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Destinations: Guwahati, Manas National Park, Kaziranga National Park
Guide language: English
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8N/9D :  Guwahati – Manas – Nameri – Kaziranga - Guwahati
What will you do : Bird Watching, Elephant Ride, Jeep Safari, Rafting, Tiger Spotting, Eco-camping, Trekking, Rhinoceros Spotting, Boating
What will you see : Tigers, Golden Leaf Monkey, Exotic Birds, Elephants, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Wild Animals, River, Lake
Savour in the myriad bounties of nature with this offbeat tour. Visit the abounding forests on the foothills of the Himalayas. Explore the habitats of tigers, gaurs, sambhars, and elephants. Look up into the trees to view exotic birds that you may never see anywhere else. Spend overnight in the verdant outdoors at an eco-camp.
There is an assortment of activities to luxuriate in with this tour. Go on thrilling rafting trips as you enjoy the challenge posed by a resilient river. Feel like a king on reconnaissance whilst perched atop an elephant during a jungle safari. Visit the fringes of a sprawling lake to be a guest to the resident birdlife. 



Day 1 - Arrive at Guwahati and visit Manas National Park




After you arrive at the Guwahati airport, you are driven to the Manas National Park. This wildlife sanctuary presents you exotic naturalistic visuals. En route, you see the picturesque landscape that pervades this region. Once at Manas, you spend a leisurely evening in the wildlife sanctuary.


Day 2 - Explore Manas National Park.


Mathanguri Visit, Bansbari Range Tour, Jeep Safari Experience

The misty mornings of Manas are the perfect time to explore the virgin greenery of the jungle. Perched atop an elephant, you are taken inside the intriguing wilderness of the Bansbari Range. The one hour elephant ride is enough to give you a surreal jungle safari experience. Visually enticing, the elephant is paraded through the depths of the jungle on defined elephant routes. See the reverence and respect the animals in the jungle have on spotting a gigantic bumbling pachyderm.

Go on a jeep safari to Mathanguri in the afternoon. This region is considered to be the most picturesque point. You can also witness the pulse of the jungle at night on a night safari before returning to your lodge.


Day 3 - Drive to Nameri National Park.


Nameri National Park Tour

After eating a sumptuous breakfast at Manas you are driven to the Nameri National Park. This wildlife sanctuary is a famous tiger reserve. Also known to be the abode of exotic bird species, the location is a bird lover’s favourite jaunt. The combination of wildlife animals and rare species of birds make the forest an interesting one. The flourishing wildlife of this region benefits from the inaccessibility of the surrounding forests. Formed as part of a continuous belt of forests, Nameri is nestled in secluded wilderness with a world of its own.


Day 4 - Explore Nameri National Park on foot


Jungle Exploration, Jia-Bhoreli River Rafting

Dawn is the best time to get the gist of an active forest. Early in the morning, you set on foot and trek for a distance of at least three kilometres through the wilderness. After the trek, enjoy a tasty breakfast that energizes you for more adventures. The Jia-Bhoreli River is your next destination to experience rafting in mild rapids. The river flows through the choicest regions of the jungle. En route you witness water birds on the fringes. After a day’s fun you return to the camp and spend an overnight here.


Day 5 - Drive to Kaziranga National Park.


Kaziranga National Park Exploration

Have breakfast at Nameri before proceeding to the Kaziranga National Park. Located in Assam, this location is famous for the one-horned rhinoceros. The intriguing depths of the forest are also home to tigers, panthers, elephants, and leopards. Given the unique ecosystem that pervades here, this forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As much as the wildlife, an active birdlife thrives here. Thousands of bird species can be found at the Kaziranga National Park.


Day 6 - Elephant ride and jeep safari at the Kaziranga National Park.


Kohoro Range Exploration, Elephant Ride, Jeep Safari, Wildlife Sightseeing, Bird Watching

Explore the Kohoro Range on an elephant back. On a chirpy morning at the forest, meander through the forest on an elephant ride. Return to your lodge by seven in the morning to have your breakfast. Post-breakfast you re-visit the Kohoro Range, but this time for a jeep safari. On such an expedition you are taken into the natural habitats of the many wild animals here. After an exciting day watching wild animals, it is time to return for lunch. After lunch you proceed to the Baguri Range for another round of jeep safari. You return by evening and spend an overnight at the national park.


Day 7 - Jeep safari and bird watching at the Kaziranga National Park


Agaratuli Range Jeep Safari, Bird Watching, Jungle Safari, Sohola Beel Trekking

By the break of dawn you are ready for adventure again. You are taken on a jeep safari to the Agaratuli Range. Bestowed with impressive birdlife, you visit this region to be enthralled by exotic birds. Enjoy pleasing visuals of the nesting Pallas's Fish Eagle. Stare in amazement at spot-billed Pelicans. Hike to the Sohola Beel to view visiting waterfowl. The jeep safari plies through the picturesque Dillenia Swamp Forest. En route capture visuals of enticing woodland birds. See thrilling sights of elephants, mighty water buffalos, and hysteric swamp deer. After lunch at the lodge, you visit the central range for another round of jeep safari before retiring for the day.


Day 8 - Drive to Guwahati


Bird Watching, Lake Visit

After an early morning breakfast, it is time to visit Guwahati. Deepor Beel is your first point of visit in verdant Guhawati. The generous impositions of nature are hard to miss at this natural lake. Drawing thousands of birds, its fringes teem with birdlife. Nature and bird lovers explore these scenic habitats in search for different species of birds. On such a bird watching expedition, it is an opportunity to steal glances of the elusive and majestic Ferruginous Pochard. Guided by a forest expert, you visit the regions where the grey-headed lapwings thrive.

There are plenty of such birds to be witnessed in the regions surrounding the Deepor Beel. If you are visiting the lake during the winter you might be lucky to see the Goliath Heron. This bird is amongst the rarest and endangered bird species in the world. By evening, you return to your hotel room in Guwahati.


Day 9 - Drive to Guwahati airport



After more than eight days of fun filled activity, it is time to head back to the Guwahati airport. Take back lasting memories of the tour. 

All Accommodation
Meals ( starting from Dinner on DAY 01 till breakfast on DAY 09)
All Transportation using A.C Toyota Innova ( 03 pax + 01 ESG)
One Trip of Elephant ride in Kaziranga
Four round of Jeep safari in Kaziranga
One trip of Elephant ride in Manas
One trip of Jeep safari in Manas
One rafting trip in Nameri National Park
One trekking trip in Nameri national park
Forest Entry fees
Escorted English Speaking Guide services
Local naturalist

All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Thrillophilia
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