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Info for travelers
Capital Hanoi
Population 89 million
Languages Mainly Vietnamese, but some dialects and languages – foremost Khmer and Lao – are also spoken. English and French are widely-spread.
Local time zone GMT+7
International dialling code +84
Voltage 220V 50Hz AC
Visas Check if needed
Currency Dong (d); the US dollar is considered as a second one, in particular for prices at hotels
ATMs and credit cards ATMs are relatively common. Credit cards are accepted by larger businesses
Tipping common practice Appreciated in hotels, restaurants and for guides and drivers
Vietnam travel guide Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Vietnam tourist board Vietnam Tourism
Climate Heavily affected by regional differences and two monsoons and depends on season. From October to March the northern three-quarters of Vietnam get wet and cool, while the south is warm and dry. From April to October hot and humid conditions prevail at the most of country. Late spring (April and May) and early autumn are supposed to be the most comfortable time to visit, especially if you don’t like too much crowd.
International airports Noi Bai Airport (HAN) is 35km north of Hanoi. Tan Son Nhat Airport (SGN) is 7km north-west of Ho Chi Minh City.
Inland transportation system Domestic flights to the main centers, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Danang and Can Tho in the Mekong Delta. Well-developed network of buses can suit every taste, and budget. One main railway line runs along the coast between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi and has some more branches around the north. Car (often with driver) or motorcycle rental for better flexibility is available, but consider poor road safety.
Accommodation Hostels, guesthouses, hotels and at-times camping. The most popular are homestays to fully experience in the local culture.
Food and drink Cuisine at Vietnam is diverse and delicious. The most popular dishes are: • pho bo (beef noodle soup); • spring rolls (translucent or fried); • nuoc mam (a powerful fermented fish sauce). The French colonial influence added tasty breakfasts with strong coffee and baguettes. The most common booze is bia hoi (glasses of beer served on tap from barrels). The most-common daytime drinks are tea and coffee.
Health and safety Appropriate vaccinations, malaria and dengue fever prophylaxis are strongly recommended. Consult your GP or travel health clinic on this matter. Cover up and use insect repellent as much as possible, especially in the evenings. Avoid drinking tap water. Make sure eggs and other foods are properly cooked. Beware of poisonous snakes in distant regions. Basically, Vietnam isn’t a dangerous place, though there’s a risk of crime in big cities. Take local advice on walking trails, and be aware of any unexploded missile remaining from the war.

Top 5 Adventure Ideas in Vietnam
A motorbike tour on the Ho Chi Minh trail

For someone who is looking to explore Vietnam, this ride is absolutely worth
trying out. The Ho Chi Minh trail consists of beautiful breathtaking mountains and
stunning waterfalls untouched by human civilization.
You can stop to witness how the locals make a Vietnamese staple – rice paper,
along with the most exquisite local cuisine. It would be a great way to unwind and
relax. The tour can be customized as per your requirements, it could be from a
week to a month-long tour. This Vietnam route will help you see and interact with
the local residents and experience a new culture in its entirety.

Canyoning & abseiling in Da Lat

If you are looking for an adventurous sport to try out, to get that adrenaline
pumping through your veins, Da Lat is one of best places to visit in Vietnam.
Complete with hiking trails and waterfalls, this trip has a lot of danger to offer and
it might not be for the faint of heart.

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Must Try Dishes in Vietnam
The national dish – Pho

A type of soup which is mainly made of rice noodles known as Bánh pho, meat,
broth, and a few herbs and spices, Pho is considered as the national dish of the
country. It can be found everywhere- from street side makeshift stalls to classy
expensive restaurants. This dish speaks volume of the Vietnam culinary adventure
your taste buds will have once you are there.

The Vietnamese surprise – Õc

Õc is simply an assortment of snails and shells. It is an offering of various varieties
of mollusks which locals love to munch on. It is considered a delicacy in the country
and is perfect for anyone who wants to taste the genius of local chefs.
Best had with some beer.

The French influence – Banh Cuon

Made from eggs, wheat and dairy products and stuffed with steamed pork and onion,
this steamed rice cake is one of the favorite dishes in the North side of the country.
Served with sugar, some fish sauce, and lime, this dish will set ablaze a firework
of taste inside your mouth!

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