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Greenland Polar Adventure – Liverpool Land Trek

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Pioneer expeditions offers a north to south skiing traverse of Liverpool Land – a little explored peninsular on the east coast of Greenland. Situated at a latitude of 71 degrees north it is well inside the Arctic Circle.
Over the 18 days we shall trek approximately 75 miles and experience the Arctic in all its raw natural beauty. Along the way we will enjoy the mountain range of Liverpool Land and views to the west of Hurry Fjord and Jameson Land. Our meeting point is Reykjavik, Iceland.
We will start at the frozen coastline and travel over sea ice, glaciers and valleys. It will be a physically and mentally challenging expedition and will instil a fantastic sense of achievement. Travel to the start of the trek will be via skidoo and at the end we will experience an exhilarating helicopter.
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Transfer to our warm and friendly guesthouse, meet expedition leader and team and run through itinerary and equipment together. This afternoon and evening will be spent at leisure shopping for any extra equipment and getting to know the team.
We take a scheduled flight to Constable Point on the east coast of Greenland. Until recently this remote outpost was completely solated. The airport, built by an American oil company in 1985, now means it is possible for visitors to access this remote destination, which provides the perfect start for our expedition. We will sort and familiarise ourselves with the expedition equipment and safety procedures. Then we set off on an exhilarating skidoo journey to the northern tip of Liverpool Land. On his 30 mile trip, which will take about three hours, we shall enjoy stunning views of Hurry Inlet and Jameson Land. On arrival we shall setup our camp and prepare our first meal in the porches of our tents.
At the northern tip of Liverpool Land we will be able to see outstanding views of sea ice and icebergs. At 71 degrees north we will be well inside the Arctic Circle. Today we take a short ski trip to the top of a nearby peak to practice our technique and safety procedures. We will prepare our pulks ready for the start of our traverse.
Commencing our trek we head south, starting the day with a small ascent and fairly easy terrain to acclimatise. On our first day the traverse we aim to cover approximately 10 km depending on weather conditions. Each day will be spent traversing the now on skis, pulling our equipment on pulks. Each night we will set up our polar camp and cook on stoves in the porches of our tents. Tonight’s camp will be set up in the middle of the sea ice ready for our progress along Carlsberg Fjord.
We head due south down Carlsberg Fjord at sea level. We take lunch alongside some of the icebergs that dominate the landscape in the middle of the Fjord before continuing south. Navigating by map, compass and GPS, we will pass some of the extensive range of peaks that stretch the length of Liverpool Land.
Continuing along the valley at a reasonable pace, we should make good progress down this easy section and aim to reach the Istorvet Glacier in the next few days, depending on weather conditions and team fitness.
Today we begin a steep climb up onto the Istorvet glacier which, at 920 metres high, will test our endurance. This tiring uphill struggle will be rewarded by wonderful views to the west over the wide expanse of Jameson Land.
We summit the Istorvet Glacier this morning and then undertake an exciting downhill ski into the next valley. After an invigorating morning, we shall pass frozen lakes as we begin the trek up the next valley. We then climb up the Bjering Pedersens glacier and shall camp part way up – approximately 200 metres above sea level.
We climb the remaining 500 metres of the 700 metre high Pedersens glacier, enjoying grand views of our unique surroundings. We hope to take lunch on the peak looking out over the expanse of sea ice below before skiing down to camp for the night.
Today we will start our final ascent which is likely to take two to three hours of fairly steep climbing to the top of Age Nielsens glacier. We then ski down to the sea ice at Lillefjord where we aim to set up camp for the night.
Over our last few days we aim to complete the first longitudinal traverse of Liverpool Land, ending our travels at Scorbysund where, time permitting, we have the opportunity to take a dog sledge journey, experiencing the traditional method of travel in Greenland. Having traversed alpine valleys, icecaps and sea ice you will now have experienced a truly significant polar expedition. You may even have experienced the thrill of seeing the ‘King of the Arctic’ – polar bears – yes they really do exist here!
Upon arrival at Scorsbysund we shall check into our warm and cosy guesthouse where we celebrate the successful completion of our journey, sort out our kits and enjoy our first hot showers for over two weeks!
Today we board a helicopter and return to Constable Point for our flight back to Iceland.
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Pioneer Expeditions
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