Rating in Croatia
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Self-guided trekking+walking
Self-guided trekking+walking
min $ 1039
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Destinations: Dubrovnik, Lopud
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 1039
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Island hopping in the southern Adriatic
This is a walking holiday designed for the occasional walker, or for those who like to mix their walking with relaxation and beauty, both natural and man-made. It starts with two nights in the walled city of Dubrovnik, to stroll down the Stradun and to explore the alleys, with their little shops, churches, and hidden restaurants. On the third day, you take the public ferry to car-free Lopud, one of the Elafitis, stretched out like a string of pearls along the Adriatic coast. With enough walking for a day or two on the island’s mazy paths, and churches and forts to explore, you can also swim at one of the few sandy bays in the Adriatic. Kolocep, the smallest island reachable from Lopud, is also a car-less little gem, and you can do the cliff-girt island in a day, with ample time for swimming and a good fish lunch at Konoba Skerac. Then two nights on Sipan, the largest, near the harbour of Sudurad. The walking here includes one from the pretty little harbour to the island’s dramatic bay at the far end.
Walked by On Foot staff: Simon, Emma, Debbie, Mary and Harriet
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TRAVEL ADVICE: To find the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for UK citizens travelling to Croatia, click here. Citizens of other nations will also find it useful, but should always check their appropriate local agency.
The sea is the main provider for the restaurants here, and there are a number of excellent ones in Dubrovnik itself. On Lopud you should visit Gaby’s open-air restaurant, choose your freshly-caught fish and watch it being grilled, before eating it with a glass or two of local Malvasia – pure indulgence, and not expensive.
The walled city and the Elafiti Islands
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Rating in Croatia
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Triglav summiting or how to tame Goldenhorn

Triglav is the Slovenia’s highest mountain, featuring three peaks with the highest one reaching 2864 meters. According to one of the legends, there was a magical Goldenhorn inhabiting the Triglav Mountains. The horns of the mysterious creature were made of gold and would make anyone who caught Goldenhorn forever rich. The Goldenhorn was never caught due to its artfulness in escaping from the chasers, even when injured. The magic power of Goldenhorn was hidden in a divine flower protecting him from deathly wounds. The flower was growing in the crevices of Triglav and boasted unfathomable beauty.