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Canyons, Condors and Machu Picchu by Bike

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Destinations: Arequipa, Cusco, Machu Picchu
Guide language: English
Price: min $ 3310
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Join us on this thrilling cycling adventure with the magnificent Andes ranges as a dramatic backdrop. Beginning in Arequipa with its rich mix of the indigenous and Spanish colonial cultures we cycle along the Colca Canyon, twice the depth of the Grand Canyon and view the huge Andean Condor soaring in the thermals overhead. Without a doubt cycling is one of the finest ways to discover a country and cycling on rural roads through small villages and experiencing the very traditional day to day life of the Andean people is a wonderful experience. Discover the unique lifestyle of the indigenous people on the islands of Lake Titicaca before continuing across the high Altiplano to explore Cusco. Visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the ruins of Ollantaytambo. Our cycling adventure culminates at the archaeological wonder of Machu Picchu.
To determine the grade of a particular adventure we consider a number of factors. These include the condition of the terrain, the altitude, the number of pass crossings and the length of the trip. The Canyons, Condors and Machu Picchu is graded introductory. You will need a reasonable level of fitness and we suggest 30 minutes of aerobic type exercise, (either cycling or jogging) three times a week for the three months leading up to your trip. Please remember the fitter you are the more you will enjoy your holiday.
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Adventure South
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Rating in Peru
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