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Grey Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon

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Destinations: Baja California, San Ignacio, La Paz
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If you want a truly close encounter with Ocean Giants you can't do better our remote safari in the San Ignacio lagoon on Mexico's Pacific Coast. Each year the entire Eastern Pacific population of grey whales make an epic migration from their winter feeding grounds in Alaska, to the warm water lagoons on the Pacific Coast of Baja California. This lagoon is a Grey Whale 'nursery lagoon' where thousands of Grey Whales gather from January to April to give birth and nurture their calves through the risky early stages of their lives.
Grey whales, and specifically the calves, are naturally curious. If approached sensitively following strict conservation guidelines (which we do), whales often approach boats, seemingly to satisfy their own interest and do a little 'human watching' as well. This human - whale interaction is a truly unique experience.
Aqua-Firma's week long Grey Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon journey gives travellers 3 full days of whale and wildlife watching activities at the remote San Ignacio Lagoon in central Baja*. Staying in simple but beautifully located cabanas overlooking the Lagoon itself, you're within one of the Latin America's largest protected areas, the Vizcaino Desert UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It covers and surpisingly diverse desert eco-system which is almost the size of Great Britain.
With car hire also included from the airport in La Paz, this experience also enables you to experience the freedom of the vast scenic Baja Desert environment. Baja California is a diverse, mountainous 1300km Peninsula reaching down the Western coast of Mexico: a narrow strip of land enclosing the Sea of Cortes to the East. Away from the coast, the harsh Vizcaino desert takes over - a tough but fascinating environment which provides huge interest for naturalists and lovers of wild landscapes. This is a land of wild pronghorn antelope and coyotes.
There is cultural interest in the journey as well, since before and after staying at the lagoon, you will also be able to visit and stay in small Mexican desert towns and Baja's capital city, La Paz. There are sites of indigenous cave paintings close to San Ignacio, many of which have yet to be accurately dated. These pre-historic records of can be visited so if you have a little extra time, we can organise a trained English speaking guide to take you there.
*Please note that activities are determined by the location of whales in this large lagoon and by weather conditions.
This experience is easy to combine with further kayaking and snorkelling adventures within the Sea of Cortez. If you are a keen diver then Jan - April is the perfect time to join one of our liveaboard trips to the remote Revillagigedo Islands, or Socorro as they are more commonly referred to. Here we can enjoy probably the best opportunities anywhere on the Planet to swim with Giant Manta Rays.
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Rating in Mexico
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