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Destinations: Cape Town, Fish River Canyon, Swakopmund, Windhoek, Ghanzi, Okavango Delta, Kasane, Lusaka, Iringa, Dar es Salaam, Serengeti National Park, Eldoret, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, Kampala
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This epic overland adventure tour includes highlights from eight countries in Southern and East Africa...

From Cape Town to Nairobi taking in the wild deserts and coastline of Namibia, the watery wilderness of the Okavango Delta, thundering Victoria Falls, Lake Malawi and the enchanting spice island of Zanzibar, wrapping up with big game encounters in South Luangwa, Serengeti, Lake Nakuru, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Mountain gorilla trek. This tour offers the adventure of a lifetime!

This tour includes Gorilla and Chimp Trekking. This is paid at the time of booking - please see supplements for pricing.

Day 1. Cape Town to Cederberg Highlights. Township Tour Cape Town, South Africa.

We start our adventure with a trip into Cape Town's townships to see and experience the life that so many of South Africa's less privileged lead. From here it's off onto the open road up the West Coast to the small farming settlement of Trawal on the border of the Cederberg Mountain Range where our camp faces out onto the majestic mountains.

This afternoon there is an option to enjoy a wine tasting at the camp. 3 images Township Tour Cape Town, South Africa

Day 2. Cederberg to Orange River Highlights. Orange (Gariep) River, Namibia.

Continuing further up the West Coast we pass by a few small towns heading up into the drier northern Cape, crossing into Namibia where we spend the night on the banks of the Orange (Gariep)River.

The scenery in this area is striking with the red coloured rocks turning to soft hues as the sun goes down. 3 images Orange (Gariep) River, Namibia

Day 3. Orange River to Fish River Canyon Highlights. Fish River Canyon, Namibia.

This morning we have the opportunity to get out onto the river in canoes and explore this strange looking Richtersveld area.

Once back at camp, we pack up and head through the Mars-like landscape and on to the Fish River Canyon.

At 165km long and up to 80km wide, the impressive Canyon appears suddenly in the surrounding desert landscape. Enjoy a walk along the canyon rim to the viewpoint with the quiet and solitude of the desert as your companion. 4 images Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Day 4. Fish River Canyon to Sesriem Area Highlights. Namib Naukluft Park, Namibia. Sesriem Canyon, Namibia. Tsaris Pass, Namibia.

We awaken to the sounds of the desert morning and hit the road travelling further north to the Namib Naukluft region. Enjoy a walk down the daunting Tsaris Pass along the way.

This evening we prepare for our day out in the dunes and desert landscapes tomorrow. 4 images Namib Naukluft Park, Namibia 1 images Sesriem Canyon, Namibia

Day 5. Sesriem to Sossus On Foot Camp, Khomas Region Highlights. Dune 45, Namib Naukluft National Park, Namibia. Sesriem Canyon, Namibia. Sossus On Foot Camp, Khomas Region, Namibia. Sossusvlei, Namibia.

Heading out with the sunrise we enter the Namib Naukluft National Park at Sesriem and head to the famous Dune 45. After climbing the dune for a better vantage point of the surrounding dune-sea, we continue on to Sossusvlei where after a short shuttle ride further in, we continue to the infamous Deadvlei with its gnarled trees and white pan base.

After our dune adventures, we visit the Sesriem Canyon with its unusual rock layers before continuing on to our camp for the night. 3 images Dune 45, Namib Naukluft National Park, Namibia 1 images Sesriem Canyon, Namibia 1 images Sossus On Foot Camp, Khomas Region, Namibia 4 images Sossusvlei, Namibia

Day 6. Sossus On Foot Camp, Khomas Region to Swakopmund Highlights. The Tropic of Capricorn.

Rising to the serenity of the desert, our journey takes us west down the inland plateau through the Kuiseb Canyon and onto the Atlantic Coastline.

Here we see the towering dunes along the coast between Waalvisbay and Swakopmund where we settle in for the next two nights. 2 images The Tropic of Capricorn

Day 7. Swakopmund Highlights. Swakopmund, Namibia.

