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Brahmaputra River Rafting In Assam, 2015

Rafting / kayaking / sailing
Rafting / kayaking / sailing
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Destinations: Dibrugarh
Guide language: English
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About the Destination:
The ferocious and mighty Brahmaputra river unravels many charms for rafting enthusiasts. With this adventure extravaganza, enjoy the upper waters that make its way through some of the most isolated areas in India. The source of the river lies in the frosty glaciers of Tibet. Along the course, it meanders into India and then descends in full force to the Himalayan countryside and later makes its way to the plains. While winding through the celestial like Himalayas, the river unfolds some great avenues for water rafting with large stretches of Grade III and IV rapids and the occasional Class IV+ rapid.
This enthralling experience Brahmaputra River Rafting starts with 3 day drive from Dibrugarh. In the beginning, enjoy a ferry ride that is flanked by greenery all around. From Tuting, indulge in rip-roaring times over 7 days and challenge the exciting rapids. Adding to the thrill of the experience is setting tents in uninhabited areas by the river and some nights inside a massive canyon. The river experience finishes at Pasighat from where you return to Dibrugarh packed with awesome memories of the trip.
Meal Types: Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian (vegetarian being the primary choice)
Activities: Rafting, camping, sightseeing*Check if we could put kayaking or hiking (on relaxation days taken from the itinerary) as one of the activities
Duration: 13 Nights / 14 Days
Difficulty Level: Vigorous
Temperature: Around  10-12degrees (Days) and  3-4degrees (Nights)
Maximum Altitude: Tuting at 700 M

Proper waste disposal
Respect local cultures and be sensitive towards wildlife
Those suffering from an ailment or heart disease, Diabetes, breathing problems, high altitude sickness or is pregnant cannot participate
You can choose between eithercomforting your muscles, kayaking or hiking on Day 10 of your trip dedicated to relaxation and discover the tribal lifestyle and culture
Carry your stuff in a duffel bag, soft shoulder bag or a rucksack. Avoid suitcases, trolleys or any other hard luggage
Use of a strong sun block is recommended and you should keep yourself warm at all times

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