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Pangolin Mobile Camp

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Destinations: Chobe National Park
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 750
Duration: 3 days
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Chobe National Park:
We tend to set up our mobile camp in the North Western side of the Chobe closer to the Ngoma Bridge section of the park. This area is fantastic for game viewing as there is certainly fewer lodges and thus less vehicles at each sighting. We traverse through the hilly forests of the reserve and down to the river intercepting both predators and they quarry moving back and forth to the river. There are healthy lion and leopard populations on this side and have regular sightings of Wild Dog.
Savute tends to me much drier than the Chobe and the action centres around the waterholes that dot the area. Savute is part of the very large Chobe National Park and is a great place to spend some time while on the way to the Pangolin Khwai Camp. You can expect fantastic predator action as well as some amazing sightings of large herds of elephants, buffalo and other plains game like zebra and giraffe. The Savute Marsh sometimes floods attracting huge numbers of migratory birds as the only water source in the area. The track from Chobe to Savute can be long and bumpy so we often fly guests on a private charter between the camps to save time and maximise the time photographing.
The Pangolin Mobile Camp consists of 4 very large walk-in tents with proper beds, places to store your luggage, solar lighting and an ensuite bathroom. In front of the tent is a covered area or “stoop” with a couple of chairs which is a great place to relax with a good book in between game drives.
The central area features a large mess tent where all the meals are served and which is adjacent to the fire with plenty of camping chairs to enjoy in the evening.
Time in the mobile camp is hosted by one of our expert photo guides who is on hand to help you with your wildlife photography. Our photo guides know all the major camera brands and their functions should you chose to use your own. If you have not taken the plunge just yet in buying a DSLR camera then we will happily supply you with one to use while you stay with us.

We normally go out for around three hours in the morning returning later if we come across a photo opportunity that’s worth extending the drive for. We return to the camp where a hearty brunch awaits. After brunch, there is time to simply relax or perhaps use the dining table as an editing area to set up your laptops and work on the images taken. The camp has a solar generated electricity supply which is ample for charging camera batteries, tablets, laptops and other small electronic devices. The host photo guide will be on hand to help with editing but please note you must have your own laptop and the software already downloaded and ready to use.
The camp is totally unfenced and during the day it’s not unusual to see large mammals wander past which in themselves offer further photo opportunities. Generally the animals pay us little attention as they go about their day which gives a true sense of being at one with nature.
At any time of the day should you want to take a shower in your ensuite bathroom attached to your tent you need only ask a member of staff to fill your bucket shower with warm water and you are good to go.
In the afternoon we prepare to got out again around three hours before sunset (shortly after which we return to the camp). The area around the campsites is vast with lots of different ecosystems to explore. The predators of The Chobe and Savute such as the lions, leopards, wild dogs and hyena roam freely in the area seeking out their prey which tend to be the plains game Your expert driver guide will not only seek out these animals but will also position the vehicle as best he can to allow for optimum lighting and the movement and behavior of the subject.
When you return from your drive there is time to sit around the roaring fire and have a pre-dinner drink before dining on delicious home cooked food in the dining tent. All the food and drinks are included in the package including a selection of wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks…. we even have ice!
As you head to bed you are assured of a restful sleep to the sounds of the African Bush tucked up under your duvet.
As we said…..If you are going to the bush…be in the bush and the Pangolin Mobile Camp is right in the thick of it!

Location : Western Chobe
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Pangolin
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