Today you'll have free time to enjoy the town's museums, cafes or shops. Take a walk down the beach promenade or enjoy any of the delicious German delicacies from a local bakery.

For the adventurous at heart there is a selection of desert excursions including quad biking the dunes, sand boarding down the dune slopes, tandem sky diving over the desert or fishing trips. Enjoy a day out an about getting the adrenaline pumping! 4 images Swakopmund, Namibia

Day 8. Swakopmund to Spitzkoppe Highlights. Spitzkoppe, Namibia.

We bid our farewells to the quaint German town and head west for the unusual looking Spitzkoppe. These huge granite boulder-mountains appear on the horizon like sentinels watching over the surrounds - it's no wonder the San-bushmen of the region held them to be sacred.

This afternoon we head out to explore the caves, rocks and ancient San-art left by the ancestors to tell their stories to future generations.

Tonight is an ideal opportunity to camp out under the stars. 4 images Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Day 9. Spitzkoppe to Etosha National Park

Journeying north, we head to the famed Etosha National Park where we will spend the next two nights in the park.

On entering we game drive in the truck to our camp. Each camp has a floodlit waterhole where visitors can quietly enjoy watching wildlife come in to drink. At night this offers the opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife - including elephants, zebra and other antelope.

Day 10. Etosha National Park Highlights. Etosha National Park, Namibia.

Today is dedicated to wildlife and we head out early to catch the animals while they're most active and out and about. We may spend the night either in the same camp, or split to two camps depending on the season.

Etosha is a desert National Park of over 20,000 sq km with a large open pan as the focal point. We have the opportunity to see many antelope that are only found in dry areas, including the majestic oryx and the dainty springbok. A highlight is also the elephants that take on a white appearance owing to the colour of the mud giving them the name 'Ghosts of Etosha'. 7 images Etosha National Park, Namibia

Day 11. Etosha National Park to Windhoek Highlights. Windhoek, Namibia.

Travelling back to civilization we head south through some of Namibia's towns and on to the Capital city - Windhoek.

Windhoek is the commercial and business hub and is home to a large part of the Namibian population. Tonight we'll have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner out on the town.

Day 12. Windhoek to Ghanzi, Botswana Highlights. Kalahari Bushman Walk, Botswana.

Taking leave of Namibia, we cross the border into Botswana and travel up to the northern border of the Central Kalahari and the town of Ghanzi.

It is here that we meet with a local San tribe to see how they live and thrive in the Kalahari using the knowledge passed down from their ancestors to survive in these harsh conditions. 3 images Kalahari Bushman Walk, Botswana

Day 13. Ghanzi to Maun Highlights. Maun, Botswana.

Travelling further into Botswana today's road takes us to Maun - the gateway to the Okavango Delta.

After stocking up on supplies for our Delta excursion, we have the rest of the afternoon free to enjoy a dip in the pool, a game of volleyball or relax and kick back with a cold drink in hand.

Day 14. Maun to Okavango Delta Highlights. Okavango Delta, Botswana.

We pack our gear onto the 4x4 transfer and head out past Maun and into the wilderness passing through the surrounding town's settlements. From here we reach the water's edge and are introduced to our Mokoro polers who will take us out onto the waterways and to our camp within the Delta.

We spend the night at Elephant Camp - a semi-permanent camp with en-suite tents (bush toilet and bucket shower). Once we're settled in, we enjoy a nature walk before sundown to explore the surrounding area on foot. 4 images Okavango Delta, Botswana

Day 15. Okavango Delta to Maun

Awakening to the sound of the African dawn, we head out on one last walk before packing up and gliding back along the waterways to the poler's station.

From here we take the 4x4 back through to our camp in Maun where the afternoon is at leisure to relax. There is also an option to enjoy a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta for those seeking an alternative view of the great waterways.

Day 16. Maun to Nata Highlights. Elephant Sands, Nata, Botswana.

