Rating in Albania
$ 887

Cycle Albania CAB

min $ 887
Per person
Tour details
Destinations: Tirana, Berat
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 887
Group size: min 53 — max 320
Duration: 8 days
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Cycling Tour Of Albania
Discover the highlights of this fascinating, little visited destination from the saddle. Cycle along the shores of Lake Ohrid into the heart of the Grammoz Mountains and the tranquil Germenj valley. Descending through the spectacular Vjosa gorge we reach the Ionian Sea and start our exploration of the turquoise Albanian Riviera. Along the way we visit the UNESCO listed sites of Gjirokaster, Butrint and Berat and explore Albania's rich cultural heritage through its archaeological ruins and local traditions.
Tour Highlights
Cycle Albania - Stunning scenery, peaceful, traffic-free roads and great local food
Albanian Riviera - Picturesque trails and villages
Gjirokaster - Discover this historic UNESCO listed town
Butrint - Visit the beautifully situated roman city
Llogora National Park - Pine forests, mountain and sea scenery
Lake Ohrid - Mountainous setting and access point to remote town of Germenj

1 Join trip at Tirana Airport. Drive to Pogradec on Lake Ohrid
2 Cycle from Lake Ohrid to Korça
3 Climb into the heart of the Gammoz Mountians to Germenj
4 Ride through Vjosa Valley; drive onto Gjirokaster
5 Cycle to Saranda via Butrint archaeological treasure
6 Ride the Albanian Riviera to Qeparo
7 Cycle to Dhermi beach then drive to Berat
8 Trip ends Tirana Airport
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Rating in Albania
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