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South Pole - Ski the Last Degree

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Rating in Antarctica
Tour details
Destinations: Antarctica
Type of adventure: icon-02.png Skiing
Guide language: English
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Travel by ski to the South Pole
Discover Antarctica’s vast interior
A short but fully encompassing adventure to the bottom of the world!
One of the ultimate adventures on earth has to be Antarctica’s Ski the Last Degree expedition. This incredible journey involves skiing the final ten days of the trek to the South Pole, using sleds to haul our provisions. You will fly over the vast white interior of the continent to reach the starting point at 89º South. Each day we face the big white expanse of the polar plateau working our way inexorably towards our ultimate destination; the southernmost point on earth. Our arrival into the South Pole itself is often an emotion-generating moment, signifying the transition from the austere beauty of the great white south to the imminent comforts of civilisation and homeward travel about to commence.  Join us on this exceptional journey.
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