Rating in Nepal
$ 1595

Nar Phu Valley Trekking Holiday in Nepal

Trekking + walking
min $ 1595
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Annapurna Sanctuary
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 1595
Group size: — max 12
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Nar Phu valley is a remarkable, remote, untouched area of Nepal. The local people of the region live a ancient lifestyle, herding yak in a traditional way as their ancestors have done for hundreds of years before them. They are of Tibetan influence and their ancestors constructed the stunning, ornate monasteries prevalent on this trek.
This route certainly takes you off the beaten track and away from the tourists tackling the more popular trails, it takes you into the heart of the Himalayas and to the heights of Kang La Pass and Thorung La Pass; stunning high mountain passes where snow capped peaks encapsulate as you stand in this mountainous wonderland.
A newly opened route in 2003, there is so much to explore in this untouched wilderness, from remote, traditional villages and the glistening waters of some Himalayan rivers to colorful rhododendron and pine tree forests and an abundance of indigenous wildlife. Kangaroo Mountain, Pokharkan, Amotsang Himal and the Annapurna range are just some of the extraordinary Himalayan Mountains that will accompany you on this trip, and the views you will have will take your breath away. Come and join us on this adventurous camping extravaganza into this pristine, unexplored territory.
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