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Goa Sailing Experience

Rafting / kayaking / sailing
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Rating in India
Tour details
Destinations: Panjim
Type of adventure: icon-04.png Rafting / kayaking / sailing
Guide language: English
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About the Destination:
While talking about holidays, fun, stunning places to visit and water activities, Goa needs no introduction! Situated on the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea, this scenic Indian state is in fact the highest visited destination in the country and one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe.
A true paradise for the party lovers, a natural treasure for the nature lovers, an imperial destination for the usual holidayers, a vacation in this scenic retreat is all about fun, excitement, grooviness and an electric ambience.
About the Activity with Details:
While in Goa, make it to the Bambolim Bay and be a part of the charismatic boat rides at the beach. On offerings, there are boats like Kayaks, Beach Dinghies, Beach Catamarans and Windsurfers. Laser Funboats, Picos and Bahias can also be availed at the beach.
Join this fun fleet for 1.5-5 hours and cruise through the azure Goan waters, feel the waves on your face and make your way into the bossom of the Arabian Sea. While on the Goa sailing experience tour, you can also learn the basics of sailing and try your hands on the steering wheel and be the captain for the day! Taking the fun and excitement to a greater level, there is also Kayaking in the bucket list.
Activities: Sailing, Kayaking
Difficulty Level: Easy
Duration of the Activities: 1.5 - 5 Hours
Start Timings: 11:00AM to 06:00PM

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