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Climbing & Mountaineering
Climbing & Mountaineering
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Destinations: Swiss Alps
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Classic peak with centuries of history
Long and technical route
Cable car access and high-class mountain huts
The Matterhorn is undeniably the most magnificent and well known peak in the Alps. Its bold pyramidal shape evokes emotions of wonderment and even fear in those who view it for the first time as its four distinct faces stand omnipotent and menacing over the green meadows below. Separated by sharp ridges, the four faces are orientated to the four points of the compass, the northern aspects within Switzerland while the southern side lies in Italy. We ascend via the Hörnli Ridge that separates the North and East faces via a long and technical route requiring the utmost attention from climbers. The steep rock ridge is very involving and a successful attempt requires a rapid rate of ascent and full concentration by a fit party. The steep North and East faces drop away spectacularly on either side and the sense of exposure is dramatic. With its formidable history and the magnificent grandeur of its architecture, the Hörnli Ridge on the Matterhorn is a climb that is definitely worth aspiring to.
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