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$ 4938

Galapagos, In Darwin's Footsteps 2016

Trekking  +  walking
Trekking + walking
min $ 4938
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Quito, San Cristóbal Island, Sierra Negra, Tortuga Bay
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 4938
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At a glance

Your chance to
Trek for 3 days around the Sierra Negra Volcano
At a glance
3 days walking with full porterage
A unique trek amid the volcanic Galapagos archipelago
Extended trekking on the island of Isabela in the remote Galapagos archipelago is a rare privilege and we are one of only a few operators allowed here. As part of this trip we enjoy a three day trek to the 10km wide crater rim of the Sierra Negra Volcano, a hike blessed with striking views of the lava-strewn landscape and its smouldering fumaroles. As well as five major volcanoes, Isabela is also one of the last remaining habitats of the Galapagos giant tortoise. Elsewhere in the Galapagos we undertake shorter walks to appreciate the geological features of these enchanting islands and discover their endemic wildlife.
Walk profile
Daily distance in km/miles:

Day 3 5.0km/3.1miles
Day 4 5.0km/3.1miles
Day 6 4.0km/2.5miles
Day 7 3.0km/1.9miles
Day 8 12.0km/7.5miles
Day 9 10.0km/6.2miles
Day 10 10.0km/6.2miles
Day 11 5.0km/3.1miles
Day 12 6.0km/3.7miles

Number of days walking:
3 full days (and a number of shorter walks)
Leisurely: 3-4km/2-3miles an hour
Low altitude; good paths


Day 1
Start Quito.

Day 2
City tour of Quito.

Day 3
Fly to San Cristobal; afternoon at the Galapagos Visitors' Centre.

Day 4
San Cristobal highlands walk; snorkelling at Puerto Chino.

Day 5
Boat to Kicker Rock; walk along Playa Ochoa beach.

Day 6
Sail to Floreana; afternoon visit highlands, caves and sealion colony.

Day 7
Visit highlands of Floreana; sail to Isabela; visit the islets and lava channels of Las Tintoreras.

Day 8
Start Sierra Negra Volcano trek.

Day 9
Continue trek and camp on the rim of the crater.

Day 10
To Puerto Villamil via Giant tortoise breeding centre.

Day 11
Visit the historical 'Wall of Tears' on Isabela.

Day 12
Sail to Santa Cruz; visit Tortuga Bay.

Day 13
Explore Bartolome, North Seymour or Plazas Island; optional Charles Darwin Research Centre visit.

Day 14
Fly to Quito.

Day 15
End Quito.

Guided Group
This is a small group guided holiday. The group is usually between 4 and 15 in size, with an average of 12 like-minded clients booking individually, in a couple or as friends together.
Activity level
You are reasonably fit, enjoy the outdoors and are looking for some exercise. Some previous experience is preferable for activity based trips.

What's included

What's included
All breakfasts, 6 lunches and 4 dinners included
What's not included
Travel insurance


Accommodation details
Hotels & Wild Camping
12 nights hotels and guesthouses in en suite rooms and 2 nights full-service wild camping in 2-person tents.
The hotels and guesthouses on the Galapagos Islands are generally small, family-run establishments with limited facilities, yet all have rooms with en suite bathrooms and hot water. Camping during the Sierra Negra trek is in wild campsites - horses transport all gear and the local staff will erect tents and perform all camp chores (although of course any help is welcome!) As this is wild camping, there are no purpose built facilities such as showers or toilet blocks. Water will be provided for hand washing/cleaning and there will be a basic toilet tent. Due to national park regulations, all litter and organic food waste will be removed from the park at the end of the trek.

Optional single supplement available (hotels and single tents) from GBP490

Dates & prices

These are ‘land only’ prices which require you to book your own flights and join the rest of the group on Day 1 of the trip. For more information please see Trip Notes

Date Price excl. flights (pp) from
Sat 15 Oct 16 - Sat 29 Oct 16


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,655 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,655.00*
Sat 05 Nov 16 - Sat 19 Nov 16


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,335 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,335.00*
Sat 19 Nov 16 - Sat 03 Dec 16


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,335 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,335.00*
Sat 17 Dec 16 - Sat 31 Dec 16


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,335 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,335.00*
Sat 04 Mar 17 - Sat 18 Mar 17


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,605 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,605.00*
Sat 08 Apr 17 - Sat 22 Apr 17


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,605 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,605.00*
Sat 06 May 17 - Sat 20 May 17


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,605 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,605.00*
Sat 01 Jul 17 - Sat 15 Jul 17


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,605 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,605.00*
Sat 22 Jul 17 - Sat 05 Aug 17


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,605 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,605.00*
Sat 14 Oct 17 - Sat 28 Oct 17


Price excl. flights (pp) from EUR €4,605 plus extra USD $240 = EUR €4,605.00*
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Exodus
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Rating in Ecuador
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Triglav is the Slovenia’s highest mountain, featuring three peaks with the highest one reaching 2864 meters. According to one of the legends, there was a magical Goldenhorn inhabiting the Triglav Mountains. The horns of the mysterious creature were made of gold and would make anyone who caught Goldenhorn forever rich. The Goldenhorn was never caught due to its artfulness in escaping from the chasers, even when injured. The magic power of Goldenhorn was hidden in a divine flower protecting him from deathly wounds. The flower was growing in the crevices of Triglav and boasted unfathomable beauty.