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Antarctic Adventure Voyages

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Destinations: Antarctica
Type of adventure: icon-09.png Multi
Guide language: English
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Characterised by calving glaciers, colossal icebergs and sheer mountain peaks, the extremities of the Antarctic Peninsula provide the ideal setting for our Antarctic Wilderness Adventure Voyages.  From your base on a comfortable expedition motor ship, you will be able to explore the Antarctic wilderness by whichever means you prefer: sea kayak, snow shoe walking, remote mountain treks, overnight camping, mountaineering and on some departures - scuba diving for those with the inclination and right experience. Specialist week long programmes are available whilst on some departures most optional activities are integral and free of charge!
Escorted by activity specialists you will all the while you will be on watch for encounters with a whole host of wildlife and marine life species. Penguin species may include Adelie, Cape,Gentoo and Chinstrap, many of which can be observed in large colonies and often with chicks.  Inquisitive and charismatic by nature, close encounters are likely never to be forgotten  be that above, on or below the water.  Surfacing eloquently from the icy depths below, there may be chances to spot Humpback, Minke and Fin Whales.
Kayaking Some experience rather than expertise is required to enjoy Kayaking in Antarctica. Onboard sturdy single or double sea kayaks you are invited  to paddle between icebergs, or cruise along majestic glacier fronts,  escorted by an instructor and followed by zodiac support. Causing minimal disturbance, kayaking is the ideal way to get close to resting seals and penguins out on the ice and with luck enjoy breath-taking encounters with whales. A kayak also provides a peaceful personal retreat from the rest of the adventure-fuelled voyage.
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