Botswana is blesses with a rich and diverse wildlife habitat and today we pass through the migratory path from the great Chobe National Park to the Central Kalahari. We'll stop off to see the odd looking baobab trees with their swollen trunks and scrawney branches and spend the night outside the small town of Nata. 1 images Elephant Sands, Nata, Botswana

Day 17. Nata to Kasane Highlights. Chobe Fish Eagle Cruise, Botswana. Chobe National Park, Botswana.

Driving further north we may spot some elephant or antelope along the way. The National Parks are un-fenced allowing wildlife to follow their natural migration routes from north to south, and east to west.

This afternoon we enjoy the Fish Eagle boat cruise on the Chobe River - the lifeblood to much of the game in the northern Chobe National Park. The cruise allows us to get up close to the animals and birds found on the banks of the river. 7 images Chobe Fish Eagle Cruise, Botswana 4 images Chobe National Park, Botswana

Day 18. Kasane to Livingstone Highlights. Chobe National Park Game Drive, Botswana. Victoria Falls - Mosi oa Tunya National Park, Zambia.

Rising early we board our game viewing vehicle and head out into the Chobe National Park. By size, it is the third largest park in the country and is the most diverse; home to elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo and abundant birdlife. Keep an eye out for the rare sable or roan antelope with their curved horns and majestic stance.

After our morning's adventure we cross into Zambia at the busy Kazangula Ferry and travel on to our camp on the banks of the Zambezi. 5 images Chobe National Park Game Drive, Botswana 4 images Victoria Falls - Mosi oa Tunya National Park, Zambia

Day 19-20. Livingstone Highlights. Livingstone Activities, Zambia.

Our days in Livingstone are free to explore the town and the many activities available in and around the Zambezi.

We visit the Mosi oa Tunya National Park to view the Victoria Falls and have the option to enjoy white water rafting, village visits, biking, fishing, scenic flights and a range of adrenaline activities. 5 images Livingstone Activities, Zambia

Day 21. Livingstone to Lusaka Highlights. Lusaka, Zambia.

Journeying north-east, we drive into the heart of Zambia and on to the Capital city Lusaka. Passing through the farming villages and rural settlements it's easy to see that Zambia has not had a thriving economy; however this is in the process of turning around with much new economic growth in the last years.

Day 22. Lusaka to South Luangwa National Park

From the Capital we head further north to the South Luangwa National Park. Travelling along the Great East Road (the other being the Great North Road which links Cape Town to Cairo on the old trade routes), we pass through rural villages and cross the impressive Luangwa River bridge.

The concentration of animals around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons, is among the most intense in Africa. There are 60 different animal species and over 400 different bird species inhabiting the area. Hippo’s, elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, giraffe with many other species flourish in the 20,000 sq miles of savannah woodland watered by this 500 mile–long river.

Day 23. South Luangwa National Park Highlights. South Luangwa National Park.

Today we enjoy an open vehicle game drive with a local ranger along the river’s edge to see the abundance of animal and birdlife inhabiting the area. Your tour includes one guided game drive during our stay. Additional wildlife activities can be booked on arrival on day 22. 3 images South Luangwa National Park

Day 24. South Luangwa to Kande Beach, Malawi Highlights. Lake Malawi, Malawi.

Leaving the wilderness behind, we cross the border into Malawi and head on to the picturesque lake-side camp at Kande.

Covering almost a fifth of the country, Lake Malawi provides a vital source of livelihood for many Malawians. Fishermen, fish traders, canoe and net makers all ply their trade, and a common sight is that of a fisherman in his Bwato, (dugout canoe made from hollowed out tree trunk) fishing on the lake at the break of day or with lanterns by night 4 images Lake Malawi, Malawi

Day 25. Kande Beach Highlights. Kande Beach Activities, Malawi.

Today is at leisure enjoying the chilled atmosphere at the Lake.

For those looking to explore further, there is a dive centre here offering the opportunity to discover the vast underwater tropical fresh-water fish species found in the lake. There is also a stable nearby offering horse riding through the villages and surrounds and even an opportunity to swim in the lake with them. 4 images Kande Beach Activities, Malawi

Day 26. Kande Beach to Chitimba Beach Highlights. Chitimba Beach.

