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Destinations: Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Ushuaia
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Scott’s Last Antarctic Expedition

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Wildlife Encounters in Gold Harbor, South Georgia

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Day 1 Fly from Punta Arenas to Stanley Transfer to Punta Arenas Airport and fly to the Falkland Islands. On arrival, transfer to Stanley, where there is some time to explore the town, before embarkation in the afternoon. Days 2-3 At sea towards South Georgia This stretch of the South Atlantic is rich in its bio-diversity and showcases an abundance of astonishing wildlife. You will likely be joined by hundreds of seabirds including the wandering albatross, giant petrels and Cape petrels. Photographing these magnificent birds from the deck of the ship takes patience and skill and a photography expert will be on hand to show you the best techniques. Throughout these days the on-board experts will give a series of presentations about the environment, wildlife and history of the locations you will visit on the coming journey. Days 4-5 King Haakon Bay and the Northwest Coast Majestic snow-covered mountains will greet you on arrival in South Georgia during the mid-afternoon. Begin with a visit to the very historic location of King Haakon Bay. It was here that Shackleton and his men made landfall in their small lifeboat – the James Caird, after completing the perilous ocean crossing from Elephant Island, over 100 years ago. From here, they set off to cross the mountainous spine of South Georgia – a feat never before attempted. This is a very dramatic place, visited by just a handful of ships each season.

From here, travel round to the protected waters of the north-eastern coast. Elsehul Bay allows for great Zodiac cruising and will be a possible location for kayaking. One of the most anticipated sites in South Georgia is Salisbury Plain. The black sand beaches and tussock covered dunes are home to a staggering abundance of king penguin adults and their young. This is just one of several such king penguin rookeries on South Georgia. At the height of the breeding season, the rookeries are believed to have more wildlife per square foot than any other place on the planet. The regal ‘Kings’ are not the only wildlife on display as you cruise the rugged coastline. Fur seals can be seen poking their heads above the water, elephant seals enjoy lazing about the beach, and skuas, albatross and giant petrels fill the skies above. Days 6-7 Fortuna Bay, Stromness, Grytviken and Central North Coast The adventure continues to Fortuna Bay, a majestic three-mile long and one-mile wide fjord. It was named after the ship Fortuna, one of the original vessels of the Norwegian-Argentine whaling expedition which established the first permanent whaling station at Grytviken, further down the coast. In the bay you can expect to see king penguins and elephant seals.

From 1912 until the 1930’s, Stromness (and nearby Leith and Husvik), operated as whaling stations and the rusted and ghostly remnants of these old outposts seem out of place in such a pristine environment. This area is key to the Shackleton story, as it was here, in 1916, that Shackleton and his companions, Worsley and Crean arrived after their epic crossing from King Haakon Bay and were finally able to alert the outside world to their plight. If the weather co-operates, you may be able to hike the last few miles across the saddle separating Fortuna Bay from neighbouring Stromness, in the footsteps of Shackleton and his men.

As you journey further to the southeast you will enter the broad expanse of Cumberland Bay. At the head of the bay lies Grytviken – the largest of the old whaling stations on South Georgia. A highlight here is a visit to the gravesite of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his loyal right hand man, Frank Wild. Days 8-9 St Andrews Bay, Gold Harbour and Eastern Coast The next few days will take you to St Andrew’s Bay and Gold Harbour - places that are teeming with wildlife including fur seals, elephant seals and massive colonies of colourful king penguins. Gold Harbour is so called because the sun's rays make the cliffs yellow with their light in the morning and evening. It’s an exhilarating location and one that will not be forgotten. Day 10 Godthul and Prion Island The exploration of South Georgia is far from over as you meander your way back along the northern coastline. There are a few gems still to come - including the old whaling shore depot at Godthul where there is a terrific hike up to a beautiful lake, and Prion Island – yet another spectacular location and some would argue, the jewel in the crown of the islands. Prion has been designated as a ‘Specially Protected Area’ by the South Georgia Government, due to its breeding wandering albatross colonies. Days 11-13 At sea towards the Falkland Islands These days at sea are spent catching up on journal entries, or perhaps downloading and reviewing photos in the multi-media lab with the photography expert. For some, it’s a chance to catch some well-earned rest after a busy few days of exploration. The educational presentations will continue, as will the frequent sightings of albatross, petrels and other seabirds as they soar above the ship on the winds of the Southern Ocean. Day 14 Sea Lion Island Approaching Sea Lion Island, note the very barren and windswept landscape, exposed to the prevailing weather that originates in the Drake Passage. The Zodiacs will be launched and go ashore to view the incredible diversity of wildlife found at this location. Three species of penguin including gentoo, magellanic and rockhopper, as well as southern elephant seals and South American sea lions are known to inhabit the area. King cormorants and striated caracaras are just some of the bird species you can expect to see. Day 15 Disembark in Stanley and fly to Punta Arenas In the early morning, navigate through the narrows and into the harbour of Port Stanley. A transfer will take you to the airport for your return flight to Punta Arenas in southern Chile. Notes

Itinerary Variations

2017/18 Season

Sea Spirit - 20 Oct 2017

Day 1 Overnight in Puerto Madryn (Argentina)
Day 2 Embarkation in Puerto Madryn and sail Golfo Nuevo
Days 3-4 South Atlantic Ocean
Day 5 Falkland Islands
Days 6-7 Southern Ocean
Days 8-13 South Georgia
Days 14-15 Southern Ocean
Days 16-17 Falkland Islands
Day 18 Beagle Channel
Day 19 Disembarkation in Ushuaia

Polar Pioneer - 24 Mar 2018

Day 1 Fly from Santiago or Punta Arenas to Stanley and embark ship
Day 2 Steeple Jason, Saunders and Carcass Islands
Days 3-4 At sea
Days 5-12 South Georgia
Days 13-14 At sea
Day 15 Disembark in Stanley and fly onwards to Punta Arenas or Santiago

2018/19 Season

Akademik Vavilov - 17 Nov 2018

Day 1 Fly from Punta Arenas to Stanley and embark ship
Days 2-3 At sea
Days 4-6 King Haakon Bay & NW coast of South Georgia
Days 7-9 Fortuna Bay, Stromness and Grytviken
Days 10-13 St Andrews Bay, Gold Harbour & east coast
Days 14-16 At sea
Day 17 Disembark in Ushuaia

Ocean Adventurer - 22 Nov 2018

Day 1 Overnight in Ushuaia
Day 2 Embarkation in Ushuaia
Day 3 At sea
Days 4-5
Falkland Islands
Days 6-7 At sea
Days 8-13 South Georgia
Days 14-17 At sea
Day 18
Disembark in Ushuaia

M/V Plancius - 31 Mar 2019

Day 1 Embarkation in Ushuaia
Days 2-5 At sea towards South Georgia
Days 6-10 South Georgia exploration
Days 11-15 At sea towards Montevideo
This voyage does not visit the Falkland Islands   All voyage itineraries are intended as a guideline only - embracing the unexpected is part of the legacy of expedition travel. Actual routes and landings will be dependent on weather, sea and ice conditions. A degree of flexibility is essential in the polar and sub polar regions!
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Discover the World
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