Rating in Georgia
$ 1190

Ascent of Kazbek

Climbing & Mountaineering
Climbing & Mountaineering
min $ 1190
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Tbilisi
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 1190
Group size: — max 5
Duration: 8 days
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Day by day description
Day 1. Arrival in Tbilisi

Arrival in Tbilisi. Transfer to Kazbegi village (1743m), acommodation in a hotel 3*.

Day 2. Acclimatization in Kazbegi

We stay in the village and go for a walk to Trinity Church (2170m), standing above the village. In the afternoon we do some sightseeing and check the gear. Guest house.


Day 3. Walk to assault point

Today we leave for the Meteo Station (3600m), the assault point for the climb. Horses carry all the group gear. 6-7hr. Station.


18 june - 25 june 2016
16 july - 23 july 2016
23 july - 30 july 2016
06 august - 13 august 2016
13 august - 20 august 2016
20 august - 27 august 2016
Included in the price
1. All land group transfers according to the program
2. Hotel accommodation in Tbilisi
3. Accommodation in Kazbegi village in a guest house
4. Accommodation in the meteo station under the route
5. Meals: full board from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 8 
6. Climbing and camping group gear
7. English speaking guide and extra guides for the
day of ascent (3-4 clients to one guide)
8. Horses for group luggage: food, tents etc. from Kazbegi to the Sabertse Pass 
Not included in the price
1. International return flight to Tbilisi
2. Georgian Visa (35 USD)
3. Meals in Tbilisi
4. Single accommodation supplement
5. Individual car transfers
6. Personal equipment rentals
7. Extra (personal) guides and porters
8. Insurance (medical and other)
9. Any changes in the program demanded by client(s) and entailing extra expenses
10. Work of extra guides on second attempt on reserve day
11. Extra nights in hotel 
Nearest date 18 - 25 June 2016 г. Duration 8 days / 7 nights Group Group size 5

Mt. Kazbek by the classic route

Mt. Kazbek is one more, after Mt. Elbrus, nice easy volcano ready for a modest climber, who is quite often a novice.
It is the easternmost Caucasian peak over 5000m. It is beautiful, easy and, what is more, stands on the territory of Georgia, probably the best place in the Caucasus in terms of hospitability, beauty of landscapes, wine and songs.
As with Elbrus this mountain also has two summits: East (5033m) and West (5015m). On all sides Kazbek is covered by glaciers, sometimes heavily crevassed.
On a good day you can see to west the faint double-breasted Elbrus

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Important information

Clothes for Kazbek climb:

  • down jacket;
  • thick fleece jacket;
  • thermal underwear;
  • waterproof breathable outdoor jacket;
  • shirt with long sleeves (prevents sunburns);
  • thick sweater (wool or synthetics);
  • fleece pants with long side zips;
  • wind&waterproof breathable pants with long side zips;
  • wool or fleece hat;
  • balaclava;
  • liner gloves - 2 pairs;
  • medium weight fleece gloves;
  • wool or fleece mittens;
  • wind-stop shell overmittens.

Footwear for Kazbkek climb:

  • thick socks - 2-3 pairs;
  • lighter socks - 3 pairs;
  • light weight trekking boots, or strong sheakers;
  • climbing boots, plastic or strong leather (must fit in snap-on crampons);
  • gaiters.


Personal climbing gear:

  • crampons (must fit your climbing boots), snap-on type preferable;
  • ice-axe (glacier walking type, not a short "tool" for ice climbing!);
  • collapsible ski poles;
  • glacier glasses;
  • sit harness;
  • two screwgate karabiners.


Camping and trekking gear:

  • down or synthetic sleeping bag good for -10C;
  • sleeping pad;
  • rucksack (40-50liters);
  • 1-1.5liters thermos;
  • personal first aid kit;
  • head torch;
  • water bottle;
  • lip balm (spf 25+) and glacier cream (spf 40);
  • pocket knife.


Necessary papers.

At all times while in Georgia you should have the following documents: valid passport with Georgian visa, (in case required), immigration card and Voucher (part of our two invitation papers). Georgian visa: not required for most European countries. We will give you the exact information for your particular citizenship.


For land transfers we use comfortable private minivans. 

Please plan your arriving to Tbilisi before 2pm: the group transfer from Airport to Kazbegi leaves at about 2pm. If you arrive more than half an hour later than that, please be ready to pay for an individual transfer to the hotel (from 100 USD). The group transfer on the way back leaves before noon and is aimed at the earliest client's flight.


Meals on the climb are the usual European type with a Georgian tint. Lunch-packets for outings are chocolate bars, apples, juice, nuts etc. In Kazbegi village you can taste the famous  Geogian cuisine.
We will change the menu on demand (as always do for Indonesian, Korean clients etc) and for vegetarians of course. If you personally want something special we will see to it. 


In Tbilisi our standard hotel is 3 stars. On demand we can book 5 stars (extra payment will be required). 
At the assaulp place (Meteo Station) it is either rooms in the building or tents. From our practice: some clients do not like the rooms and prefer tents.
In Kazbegi it is a guest houts: nice clean rooms for 3-4.



Health-care and insurance.

Health-care on the mountain is limited to the first-aid kit the guide carries. Down in the valley in case of serious health problems the local hospital and your medical insurance policy are to take over. Your policy must cover climbing to 5000m. We do not provide any insurance!
Please take enough of your personal medicines if you know you might need them. 



The English speaking head-guide will look after you while in the mountains. There will be lessons of belaying on snow and cramponning not far from the hut. He will get the forecast and discuss with the group the best time and tactics of the ascent. During the ascent the group will be accompanied by guides-assistants (3-4 clients to a guide), who will bring down the weakened members. A cook will listen to your specific wishes and cook for you.



In any high mountains the higher you go, the more difficult and uncomfortable the conditions. Kazbek is 5033m, so, on this trip the range of your clothes and footwear must comply with hot sunny day down in the valley and with snow blizzard at 0-5C on the mountain. For details see our gear list.


Safety and responsibility.

Safety is of the highest priority for us. All the serious ourdoor activities, especially climbing, imply a certain amount of danger. The guides who will work with you on Kazbek are fully responsible for your safety, so their authority in the safety measures during the climbing is indisputable. Their decisions when climbing will be the last and decisive.
The guides will have all the necessary climbing gear, GPS navigators and radioes, mobile phones (they do work up to Meteo) and first-aid kits.


All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Wide of Freedom
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