We take a scenic drive along the lakeside and through the town of Mzuzu where we stop off for supplies for the next days. The town is a hive of activity and has a great market place to explore with the everyday wares for the locals. With no lavish shopping malls in this part of the world - this is how local Malawians shop for any necessary items.

In the afternoon we arrive to the northern lake and our camp at Chitimba Beach 2 images Chitimba Beach

Day 27. Chitimba Beach Highlights. Livingstonia Day Hike, Malawi.

Enjoy a hike up to the Livingstonia Mission (David Livingstone worked here for a time) or enjoy a village walk to see how the local school and clinic operate.

Alternatively you'll have the day free to simply relax, kick back and enjoy the sound of the water lapping the beach.

Day 28. Chitimba Beach to Iringa, Tanzania

Bidding farewell to Malawi and it's glittering lake, we cross the border into Tanzania and make our way to the small farming town of Iringa in the Tanzanian highlands.

Home to a farming family for multiple generations, the Farmhouse has become a popular stop-over on our way to Dar es Salaam. The altitude makes nights here cool making it a perfect time to try the Amarula hot chocolate at the camp's bar.

Day 29. Iringa to Mikumi National Park area

Our journey heads east towards the Mikumi National Park. Here you will be stunned by the landscape of endless grassy plains dotted with Baobab trees. This park is the fourth largest in the country and hosts an array of wildlife including 4 out of the 'Big 5' - lion, Leopard, elephant and buffalo. Should time allow you can explore the park with an optional game drive in the afternoon. Soak the beauty in at the campsites swimming pool, enjoy the restaurant/bar and then marvel at the night time stars around an open fireplace.

Day 30. Iringa to Dar es Salaam Highlights. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Mikumi National Park, Tanzania.

This morning we enter the park gates, eyes peeled for the resident wildlife along the road's edge as we transit through.

Nearing the coastal city, the traffic and settlements increase making for a slower pace with ample opportunity to see how the local population lives with their colourful shop-fronts, chaotic modes of transport and multitudes of livestock all present on the roadside. 5 images Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 5 images Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

Day 31. Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar Highlights. Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Departing our beach-side camp early, we head to the busy ferry-port and board our ferry to Zanzibar.

While Zanzibar is part of Tanzania, they operate as if they were independent with border formalities and separate laws and regulations on the island. We arrive to Stone Town - the Capital of the Zanzibar islands and after formalities head on to our lodge for the night.

Time on Zanzibar is free to enjoy the museums, tours, shops and beaches at your leisure. 7 images Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania 5 images Zanzibar, Tanzania

Day 32-34. Zanzibar Island Highlights. Zanzibar, Northern Beaches, Tanzania.

Enjoy free time on Zanzibar and transfer to the northern beaches from Stone Town.

Relax on the sun kissed beaches of Kendwa, northwest part of the island, take an optional diving trip to the rich colourful reefs or grab a snorkel and goggles to explore these from above. 9 images Zanzibar, Northern Beaches, Tanzania

Day 35. Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam

We take the ferry back to the mainland and arrive to camp in the afternoon leaving time for some last minute swimming in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, or to sit back and watch the water roll in onto the sandy tropical beach.

Day 36. Dar es Salaam to Marangu Highlights. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Marangu, Moshi Area, Tanzania.

Journeying north today, we pass through a number of smaller villages on our way to Kilimanjaro and our camp at its base, Marangu. Along the way, if weather conditions permit - we may catch a glimpse of the towering giant at 5895m high. The tallest mountain in Africa, and tallest free-standing mountain in the world, attracts climbers from around the globe to see if they can make it to the 'roof of Africa'. 6 images Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Day 37. Marangu to Arusha Highlights. Maasai Village Walk, Arusha, Tanzania. Meserani Snake Park, Tanzania.

We pass through the town of Moshi on our way to the safari capital, Arusha. The half-way point on the Cape to Cairo trade route, Arusha is home to a bustling tourist trade owing to its location en-route to Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti National Parks.

