowned as Vitandgad fort, is a major hill fort in Malwa region near the Lonavala. Tikona fort, literally means triangle fort, had witnessed many dynasties ruled in the Maratha region. This was the nerve centre of the many activities of entire Malwa Pawna regions. The small hamlet close to the fort is Tikona peth. The fort’s mammoth entrance is a special attraction. The Tikona fort is a great trekking destination for the ad venturous tourists. One can get the eye catching views of the Pawna Dam and the forts at Visapur, Tung and Lohagad. The fort encloses a lake, Satvahan caves and the temple of 'Trimbakeshwar Mahadev'. The fort was built during the Silhara dynasty. There is a temple on top of the peak. The view of the Pawna dam, Kathingad and valleys from the top is breath-taking. 

We Meet at: Kamshet Railway station at 08:35 am

Mumbai People:
Board Indrayani Express From CST on Sunday morning at 5.40 am from Mumbai CST and alight at Lonavala by 8:00 am. (With ticket till Kamshet)
Time table of Indrayani Express : 
05.40 Mumbai CST
05.51 Dadar
06.14 Thane
06.35 Kalyan
07.15 Karjat
08.00 Lonavala
Pune participants 
Board the Pune Lonavala local train - suggested train timings are as below
Pune Station: 06:27 am
Shivaji Nagar : 06:33 am
Kamshet Station: 07:30 am
- People may board same train from their respective stations of convenience and meet us directly at Lonavala. {Train timetable is provided above} . Preferably try to get into second last general compartment as we will be boarding the same.
- For Comfortable Journey, U can book reserved tickets in the train if u wish to.
- Alternatively, U can Opt for MSRTC bus service which goes through Lonavala bus depot, alight there & walk of 7-8 mins will take u @ Railway station (Suitable for Navi Mumbai participants)
- We would be returning to Mumbai by 21:00 Hrs (subjective).

The cost for the trek will be Rs 600.00 per person of all age groups of participants which includes
Traveling from Kamshet to Kamshet by hired jeeps
1 Morning Breakfast 1 evening tea & 1 VEG lunch
Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for personal consumption. Food/Tea purchase while travelling to site and back. Any medical / Emergency evacuations if required. Travel cost from Mumbai to Kamshet and back. Travel from Pune to Kamshet and back.


Day 1 -

Move to Kamshet by local train - 8:15am at Lonavala station platform no 3. 08:45 Move 2 Tikona Peth, the base village by Jeep. 09:45 Tikona Peth - base, have Breakfast 10:30 Ascend - start trek 11:30 Atop Tikona - Exploration rest etc. (2 hrs approx.) 13:30 Descend 14.30 Base - have Lunch 16:00 Move 2 Kamshet Station 17:00 Reach Kamshet railway station - From there to Lonavala by local train 17:30 Travel onwards by train / bus to Mumbai.

Identity proof (must). Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc. A bottle of water (at least 2 Litres) Compulsory. TORCH with extra batteries, Cap, etc.
Medicine those if you require usually (Optional). Wear a good trekking shoes. A haversack to put in all the things to be carried, so that one has ones hands free while trekking.
Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments. Rains are expected, so pack your bags accordingly to save them from getting wet. Double pack your valuables in plastic bags.

Kindly carry 1 Identity proof at least for the trek. It’s not a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR. We all are going for an adventurous and interesting trekking exploration. Do not destroy or dirty the archaeological, historical monuments. Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking or any adventure activity is potentially risky. For all these events you are at your own risk. Organizers are not responsible for any accident or compensation in whatsoever manner. We should strictly follow the code of conduct, to avoid troubling our fellow trekkers or other people from our group or even local people. Due to the Monsoon season we recommend you to please take care at every place while walking /climbing / trekking. Rains are expected so please double pack your valuables in plastic bags to save them from getting wet. We shall travel together as a group. This is a group activity.***No plastic littering on the way or in hills/mountains. ***

TreksandTrails rules:
1. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
2. Trek leader’s decision will be final and binding.
3. TreksandTrails reserves all the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice.
4. Telephonic confirmation is mandatory, if unable to contact send us a text message.
5. Sleeveless, low neck, figure hugging shirts/tops, short pants, hot pants not allowed.
6. Please avoid wearing Gold and other jewellery (at your own risk)
7. Please do not carry handbags or Jolas or Sling bags. Payment made is non refundable and non transferable.
If any cancellations are made before the start date of the trip, 100% of booking value will be charged as cancellation fees.
In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain activities may be cancelled and in such cases the operator will try his best to provide an alternate feasible activity. However no refund will be provided for the same.

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Thrillophilia
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