This afternoon we enjoy a walk to one of the local Masai villages, a local school and clinic, a small but highly interesting Masai museum, and the snake enclosure at the Meserani Snake Park. 3 images Maasai Village Walk, Arusha, Tanzania 2 images Meserani Snake Park, Tanzania

Day 38. Arusha to Serengeti National Park Highlights. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Packing our gear onto our safari vehicles, the resident guides take us out onto our Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater safari.

Our drive takes us first via the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area and then across to the plains of the Serengeti where we spend the afternoon in search of the resident wildlife.

Tonight we camp out in the wilderness with the sounds of the African night to lull us to sleep. 5 images Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Day 39. Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Crater

Waking early, we head out in the morning to seek out the active predators and their prey. Once we've returned to camp and packed up, we head back across the plains and on to our camp on the rim of the Crater.

With views down into the crater base the camp has the ideal vantage point to see the massive walls of this giant caldera. Home to an abundance of wildlife, the crater offers a number of different habitats in its limited space making for excellent game viewing.

Day 40. Ngorongoro Crater to Arusha Highlights. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.

We're up early again to take advantage of the cooler hours to game drive and head down the steep crater walls to its base in search of wildlife.

The Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to the uniqueness of this wildlife mecca.

After our exploration we return to camp, and then head back to our truck at the camp outside Arusha. Tonight we regale fellow campers with our stories of the magnificent Serengeti & Ngorongoro experience. 7 images Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Day 41. Arusha to Nairobi

Today we cross into Kenya and on to the bustling Capital city, Nairobi. Known as the 'garden city', Nairobi is growing as a hub of commerce and industry in East Africa.

We stay at our camp on the outskirts of the city with some free time to explore the nightlife tonight!

Day 42. Nairobi

Explore the city with its many sights, museums and attractions or head out to the elephant orphange or giraffe centre for a different wildlife experience.

Alternatively enjoy some downtime at camp catching up on your travel journal, blogging and social media updates.

Day 43. Nairobi to Nakuru Highlights. Great Rift Valley. Lake Nakuru, Kenya.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind, we travel via the Great Rift Valley viewpoint to see how this geographic phenomenon is visible on the Kenyan landscape. From here it's on to the Lake Nakuru National Park where we enjoy a game drive with a resident guide.

The shallow soda lake attracts a huge variety of birdlife – especially flamingos, which may gather in such numbers that (when viewed from above) they form a strikingly pink ‘fringe’ around the lake-shore. However it is not simply a bird sanctuary, but is also home to buffalo, lion, rhino (black and white), leopard, warthog, baboon, antelope, and a variety of smaller animals. 3 images Great Rift Valley 4 images Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Day 44. Nakuru to Eldoret

Travelling further through Kenya we head to the border town of Eldoret - Kenya's 5th largest city.

We camp outside of the town in a unique campsite. It is created on a hilly forest tribal land, which was once home to members of the ancient Sirikwa tribe. Preserved on the site are excavations with stone sides, commonly called Sirikwa holes, which are believed to have been roofed and occupied by the inhabitants of a bygone age.

Day 45. Eldoret to Kampala, Uganda Highlights. Kampala, Uganda.

Crossing the border into Uganda there's much to see with the busy boda-boda taxis and foot traffic with livestock and kids passing by.

Our drive to the Capital takes us through the lush countryside and farmlands with tropical fruit plantations and rice paddies along the way.

Day 46. Kampala to Queen Elizabeth National Park Highlights. Equator.

Heading out into the mountainous western Uganda, we cross over the equator and continue through to our camp nearby the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This afternoon you'll have some free time to explore the surrounding village or chill out at the camp preparing for the trek tomorrow. 5 images Equator

Day 47. Queen Elizabeth National Park Highlights. Chimpanzee Trek, Kyambura Gorge, Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

Today you'll head out to explore the forest in search of the resident Chimpanzees (permit holders only).

Take in the magnificent views of the mountains that separate Uganda from central Africa as well as Lake Edwards and Lake George. In fact Queen Elizabeth National park has over 500 species of bird and 100 species of mammals making it one of the most bio diverse national parks in the world. 3 images Chimpanzee Trek, Kyambura Gorge, Uganda 3 images Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Day 48. Queen Elizabeth National Park to Lake Bunyonyi

After our chimpanzee experience we continue south to the volcanic mountains and the vast Lake Bunyonyi. Surrounded by the terraced farms on the slopes of the mountains, the Lake is one of the deepest in Africa and home to an abundance of birdlife.

Day 49-50. Lake Bunyonyi Highlights. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda. Mountain gorillas.

We spend two days at the lake to enable those who are trekking the Mountain Gorillas the time to trek (permit holders only).

When not out trekking there are ample activities at Lake Bunyonyi to enjoy including visits to some of the lakes islands; to the local tribes and villages; the local orphanage, or bird watching and nature walks. Alternatively just relax around camp, catch up on your travel diary or enjoy a good book in tranquil surroundings. 4 images Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda 3 images Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda 4 images Mountain gorillas

Day 51. Lake Bunyoni to Kampala

After our trekking adventures and tranquil relaxation at the lake, we journey back up to Kampala.

With a vibrant nightlife, tonight offers the perfect opportunity to get out for a night on the town enjoying the music, pubs and bars.

Day 52. Kampala to Jinja

Nestled on the banks of the Nile, Jinja is just a short distance from Kampala and is our base for the next days activities.

It was in 1862 that the British explorer John Hanning Speke recognised Lake Victoria as the ‘source of the Nile’ settling a long running dispute about Africa’s (and the world’s) longest river. From his modest monument the Nile begins its 4132 mile course through Uganda, Sudan and eventually Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 53-54. Jinja Highlights. Jinja, Uganda.

We spend a couple of days on the banks of the Nile enjoying the various optional activities on offer.

If you're looking for adrenaline there is bungee jumping, kayaking or white water rafter. Alternatively enjoy a quad bike trip to the villages or volunteer a day with the local Soft Power community project.

The rushing waters and lush camp make for a perfect base to relax. 5 images Jinja, Uganda

Day 55. Jinja to Eldoret, Kenya

Retracing our steps across the border and back into Kenya, we spend our last night together at our camp at Eldoret.

Day 56. Eldoret to Nairobi

Crossing the equator one final time, we head back up the Rift Valley escarpment and on to Nairobi where our adventure comes to an end.

For those wishing to stay on in the city after the tour, we are able to book post-tour accommodation for you. Please enquire at the time of booking to ensure availability.

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Suggested Pre-Tour Accommodation.
Ashanti Lodge, Gardens, Cape Town

Please note: As from 1st May 2018, we will change our accommodation from Ashanti Lodge in Greenpoint to Ashanti Lodge in Gardens. Please check your tour voucher to confirm that your tour starting and ending point is correct before departing. Situated at the foot of Table Mountain and in walking distances to the city centre, Ashanti Lodge Backpackers in Gardens is your gateway to Cape Town. This gorgeous Victorian Mansion offers backpacker dormitories to single, double and twin rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Chill next to the stunning pool, join the party in the legendary Kumasi Café/Bar with its cool cocktails, tasty food and fabulous mountain views or go explore the city's highlights close by.

* Suggested pre and post tour accommodation can be booked together with your tour. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Suggested Post-Tour Accommodation. Hotel Boulevard, Nairobi

Conveniently located on Nairobi's Harry Thuku Road and set in manicured gardens, this hotel offers a peaceful oasis in the centre of town. Walking distance to shops and craft markets. Rooms – single, twin, double en suite rooms with balcony and satellite TV. Facilities – restaurant, bar, swimming pool, internet, laundry. Transfers are available from the Airport by pre-arrangement

* Suggested pre and post tour accommodation can be booked together with your tour. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Additional Info

This tour departs Cape Town early on day 1; we strongly recommend therefore that you plan to arrive the day before departure to overcome any jet-lag and to acclimatise to Africa. We would be happy to book pre-tour accommodation for you – please call or email us (or speak to your agent) with your arrival details and accommodation requirements. However please book early to avoid disappointment and the risk of having to find more expensive (or less convenient) lodgings.

If time allows, we also suggest planning a night or two extra (after your tour) to make the most of this part of Africa. Accommodation is usually available locally on arrival but you can also pre book this with Acacia. There is a variety of activities and excursions in the Nairobi area you can arrange locally or with your Tour Leader.

These are optional activities that are booked during your holiday and paid directly to the provider while on tour. These options offer a variety of experiences and allow you the freedom to decide what activities you would like to do.

Depending on the availability of the chimpanzee and gorilla permits the tour itinerary may vary in day to day running order which is based on the brochure itinerary. From time to time we may have to trek on different days. If at any chance our Gorilla trek should be in another neighbouring country, e.g. Rwanda (instead of Uganda) this may entail extra visa fees although we shall endeavour to advise you before departure of any significant changes to the tour itinerary. Please take the above itinerary as a guideline only. This applies to day 48 – 50 of this tour.

We use 2-person dome tents with fly sheets, sewn-in groundsheets, zip-up insect screens and foam mattresses. We mainly use campsites, which usually have reasonable wash and shower facilities, electricity points and sometimes even a small shop, bar or swimming pool. In the Okavango Delta on day 14 we use twin share pre-erected tents with basic en-suite facilities. In the Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater there are basic facilities. On Zanzibar we use basic tourist class local hotels.

24-seater, self-contained, custom-built safari truck with on-board tables, plug sockets, freezer, water tank, library, i-pod jack, safety features and 70-litre individual lockers, mokoro (dugout canoe), river boat, 4x4 safari vehicle and fast ferry.

In order to maximise the quality of game driving and to comply with local authority rulings, some of our National Park visits and game viewing is carried out using services provided by local African ground handlers. As well as enhancing our experience using local guides and smaller vehicles it also allows us to contribute at a ‘grassroots’ level to local economies from which local people benefit.

This is a participation tour and your help will be needed in assisting with the various day to day duties, such as shopping, cooking and keeping the truck tidy (usually on a rota basis). But don’t worry it’s not all hard work and it’s a great way to meet the local people and get to know your fellow travellers. Your contribution benefits the success of the tour - most people find the greater their involvement, the greater their enjoyment of the whole trip.

Includes & Excludes

55 Breakfasts, 43 Lunches, 43 Dinners

49 nights camping in 2 person dome tents, 2 nights dorm, 1 night pre-erected tent with en suite facilities, 4 nights tourist class hotel

Fully equipped safari vehicle
Camping and cooking equipment
All road tolls and vehicle taxes
All ground transportation
Sleeping mattress
Meals as indicated
Services of two crew

Included Highlights:
Cape Town Township Tour*
Sesriem Canyon
Sossusvlei Shuttle & Guided Walk*
Dune 45
Spitzkoppe, Bushman Paintings
Etosha NP, Game Drives
Kalahari Bushman Walk
Okavango Delta Wilderness Excursion, Mokoro/Walking Safari*
Chobe NP, Fish Eagle Boat Cruise*
Chobe NP Open Vehicle Game Drive with Resident Guide*
Mosi Oa Tunya NP, Victoria Falls Visit
South Luangwa NP, Open Vehicle Game Drive with Resident Guide*
Zanzibar, Return Ferry & Accommodation
Maasai Village Walk with Resident Guide
Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater Excursion in Purpose Built Vehicles, Game Drives with Resident Guide*
The Great Rift Valley
Lake Nakuru NP, Open Vehicle Game Drive with Resident Guide*

*Highlights are included in the Adventure Pass
Travel insurance
Departure taxes
Airport transfers
Optional activities
Sleeping bag
Tips, drinks, items of a personal nature
Zanzibar meals (Lunches x 4, Dinners x 4)
Nairobi Meals ( Lunch x 1, Dinner x 2)
All tour descriptions and conditions are given in accordance with the information of Acacia is Africa
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